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Biloxi, Mississippi, United States | SELF

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States | SELF
Band Metal Hard Rock


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"‘Love Story’s End’ is Only the Beginning"

850ME: We met Clint Hagler of Love Story’s End in an unconventional way and have Jayson Kretzer of Wannabe Heroes and Panama City’s Creative Con to thank for the introduction.

At 2015’s Pensacon I spotted Jayson on artist’s row with a booth full of goodies. As we chatted a bit, he grabbed the artist at the neighboring booth proclaiming that I was a fan of heavy music. After introductions, it turns out Clint and I already followed each other on twitter, and he handed me a CD, asking me to give it a spin.

You never know what will happen when you’re handed music. I do my best to listen to everything that is handed my way and hold my breath in the process.

Turns out that was unnecessary for ‘Love Story’s End’.

So to find out more about Clint’s vision and what genre he prefers the project to slide under – we sent the following interview questions his way.

As I understand it, Love Story’s End started out as studio project and has transitioned into a full band. Can you talk about that transition and any impact it has on the songwriting process?

CH: I intended for it to be a full band, but people would always come and go. By the time I was recording the second album, I was tracking almost everything myself except the drums. So, I gave up on the full band idea.

My song writing process is very solitary, and you can’t expect a revolving door of live players to stick around for the long haul when they have no personal investment in the songs they perform. That’s why it works best as a solo project.

With the exception of “As Angels Turn To Thee” on “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me,” I don’t think I’ve collaborated with anyone on an original Love Story’s End song in the past 9 years. I worked with Mark Black to produce my last 13 recordings, and I’m hoping to do more with him in the future. He has gone the extra mile to help me get the tones and sounds I’m looking for.

The latest upgrade to the live lineup is my pal Mitchell Gruich on bass. I had the privilege of touring in two of his past bands playing guitar and bass. That was probably the most fun I’ve had playing music ever. So it’s a pretty kick ass time to rock out with your friends.

850ME: LSE doesn’t belong to a clear cut music genre – do you have a label a prefer to use? How do you explain the band to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

CH: I say “punky metal” – I think that’s the most accurate description. Some people use sub-genre terms like post-hardcore, metalcore, and screamo. Those all seem like a stretch when you compare to actual bands in those genres.

I’m just making some sloppy, punked up, metal-ish, rock tunes. Jimmie’s Chicken Shack used to describe themselves as “mutt-rock” for not fitting in just one category. That term probably works for Love Story’s End too.

850ME: How far would you like to see the band go – what would be the mark of ‘making it’?

I don’t know what “making it” would be for me. I’ll just go as far as my legs will take me, and then I’ll crawl…. I’m very stubborn.

850ME: Beyond the band, you are the artist behind War Tribe Comics – can you tell us how you fell in love with the medium?

CH: Comics are just a great form of story telling and expression. You can channel your imagination into a series of pictures and visually share that thought or idea with almost anyone. I’ve liked comics since I was a kid. All the different characters and backstories were a draw. All you need is pencil and paper. Can’t beat that.

850ME: And you often tie the two together – the comics and the songs – can you explain how that process works for you? What part of the concept comes first?

CH: I did the graphic design and photos with the help of some friends for the “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me” CD packaging. It came out pretty sweet and just seemed like good material for a comic or short film. It was a concept album where the track listing formed a poem that lent itself to dark themes. Any lyric references I can work into the comic is a plus. I’m hoping to develop a bigger story. I have about a dozen comic and music ideas I’d like to follow through with in the near future.

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by Nikki Hedrick - 850 Music & Entertainment

"On the Scene - Love Story's End"

Biloxi, MS - Thousands of eager music fans recently gathered at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, an outdoor venue near Houston, TX, to catch the massive Rockstar Uproar Festival as it made its way through their town. Though the festival features major bands such as Godsmack, Shinedown and POD playing later in the evening, those braved the Texas heat and got there earlier in the afternoon were treated to a performance from a band many of them had never seen before: Biloxi’s own Love Story’s End.

Love Story’s End’s presence here in South Mississippi dates back to 2003, when current front man and guitarist Clint Hagler formed the band with a group of teenage friends. Nine years, two albums and a handful of lineup changes later, they have become a strong part of the regional hard rock and metal scene, playing frequently throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. They have all the ingredients of a good, hard working band, and it seems lately that their years of dedication are paying off.

It is difficult to compare Love Story’s End’s music with most of what is out right now. The band definitely has a unique sound within the metal genre, combining driving rhythms and brutal guitars together with various melodic elements into a package that is modern, edgy and immediately recognizable. The band’s first album, “Biloxi War Tribe” was released in 2006 on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and featured the song “Give, Take, Devastate” which was inspired by the disaster and its effects on the people in our area. LSE continued to gain popularity over the next few years and began working on their second album in 2009 with then-new drummer Phil Krohn. The album eventually came to be called “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me”, and was released on Valentine’s Day of 2011. It is a concept album of sorts, as Hagler explains, tied together as a poem he wrote. Each track title on the album is a line of the poem, and the corresponding songs further explore the themes of each line. The album also contains themes inspired by the slasher horror movie genre mixed in with its other inspirations. Both albums have proved very popular with their loyal fan base, as can be witnessed at their always rowdy live shows.

The present day Love Story’s End is still keeping as busy as ever, and have just recently added Ronald Gardner to the lineup as their new bassist. Previous bassist Alfred Jordan, who was a big part of the band for the last two years has gone on to pursue opportunities with national touring bands, and the LSE family wishes him well. But Clint, Phil, Ronald and guitarist Matt Bounds, who came back to the band last year after a hiatus, have lots ahead of them to bring Love Story’s End into the future. They just won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for the Houston stop, which is also where Hagler lived as a child. That’s how they came to find themselves on stage at Uproar Fest in September, and they are still running in the national competition for prizes and a possible slot on next year’s tour. Regardless of how they do in the next part of the competition, the band plans to release new music and do some touring in the next year. If you are into the heavy side of rock music, Love Story’s End is definitely one of the great local bands that you should check out!

Check out Love Story’s End online for upcoming show dates, music and other info: -

by Scott Keller - Coast Nightlife Observer - Ocean Springs, MS USA

"Love Story's End “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me”"

Como de costumbre al servicio del underground mundial, esta desconocida banda (al menos por este apartado rincón del mundo llamado Chile) nos permite en este caso conocer su moderno estilo metalero en el cual no son pocas las referencias estilísticas que se cruzan para ir dando forma a un emotivo disco titulado “Death Doesn’t deserve me”, en el cual tendrás la posibilidad de ir apreciando como ese gusto por el rock y el metal con un toque hardcore y emo en algunas líneas vocales se van contorneando para llegar a un resultado nada despreciable, más allá de los prejuicios que inicialmente a veces uno suele tener con ciertos estilos musicales. Siendo bastante justos lo que nos han entregado en esta placa estos norteamericanos tiene muchísimos matices que los alejan poco a poco de los clásicos estereotipos de la actual movida metalcoreta, del cual logran capturar muchos de sus elementos esenciales como ese habitual juego vocal limpio – gritón que en este caso lleva de buena manera su vocalista Clint Hagler.

La banda está en una etapa de su carrera en que parecen desilusionados en general de la industria musical lo cual los ha llevado a la autogestión, que así como muchos otros, no han encontrado mejor fórmula que la de crear su propio sello para lanzar este material. Se trata de doce tracks con un sonido potente y crudo, en el cual las mezclas suenan todas a un volumen más que suficiente para que ningún detalle deba ser opacado a favor de otro. Talvez el nivel de los temas en general no guarde una línea pareja en cuanto a su desarrollo, lo cual para bien o para mal definitivamente permite que Love Story’s End no suene igual en el comienzo que en el último track, aunque claro está no por ello cada track es un verdadero ganador en su género. Hay momentos de gran valía como ese inicial “And so the righteous” que con un piano a modo introductorio te hace creer que escucharás una tierna balada, incluso hasta el momento en donde Clint aparta las primeras notas con un registro de lo más romántico, el cual luego de un par de minutos termina por dar paso a un medio tiempo mucho más guitarrero con las voces mucho más brutales siempre en plan de alternancia con un coro limpio de memorable desenlace.

Con eso en vista, de ahí en más se podría esperar cualquier cosa, aunque no todo serán temas baladescos ni lentos, porque el siguiente “Fall to Darkness” es mucho más fiero y bestial, con unas melodías modernas y unos quiebres rítmicos interesantes (casi progresivos diría yo gracias al aporte de unos teclados por aquí y ) por parte de los hachas Matt Bounds y el mismo Hagler. Y otro momento que te puede recordar a bandas como Mudvayne es sin duda “Guilt is Reigning Future”, muy moderno en sus guitarras, con esa carga al metal más emotivo e incluso funkero en algunos arreglos que te parecerá estar oyendo una banda completamente distinta si lo comparas con un track como “Fall to Darkness”. “Healing Hands” es otro track lleno de melodías épicas condimentada con arreglos más agresivos. Por su parte, las melodías más heavies de “Hold” van envueltas en unos riffs algo más técnicos, propios de la llamada NWOAHM que te sabrán a bandas como Disturbed o Shadows Fall. Y en un arranque de oscuridad el peso gótico a lo Fear Factory de “As Angels Turn to thee” gana votos en cuanto a uno de nuestros temas favoritos.

Los últimos cortes son por su parte totalmente diversos entre sí como ese thrashero “Where Wings Ignite” (de los más brutales de la placa) mientras que “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me” es un tema engañador, pues tras su arranque calmado con unas guitarras prístinas y alertagadas, solo rompen su sosiego hacia los coros en donde ya emerge una vez más la voz más furiosa de Clint con lo que así también rematan un disco con variopintos esquemas y estructuras dentro de la actual movida core gringa. Dentro de lo que existe actualmente uno de los exponentes más innovadores y que desde esta página recomendamos su escucha. Detalles e info en y también en . - Mundo Rock & Heavy Webzine - Chile

"Love Story's End Promotes Second Album"

It is often a constant struggle for small town bands to overcome the obstacles that comes along with trying to make their "Big Break", especially along the Gulf Coast. Bouncing back from Hurricane Katrina and the Oil Spill the economy is having a hard time catching up and a lot of the kids are looking for an outlet to vent. There is one band on the Gulf Coast, from Biloxi, Mississippi, despite all odds, is bringing the battered Mississippi Gulf Coast back together. War Tribe Records Presents; Love Story's End.

Love Story's End originated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2003. Within a year they had two studio EP's and toured the mid-west. Because the Major Record Labels are becoming obsolete, the band created their own record label, War Tribe Records, making them fully independent. In 2006, LSE released their first full length album, Biloxi War Tribe. The history behind the name of this album comes from the Legend of Singing River. It is said that Singing River is known for is mysterious music that can be heard late evenings during the late summer and fall. What was supposed to be a fierce battle between sworn enemies, the Biloxi Tribe and the Pascagoula Tribe, surprisingly ended with no blood shed, but with the peaceful Pascagoula Tribe holding hands and singing as they marched into the engulfing waters and drowned. Love Story's End took this story of empowerment and applied it to what was going on in their lives at the time. It was one year to the day after Hurricane Katrina swept through and nearly leveled the Mississippi Gulf Coast, that Biloxi War Tribe was released. They practiced their music in an old storage building that survived the the category 5 storm. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at HollyHouse Recording Studios in Biloxi and Produced by Clyde Holly and Clint Hagler. This was the first level of success for the band. They were no longer a garage band of teenagers with nothing else better to do. They were accomplished despite the devastation around them.

Love Story's End released their second album in February of this year, Death Doesn't Deserve Me. The response to this album was far greater then the band anticipated. The opening track, "And So The Righteous" from this new album strikes a chord with several of their fans. It also brings out the bands deepest emotions. It's really simple and straight forward. People have been requesting it and singing along at shows. It's about giving your all until your last breath. This Album was recorded at Riverside Studios in Moselle, MS, mixed and mastered at Cenico Studios in Biloxi. It was produced by by Mark Black and Clint Hagler.

Clint Hagler is the lead vocalist for Love Story's End, he also plays guitar, and writes the lyrics. Clint stated, "I take my writing very seriously. You can only go so far with instrumental music, and some of it is abstract. If you paint a picture with words and combine it with the right melody, you could end up really connecting with people through song. But you have to be honest and true to yourself. My lyrics have been inspired by movies, news, world events and personal experiences. Most songs are better left open to interpretation, so I try not to reveal all of the subject matter. To see people singing along to songs that I wrote is a rewarding experience and the greatest compliment". Clint's musical influences are Pink Floyd, Soundgarden and Cat Power. Aside from his musical contribution to the band, Clint is also and artist and does all the artwork and graphics. Outside of the band, he is a full time graphic designer. He is single, and his hobbies are music, writing songs, watching movies and reading comic books.

The drummer for Love Story's End is Phil Krohn. There is probably not a venue on the Gulf Coast that Phil has not performed in. He and Clint are most experienced in the touring field. Phil's musical influences are Protest The Hero, Cynic and Dream Theater. He is a truck driver and enjoys traveling, motorcycles and spending time with his girlfriend. The bassist for Love Story's End is Alfred Jordan. Alfred's musical influences are Mastadon, Burst and Glassjaw. He is single and manages a RA Shop in Hattiesburg. Last but not least is Guitarist Matt Bounds. His musical influences are Deftones, Dream Theater and Explosions in The Sky. He is the only member of the band that is married. Aside from music he loves science, food, and Samuel Adams.

Love Story's End has toured major cites which include, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston and every major city along the Gulf Coast. They have had the opportunity to perform with August Burns Red, before they blew up, as well as Symphony In Peril,(A short lived band fronted by a former Zao vocalist), StereoHype, Recovery Period and Malamute. Lately they have played several shows with Quiet Hands and Dark Horizon. They also received a large amount of publicity when their band poster was displayed on MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series.

by Sharron Grissett - Mobile Television Examiner - Mobile, AL USA

"Death Doesn't Deserve Me"

Love Story’s End es una banda bastante joven, que mezcla sonidos tanto de metal, punk, hard core entre otros hacienda de esta una figura, musical bastante diversa y atractiva, ya que no es la típica banda que empieza un tema y lo termina de igual forma, hay bastantes matices que van apareciendo en cada uno de sus cortes haciéndolo un material disonante por decirlo de algún modo.

La primera impresión hace de este trabajo, poco digerible, ya que cuesta agarrarle la onda pero poco a poco avanzado el álbum las ideas siempre estuvieron ordenadas contando una historia quizás de una manera poco tradicional, a lo que estamos acostumbrados a oír.
Es por eso que Death Doest’t Deserve Me, nace el día de San Valentín, donde se cuenta una amarga y terrible historia de amor, un disco atractivo, oscuro y bastante conceptual lo que hace de la banda de Clint Hagler y compañía algo único en su especie.

Love Strory’s End nace por ahí en el año 2003, y cuentan con un álbum de estudio anterior llamado “Biloxi War Tribe“. En este nuevo álbum del 2001 podemos apreciar doce potentes cortes los cuales se mueven en variados estilos, que pasean entre el Death metal, Metal Core y el Hard Core. Cortes como “And So The Righteous” y “Fall To Darkness” que dan el punta pie inicial a este material que muestra de inmediato la variedad de estilos y el mensaje marcado de temas mas relacionados con el corazón y con cosas mas menos de ese estilo.

Muy de la onda de Atreyu o bandas similares podemos decir que este trabajo va por esa línea donde nos encontramos con “Virtue Is Of The Past”, “Guilt Is A Reigning Future” y “Purged Of The Soul At Last “ que reafirman fielmente este tipo de estilo mas identificado con el post punk.

Acordes armoniosos, coros guturales y limpios acompañan cada uno de los temas de “Death Doesnt Deserve Me”. En tierra derecha tenemos algo mas claro de la idea de la banda del señor Clint Hagler y compañía en donde nos entregan “Healing Hands”, “Hold”, “Beating Hearts” y “As Angels Turn To Thee”.

Si bien siguen una línea basada en el post hard core, también podemos encontrar bastantes variantes, progresivas que hacen de este álbum algo un tanto no tan lineal y parejo como otras bandas del estilo que mantienen como una estructura mas menos definida, para terminar este trabajo están los siguientes cortes “But Pure Is Flight” , “Where Wings Ignite” y “Death Doesn’t Deserve Me”, en donde nos encontramos con una balada lenta , un mazazo en la cabeza y el ultimo que va creciendo en potencia avanzado el tema. Si bien la banda quizás no es muy conocida en nuestro país, tiene una buena performance, un disco bien llamativo y atractivo al verlo físicamente, para una banda nueva creo yo que lo visual es bastante importante para el desempeño de cómo este trabajo se relaciona con su publico. - Zerovarius Webzine - Chile

"Biloxi War Tribe"

Hailing from the now Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast, Love Story's End was formed in the summer of 2002, by two Biloxi area teens. The band soon recruited a few more members and in 2004 they released their first independent ´Self-Titled´ full-length album. The album helped them to do a few short tours and they shared the stage with bands like August Burns Red (Solid State). Now two years later on August 29th the band unleashed their second full-length titled ´Biloxi War Tribe´, again independently.

I must start this chapter by saying that I really admire Love Story´s End for putting out two full-length albums on their own without any labels. Their 2004 album was really well made and ´Biloxi War Tribe´ is a good continue for the series of good releases for the band. The band names different kind of rock / metal / hardcore heroes as their influence so it´s quite obvious that the songs are build into these genres. Vocalist Clint Hagler is a really talented vocalist who can sing in a whispering way like Chino of Deftones does but he can also scream emotionally like a hardcore vocalist. Partly the stuff ´Biloxi War Tribe´ contains reminds me of The Deftones but Love Story´s End definitely has a heavier and more metallic outlet. The sounds variate everything in between rock´n´roll and metal making the songs very diverse and really enjoyable to listen to. Vocalist Clint gives a perfect addition to the songs with his voice; screaming into the heavy parts and Chino type of whispering into the soft parts. From the first notes of ´Biloxi War Tribe´ to the last notes of ´Music Is A Dead End´ the band manages to keep the whole puzzle as a tight package and the result is really enjoyable, original album.

´Biloxi War Tribe´ is a good example from a band that definitely deserves a record deal but hasn´t got it yet. Love Story´s End has progressed a lot in the past few years and ´Biloxi War Tribe´ will definitely open new doors for the band if it gets into the right hands. For the fans of rock´n´roll influenced post-hardcore this is definitely a good underground addition to your collection. I really wish that the band´s next album will be released through some label because these guys have definitely deserved it! Good CD which has something for everyone!

by Arto Mäenpää - Hardcore Sounds - Finland


Still working on that hot first release.



Love Story's End is an American rock band from the Gulf Coast. Music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, & Spotify.

With a decade of experience, Love Story's End has shared the stage with national touring and recording artists including P.O.D., August Burns Red, Staind, and more. Their band posters have been spotted on Sundance's acclaimed "Rectify" TV series, as well as MTV's hit "TEEN WOLF" reboot.

New on Spotify is the band's own spin on 90s' classic "Nothing Compares 2 U." The 1985 Prince b-side, later immortalized in 1990 by Sinéad O'Connor's album and MTV video, topped charts worldwide and became a best-selling single. The hard hitting remake is currently the latest release from Love Story's End.

Releases from LSE also include two full-length, studio albums. "Biloxi War Tribe" and "Death Doesn't Deserve Me" are available through major digital retailers. A comic series inspired by each album is in the works from vocalist & illustrator Clint Hagler.

The band is currently prepping their next release. Stay up-to-date by
following @LoveStorysEnd on social media or visit

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