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6. Love, She Wrote Oh And About Last Night....*4 - Pop punk from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. If it wasn't for the #5 band, they would be the biggest surprise of 2008. - THEDAILYCHORUS.COM


Love, She Wrote and Fallen from the Sky
By Arielle Castillo
Published on January 07, 2009 at 10:35am
Pat yourself on the back for attending Saturday's early-evening, all-ages extravaganza at Revolution. It's sponsored by Music Saves Lives, a California-based group that aims to "create opportunities for people to save lives with simple contributions, and to teach the facts about the effects of what they contribute to." In other words, the organization puts on shows whose proceeds benefit lifesaving charities such as blood banks and bone-marrow registries. And beyond the music, a number of scene-related companies are sponsoring the event, among them Killbrand Clothing and Bad Cat Amps, so expect stickers, display tables, and other goodies that'll make lifesaving pretty fun.

Love, She Wrote and Fallen from the Sky: With special guests School Boy Humor, Select Start, and Set It Off. Saturday, January 10, Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets cost $10. All ages. 954-727-0950,
Love, She Wrote, Fallen from the Sky, Revolution, Fort Lauderdale, Miami local music
One of two headliners is Love, She Wrote, a Fort Lauderdale-based trio that claims influence from classic Nineties early emo/pop-rock acts such as Saves the Day, the Get Up Kids, and Jimmy Eat World. Yay for melody and nuance — there's no useless screaming here, just whip-tight tunes with enough studio polish to appeal to fans of the kinds of bands regularly featured in Alternative Press. In fact the group has garnered a writeup in January's issue of that magazine. - MIAMI NEW TIMES

"Good Cause, Good Bands..."

Good Cause, Good Bands...
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Music Saves Lives is sponsoring tomorrow evening's (Jan. 10) show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that features Love She Wrote, Select Start, School Boy Humor, Set it Off, and Fallen from the Sky.

Music Saves Lives uses blood donations, along with bone marrow, to help others in need. A percentage of funds from this show will go to help this organization. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets can be purchased for $10 at the Revolution Box office or via

Love, She Wrote were the #6 selling unsigned band on Smartpunk in 2008. The band is also featured in the AP&R section of the Feb. 2009 issue (with All Time Low on the cover) of Alternative Press.

Posted by matt.nistler on January 09, 2009



Love, She Wrote - Oh! And about last night... (8.3/10)
by Matt Nistler

Pop-punk (or "pop-rock," if you prefer) is a genre that has never really been about innovation or originality. Yes, there are some who will go into great detail describing how innovative and groundbreaking bands such as Blink-182, Midtown, and The Starting Line were, but when it comes down to it most of the music produced in the pop-punk genre ends up sounding pretty much the same. With this being said, there is still a great deal of difference between being a group of generic, predictable pop-punkers, and being a band that puts time and energy into handcrafting songs that just happen to lie in this genre. While Love, She Wrote's music is reminiscent of other bands, these guys are definitely not just another boring, generic group.

Although Oh! And about last night... stretches to only about sixteen minutes in length, it is enough of a scrumptious taste for me to include Love, She Wrote in the same sentence as hot-selling bands like All Time Low and Boys Like Girls. To further the comparisons, this five-track EP was even produced by Paul Leavitt, who produced All Time Low's latest release.

“Bling Bling Baby” is everything one hopes for in an album opener as it delivers heaps of energy and catchy hooks. The first time I heard the track I was overcome with excitement for all of the songs still to come on the EP. This, my friends, is why it is so important for bands to start an album out right.

If I had to identify a single track on the EP that people are bound to dish out band comparisons on, it would be “That Girl is Fierce,” which includes the line “I'll be Romeo and you'll be Juliet” in the chorus. Even so, I can guarantee We the Kings weren't the first band to mention Romeo's love interest in a chorus, nor were they the first band to play this style of music.

After another upbeat and driving track, “Outlaw, Josey Wales,” the following song, “December Nights,” catches the listener off-guard with an acoustic opening and the line “December nights are twice as cold, and I start to shiver again, my heart is broken...” Both the song and instrumentation on it, however, quickly pick up to form another sing-along anthem.

Ending the EP is my favorite track of the entire album, “I Miss You.” Though it is slightly less driving than the previous tracks, acting as a power-ballad of sorts, it is no less catchy then the earlier tracks. I don't think I've ever listened to the track a single time and then just called it a day, as I always end up putting it on repeat. Maybe it's just me being faux-emo, but I love singing along to the line “The hardest part is saying goodbye, I MISS YOU!”

I'm not going to claim that Love, She Wrote are going become the next musical Messiah. I'm not going to say that you've never heard this kind of music before. What I can tell you is there is a reason why this band has been sitting atop the Smartpunk charts and was one of the biggest surprises of 2008, as Oh! And About Last Night... is a quality album that deserves the same level of attention as similar-sounding, signed counterparts.

Artist: Love, She Wrote
Album: Oh! And about last night... (EP)
Purchase: Smartpunk
Release Date: December 2, 2008
Label: Unsigned
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
RIYL: All Time Low, We The Kings, Boys Like Girls
Reviewed By: Matt Nistler

Posted by matt.nistler on January 15, 2009



"OH! AND ABOUT LAST NIGHT..." EP recorded by Producer Paul Leavitt @ Valencia Recording in Baltimore, Maryland



The day after the tour van accident i woke up in the hospital. I was told i had been in a mild coma. I was told my drummer and best friend had broken his spine and foot. They said he may never fully recover or even wake up. I laid there with a broken jaw, unable to breathe on my own. The last thing i saw was headlights. This was the night i thought my music career was over. Me (Michael O.) & Nick B. were hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. The boy who hit us died upon impact. It took a year for me to recover. It took Nick a year and a half to recover. The first thing on my mind after the accident was "I'm not letting this stop us." Nick proved all the doctors wrong by making a full recovery. We decided to give it one more shot! Love, She Wrote was born in 2007 and quickly gained recognition on the road. The original lineup of the band did not share our vision. We wanted to make music our career and life. They wanted to play in a band and meet girls. We decided to revamp the lineup in 2008 and play the music we wanted to play ever since our early years in bands. Then we met Joey C. via internet. Joey sent us his demos and we fell in love with his voice. Joey was living in California at the time. Joey packed his stuff and moved to Florida. We decided to keep the band a three piece, it just felt right. The bands we loved growing up were three piece groups, so why couldn't we do the same. We worked for 2 months straight writing what is now "Oh! And About Last Night..." We heard of a producer that was working with amazing bands and we decided to give it a try. Paul Leavitt is best known for his work with All Time Low, among a million other amazing bands. The thing that draw us to him the most was his beautiful style in meshing the sounds together and his amazing ear for vocals. We ended up finishing the album earlier than expected and headed home. We were super excited with the result and the quality of the recording. I immediately showed our lawyer and now manager Jessica Brown the finished product. She said it was definitely an awesome sound and would do great in the music world today. Jessica (FTSK,RCW,AVSP) teamed up with Brian Calhoun to start managing the band full time. The band decided to go with for the CD's distribution and online sales. Smartpunk is am amazing company and is well trusted. We added the album to their store and have been in the top 3 for sales ever since. We gained the attention of The Daily Chorus and became a buzz seeker within the month. We also caught the attention of Alternative Press Magazine, who decided to make us AP&R worthy for the month of January. This all happened within the first two months. We were super amped and felt so thankful for being able to play music again. We also added an amazing list of sponsors to our roster: Killbrand Clothing, Bad Cat Amps, Shine Drums, Heil Mics, and Music Saves Lives. We will begin full time touring in 2009 and we couldn't be happier. Music is our lives and nothing will ever take that away from us. LSW