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The best kept secret in music


"Dawn of a New Day"

Dawn of a new day

by Chris Clark

Boulder is quite the cultural hotbed. Considering the town's geography and fairly isolating demographic characteristics, this Front Range small city boasts a wide array of quality restaurants, locally owned shops and perhaps, most impressively, music. While being home to the jamband torch-bearing String Cheese Incident, Boulder also boasts a plethora of talented local bands as well as the Fox and Boulder Theaters. Both enjoy some of the finest live acts in the land, everything from hip-hop to bluegrass. Capitalizing on the area's musical prestige is Love Scene Clear, one of Boulder's newest and most unique collection of musicians.

Comprised of two brothers, Christian and Joshua Lewandowski, and friend Jeffrey Giering, Love Scene Clear is a unique trio that performs music much greater than typical three-pieces. Atypical in almost every way, the band's sound features 12-string guitars, silver and Native American flutes and a percussionist that you have to see to believe.

"This music kicks you in the ass," says Love Scene Clear guitarist and vocalist Joshua Lewandowski. "We really feel like we have a beautiful thing to share with people, which is our hearts. The thing that drives us musically is the source to the universe: love."

Getting their start as an acoustic duo, the band has seen some transition along the way while still maintaining their unique core. More than anything, LSC is a blast from the past and a glimpse into what could be the future. They combine tribal rhythms with harmonic wind instruments, psychedelic looping, delicate and heartfelt vocal arrangements and a slew of effect-laden 12-string guitar work. The end product is an emotionally charged concoction of driving and natural music that's both easy to digest and warming to the soul.

"I think the biggest thing is staying as much in the moment as possible. There's definitely a lot of peaks in our shows," says Lewandowski. "Expect to hear music you've never heard before. We do have a djembe in the mix and we have a flute. The ambient part is using samples of nature sounds, like waves, birds and whales."

Often coined as ambient transcendelic rock, LSC's swirling sound mimics nature while stimulating listeners with a blend of traditional and not-so-traditional music. Christian Lewandowski's original vocals and brother Joshua's boundary-pushing 12-string guitar playing complement each other perfectly. Paired with Giering's awe-inspiring hybrid percussion style, which often leaves listeners wondering just how he does what he does, LSC produces a sound much greater than its parts.

"When we found Jeff we wanted to stay acoustic," says Lewandowski. "At the same time, we met Sound Tribe Sector 9."

That explains a lot.

With a healthy focus on organic tones further fueled by electronic textures, LSC offers a big sound for a small band. Nowhere is the band's genre-bending style felt more than in their live show. The band will be celebrating the release of their new live album, On the New Day, Friday night at the Trilogy Lounge. Expect to hear a sound that can attract a wide variety of listeners and appease even the strictest of musical tastes with a sliver of theatrics and visual stimulation. - Boulder Weekly-Dec 2005

"Fan Blog from"

Well I am listening to their second CD "On The New Day" for the second time today and I am really liking these guys.

The first CD "Wave Of Grace" is an excellant CD with 9 tracks that just doesn't waste any space at all. Between the 9 tracks the CD totals 74 minutes long and let me tell you all of the songs are a pleasure to listen to. Right now my favorites are "Facechanger", "Love's Creation", and "Rotating Sunstone" with "Caribu China" coming in there for the title as well as the song itself.

On the second CD favorites are "Yummy", "Between The Hours", and a 20 minute long version of "Rotating Sunstone". There are 6 tracks on this masterpiece and they total over 66 minutes.

I can honestly recommend both CD's to you if you want something different. When I listen to them I hear a lot of different musical influences including the likes of early Yes, Jethro Tull, and some of the more psychedelic music from the 60's and 70's. It is definately all good and VERY enjoyable. Very uplifing and just a true pleasure to listen to.

the first thing that I noticed is the lengthy musical jams that I enjoy. It is really a way for the band to shine and show off their abilities. Josh has become a very good guitar player in his own right. He is not like Malmsteen or that he is more like Josh. That is the only way that I can explain it. Christian I can honestly say has improved so much since that first band I am in awe. And he can play that flute to make Ian Anderson proud!! WAY TO GO CHRIS!!!! Jeffrey Giering plays a hybrid hand percussion kit that is just plain and simply amazing. I really haven't heard anything like it. And it definately fits the music. I really have no other words to describe the sound opther than it is just plain and simply awesome!!

This is a group that I think that everyone should check out if they want to hear something differnt. I don't think that you will regret it at all. - Jon Falk

"Wave of Grace Review"

Please put in Love Scene Clear's album, "Wave of Grace," to listen to as you read this.

From the very beginning of time through eons of evolution, over snow and cloud covered mountains, between the barks of brave maples, spruces, and pines, under the great oceanic universe of peace, within the rapids of raging rivers carving canyons through impenetrable rock, within the molecular gasses shaping our stars, and under every grain
of a dune's sand, we can sense a true love from a very patient creator's hand.

The beauty of this world cannot be captured in words. It was created before there were
words and so it became everything it happened to be and more. Our words are but a
way to help tell each other what we think. And, even those, cannot be deciphered by every human, as there are too many words in too many languages and voices to be
understandable by everyone. Instead, the best way to encompass the meaning of everything is through music. Melodies in which everyone can relate to in their own way without having to communicate through speaking. Melodies like those from Love Scene Clear.

Not since the strings of cavemen's hair were first plucked and the first deer skin stretched, the aura of Nick Drake and Led Zeppelin, or the vocal chords of Crosby, Stills, and Nash surrounded my heart with such harmonizing tranquility, have my soul's and the world's
ears been awarded such undeniable musicianship.

The intricate weaving of the twelve-string acoustic guitar, silver and Native American flutes, and the djembe system takes me to the doorstep, shows me everything inside before I take that step, and lets me hold on to safety for the entire ride while keeping me at perfect distance for freedom. There are awakening moments; times of a rolling wonder conferring the certainty and reality of knowing why it is I do what I do. Why it is I cry or laugh. Why it is I love whom I do, and why that's not enough. Why it is I love what I do,
and why that's not enough. What I haven't done and all that I have, what I want to do and what I will do. Where I will go and why I will be there. Even if that's to be right here. Or nowhere at all.

"So the mind can only take us so far, it is our feelings that connect us to the divine, to the source, to that which we truly are!"

The boundless trio from Utica, NY, currently residing in Woodstock and soon the rest of the world, captures the perfect soundtrack to humanity's place in nature, the curious mind's place in humanity within nature, resentment, regret, retreat, acknowledgement, recovery, advancement, contentment, learning, enlightenment, spirituality, bravery, and beauty on to infinity.

Jeffrey Giering, Joshua Lewandowski, and Christian Lewandowski are proof why the best rhythms in life come from showing your hearts. Each was born to be bringing us these tracks which I would be more than happy to share the titles of to you, but how can I title the journeys that lie throughout the life belonging to "Wave of Grace?"

They are satisfying, they are very relaxing - they may start quiet, null you to wonderland, keep you on your toes, and then explode into climax for which you want no end to. Damn technology for giving only so much time allowed. But when a live experience of Love Scene Clear cannot be accessible, this album is. When life cannot be accessible, this album can be.There is very little singing and what is, is clear and nice. With finely added journeymen taking turns accompanying us with sitar sounds, a second djembe, a mandolin, a mesmerizing woman's voice, and a joyous tribe from special musicians Noah Griffen, William "Bubby" Gaw, "Dr. Fritz" Derek Van Scoten, Elora Jade Hardy and the Gaia All-Stars, we make our way through.

If the Grateful Dead can unite the masses, the masses can unite with themselves by Love Scene Clear, if the Bible is the boldest tale ever told, Wave of Grace has sung its beauties from the mountain all along, if Jesus Christ is the messiah, then Love Scene Clear's
Wave of Grace is the beam of light blinding us with his return, leading us to salvation.

There is nothing these songs do not cover. They can be the greatest lesson ever taught. And if true love and beauty can at all be captured just enough to try and be placed into words, they are the sounds treasured within a wave of grace.

In other words, get a copy. Get an experience.
- Revolving Door Magazine


"Wave of Grace" - 2002 (Full legnth album)
"On the New Day" - 2005 (Full length album)


Feeling a bit camera shy


LOVE SCENE CLEAR breathes the essence of their name into the music they create. Inspiring lyrics and vocal harmonies are woven into a soundscape created with silver and Native American flutes, tribal percussion, and the 12-string acoustic/electric guitar.

This trio produces a big sound all their own, best described as “Ambient Transcendelic Rock.” But don’t let the word “Rock” fool you. LSC is a band of many musical faces that charges forth with a passion likened to “rock” while bathing audiences in ambient textures, and conscious lyrics giving the band a sound that is truly original and exciting. Their shows offer a uniquely entertaining chemistry of spiritual transcendentalism and everyday humor.

LSC and the listeners are joined together on a journey that evokes the emotional depths of the human experience and the process of awakening. Their songs are a mix of heartfelt melody and driving rhythms layered with sounds of nature. Love Scene Clear is an experience of profound beauty and emotion wrapped in a sonic landscape that moves people from the core, outward to a spiraling dance of celebration.

In 2002, they released their debut CD “Wave of Grace” and have since been receiving widespread recognition, leading up to the 2005 release of their Live CD, “On the New Day.” Based in Boulder, CO, LSC plays across the United States in a variety of venues, including festivals, theatres, clubs, yoga centers, and holistic retreats. Love Scene Clear has shared the bill with the likes of Soulive, MMW, STS 9, Spearhead, The Slip, Bernie Worrell, New Monsoon, Signal Path, Last Crack, Shawn Phillips, Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal. The response has been tremendous, as people of all ages and various musical tastes have embraced the experience that is Love Scene Clear.


"Wow you guys are way original nothing like I've heard before... great tunes."

" Who needs drugs when there is music like this? I could listen to this and forget the plane is crashing."

"Such a unique sound! It's indefinable."

"You guys ROCK. I love your sound."

"Your show is amazing, your music is filled with so much passion & soul, its warm – earthy & spiritual all at the same time."

"Your music is beautiful...It fills you up inside and surrounds you at the same time."

"I need to get all of LSC's CD's........... These songs make me want to climb mountain’s and dream..."

" Wow. Love the music. Love the name. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for finding me."

"I find your music inspiring and I can see myself painting or drawing while I am listening and letting the music flow through me."

"The music you guys do is really amazing...& it's not just's good! Very uplifting stuff."

"Love the music. Wave of Grace is a regular in my cd player."

"I've always loved so many types of music, , some that touch my soul. Your unique blend has touched my soul all over. Thank you so much for sharing your gift."

" Thank you for the uplifting spiritual journey you gave to me... In just 2 short days LSC has opened a new door for my personal perception. When I listen I feel as if I glide across water, soar over mountains, run through old and new forests. My mind is activated in a new way. Thank you so much for the gift!"

"I am trying to give you guys back all you have given me. That would be a sense of peace and a clear mind. You amaze me so much, I could cry and did at your show."

"I really love you guys, the energy, I can't even put into words."