Lovestruck Tragedy

Lovestruck Tragedy


The combination of the lyrics of love/hate/denial/heartbreak/loss, to the melodic, harmonizing guitar, and the heavy drums brought by the hardcore influenced drummer creates a unique sound on its own, combined with the pop sound of a keyboard.


Lovestruck Tragedy is hard to classify under a certain genre, but some could describe it as punk/pop/rock/alternative. The combination of the lyric writer, who writes of true experiences of love/hate/denial/heartbreak/loss, to the melodic, harmonizing guitar stylization and sometimes with a heavier sound on guitar, and the heavy drums brought by the hardcore influenced drummer creates a unique sound on its own, while the keyboard player gives the band a more full sound and evens it all out.

We as a band have certain standards for our music when in the writing process. If a song doesn't meet the standard, we either keep working on it, or move onto the next song. We work so hard on making our songs as good as they can possibly be and so people can relate to them, while at the same time they are extremely catchy. Writing songs and playing live gigs is what we live for. At live gigs we make sure not to just play for the crowd, but we try to involve and entertain at them at the same time, ensuring they have a really good show experience from us.

We are a band from Magnolia, Texas, a city just north of Houston. We are all in school at Magnolia High School. The music scene in Houston doesn’t fit well with the music we write. Most bands in Houston and the surrounding areas are usually screamo/hardcore/metal but we decided to be different and show a different side of music to people. Our goal is to just bring awesome music to people that they can enjoy. We don’t want to write music that brings people down, we want to lift them up and make them happy with our songs.

One thing about us is that people see us as kids and expect nothing from us at all. People see some punk 15, 16, 17, and 18 year olds and think that they’re just going to be a joke. But once we perform, once we get on stage and do our set, people realize that we aren’t just some punk kids in a band. This is what we plan to do with the rest of our lives, regardless if we make it to a record label. Don’t get me wrong, we do want the status of being signed to the world’s most major label but that’s not what music is all about. We do this for the pure enjoyment of bringing people nothing but good music that they can enjoy themselves. Even if no label contacts us this time around, or the next time around, or the time after that, it’s not going to stop us from doing what we love, and that’s write amazing music and putting on the best shows we can possibly deliver. This is how we put it: “I’d rather be unsuccessful and poor doing what I love, than be successful and rich and famous doing something I hate.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for listening to our music. It means so much to us, and if you have any feedback or comments at all about anything be sure to contact us!


We have one EP that we recorded and mixed in one day. It consists of 3 original songs, plus one cover song.

Set List

Our typical set list when playing at venues is all originals with maybe one cover or so.

When play partys, however, we usually play our songs mixed with a lot of covers to get the crowd going.