Love Scene Clear

Love Scene Clear

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"Can you let go off your past perceptions and open up your ears for an experience that is sure to awaken your future memories?"


LOVE SCENE CLEAR breathes the essence of their name into the music they create. Inspiring lyrics and vocal harmonies are woven into a soundscape created with silver and Native American flutes, tribal percussion, and the 12-string acoustic/electric guitar.

This trio produces a big sound all their own, best described as “Ambient Transcendelic Rock.” But don’t let the word “Rock” fool you. LSC is a band of many musical faces that charges forth with a passion likened to “rock” while bathing audiences in ambient textures, and conscious lyrics giving the band a sound that is truly original and exciting. Their shows offer a uniquely entertaining chemistry of spiritual transcendentalism and everyday humor.

LSC and the listeners are joined together on a journey that evokes the emotional depths of the human experience and the process of awakening. Their songs are a mix of heartfelt melody and driving rhythms layered with sounds of nature. Love Scene Clear is an experience of profound beauty and emotion wrapped in a sonic landscape that moves people from the core, outward to a spiraling dance of celebration.

In 2002, they released their debut CD “Wave of Grace” and have since been receiving widespread recognition, leading up to the 2005 release of their Live CD, “On the New Day.” Based in Boulder, CO, LSC plays across the United States in a variety of venues, including festivals, theatres, clubs, yoga centers, and holistic retreats. Love Scene Clear has shared the bill with the likes of Soulive, MMW, STS 9, Spearhead, The Slip, Bernie Worrell, New Monsoon, Signal Path, Last Crack, Shawn Phillips, Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal. The response has been tremendous, as people of all ages and various musical tastes have embraced the experience that is Love Scene Clear.


"Wow you guys are way original nothing like I've heard before... great tunes."

" Who needs drugs when there is music like this? I could listen to this and forget the plane is crashing."

"Such a unique sound! It's indefinable."

"You guys ROCK. I love your sound."

"Your show is amazing, your music is filled with so much passion & soul, its warm – earthy & spiritual all at the same time."

"Your music is beautiful...It fills you up inside and surrounds you at the same time."

"I need to get all of LSC's CD's........... These songs make me want to climb mountain’s and dream..."

" Wow. Love the music. Love the name. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for finding me."

"I find your music inspiring and I can see myself painting or drawing while I am listening and letting the music flow through me."

"The music you guys do is really amazing...& it's not just's good! Very uplifting stuff."

"Love the music. Wave of Grace is a regular in my cd player."

"I've always loved so many types of music, , some that touch my soul. Your unique blend has touched my soul all over. Thank you so much for sharing your gift."

" Thank you for the uplifting spiritual journey you gave to me... In just 2 short days LSC has opened a new door for my personal perception. When I listen I feel as if I glide across water, soar over mountains, run through old and new forests. My mind is activated in a new way. Thank you so much for the gift!"

"I am trying to give you guys back all you have given me. That would be a sense of peace and a clear mind. You amaze me so much, I could cry and did at your show."

"I really love you guys, the energy, I can't even put into words."


"Wave of Grace" - 2002 (Full legnth album)
"On the New Day" - 2005 (Full length album)

Set List

Typical? Love Scene Clear can play 6 hour sets, 3 hour sets to 1/2 hour sets.
Playing songs from their 2 releases and current compositions
1) Awakening Moment
2) Galina Grove
3) Love's Creation
4) Yummy
5) Between the hours
6) Riverman
7) Wave
8) Facechanger
9) Caribou China
10) Yellow Landscape
11) Dove
Compositions last 4 to 20 minutes. Depending on set length.
Cover Songs
1) No Question- Shawn Phillips