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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop




"February 6th, 2007 @ The Basement—LOVERS ELECTRIC"

New Faces night at The Basement on Tuesday February 6th showcased the talent of the UK's Lovers Electric. Making a trip across the pond for shows in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles, Lovers Electric are Eden and David. Originally from Australia and now residing in the UK, Lovers Electric presented an hour-long acoustic set of original songs from their recently released self-titled full-length debut album. Visually stimulating, Eden infuses her fashion expertise into the duo's stage presentation—Eden was dressed in a sexy little green dress and David was dressed like an Oxford University grad student. But as Lovers Electric began their set, it was immediately apparent that these two lovers were not merely a cute couple.

Lovers Electric deliver 80's influenced alternative dance pop. Performed acoustically, LE proved that every song shines with very little instrumental accompaniment—the mark of great songwriting. Eden's vocals are reminiscent of shy-sounding Olivia Newton John, while David rounds out her squeaky flirtatious tone with pitch-perfect McCartney-esque backing vocals. Eden sings the lyrics, which are mostly clever rhymes containing little nuggets of wisdom, in a dramatic fashion that is convincingly genuine—as if she is re-living the original experience that inspired the lyrics. The entire audience at The Basement was pulled into Eden's emotional delivery, as the sometimes chatty Basement crowd was completely silent during this special hour. To be sure, Lovers Electric are so completely comfortable with themselves onstage that I suspect these lovers have had theater training.

Briefly stated, tonight's performance was part Olivia Newton John, part Regina Spektor, and part Berlin (yes, Berlin). In which direction these two lovers will evolve is unpredictable. Regardless of the musical direction they choose, my guess is that Lovers Electric will be selling out small clubs within a short span of time. -


2007 - The Bedroom Demos
2008 - Album - Whatever You Want
2011 - Album - Impossible Dreams
2013 - EP - Waiting For Something To Happen



Recorded somewhere between Berlin, London & the Italian countryside, Lovers Electric's brand new EP "Waiting for Something to Happen", brings you songs of joy, heartache, loss & hope. Produced by Philipp Steinke (Boy). The video for the first single 'Storm' ( has been attracting allot of attention online and the new EP has just been released through AWAL in September 2013.

Previous activity...

David Turley & Eden Boucher started making music together on a Summer holiday as teenagers, combining their love of pop, fashion, guitars & synths, they began the journey of the ever travelling band they are today.
Following some great tours in the UK & Europe with O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) and playing U.S residencies in New York & L.A, these two young travellers from Adelaide, Australia headed into the studio and then home to release their debut album “Whatever You Want” with Sony in 2008, which was a top 10 hit in the iTunes charts and stormed into the top slot in the club charts with their debut single 'Honey'. The band gained allot of new fans with their single on high rotation on many major radio stations and the stunning live televised performance on 'Rove'.

"They dress sharp, sing good, have steady hearts and strong morals, and harbour an insane ability to combust a dancefloor at the drop of a stylus through their winning combination of low-key, high-brow groovature..." A Negative Narrative, U.K music blog

"Teaming the fragile vocals of Eden Boucher with David Turley's big screen soundscapes, the album is a flashback to the more enduring moments of the 1980's, when Tears for Fears, Orchestral Manoervres in the Dark and Gary Numan were directing their electro pocket symphonies at heads rather than hips." Vogue Magazine

Eden grew up in a family of 7 girls, living in a motorhome with her musician Father and dancer Mother, the family travelled around Australia singing and performing in a family band. She moved to the U.K age 15, to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the visual physical theatre company "Bedlam Oz" run by her older sister. The next few years saw her traveling to pretty much every continent with the theatre company performing & eating almost everything on offer.
In '97 'Eden Honeydew' began, Eden's fashion label. Specialising in custom made costumes and one-off pieces for performers & the public. Along with the fashion label Eden is also a stylist and designer for music videos, performances and films. You can see the current designs on her website
David started life by the beach in Adelaide, Australia, a slightly more conventional upbringing with his poet Father and musician Mother. David performed his first song, titled "I don't have a name" to the whole school at 11, his first in a long line of anti-establishment songs. David joined his first band at 16 and began playing around town until he travelled to the U.K to join forces with Eden on a new adventure.

"...combined with the couple's good looks and hands-on approach to every aspect of their music, from stage design to video direction, suggests they have an original recipe for pop stardom." Iain Sheddon, The Australian, National Newspaper
"Surprising only to themselves, the laid-back pair has captured an infectious sound on their debut record that certainly radiates with a universal appeal." Rolling Stone Magazine

Following some great tours in the UK & Europe with O.M.D. (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) and playing USA residencies in New York & L.A, these two young travellers from Adelaide, Australia headed into the studio in Sheffield UK and then home to release their debut album “Whatever you want” with Sony Australia, which was a top 10 hit in the iTunes charts and stormed into the top slot in the club charts with their debut single 'Honey'.

After this they recored their next album with producer David Tickle (Prince, U2, Split Enz) at Ridge Farm Studios in South England (Roxy Music, Oasis, Queen & even White Snake!). Next stop was Berlin where their sophomore release with Universal "Impossible Dreams" went to number 4 in the German charts.

They are currently home in London releasing their new EP "Waiting for Something to Happen".

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