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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Funk




"It's more than having fierce hair"


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"It's more than having fierce hair."


If you recall dance music vixen Meliss FX you’re in for a treat. If you don’t, well, you’re still in for a treat. She joined forces with an eclectic group of female musicians and explodes throughout LA, and the rest of the world, with Lovetease.

Honestly, I was charmed with what they bring to the table. Meliss FX's vocals pack a well rounded punch that delivers beyond what you’d think. You might salivate to the fact they are all females, keep that chin up. This is one batch of electrifying ladies that do not need to stand on the stereotypes of their looks.

For instance, LA’s famed Joshua Rumer produced their full length album, “Ego Evolution”. What that means is you’ll get a solid feel for the variety of styles they sprinkle throughout their album and it is definitely fun, energetic and astounding!

Live performances? Well, what do you think? Let’s find out more about this amazing newcomer to the scene. Let’s also see if any of them like Yoo Hoo.




Daniel/HRM: Please tell me your name, what part you play in the band and if you could recommend a generic Oreos, if ever you had one that was worthy of a purchase.

FX: My name is Meliss FX, I am the vocalist in Lovetease. I would not recommend Oreos, much less generic Oreos. They make people fat and as a gluten free vegan there is nothing about them I can eat. (laughs)

Daniel/HRM: Lovetease, not only your band name but also your catchy opening track. Tell me why you decided on that name.

FX: I wrote the song while I was in Melbourne Australia. Lovetease is an angry song about women who deserve better than men who go around trying to sleep with every woman they can. Sleazy, Slimy, no good cheatin scoundrels. It’s long past time that women stand up and find the good ones who will treat us right. We decided to name the band Lovetease because we have all been in situations where we have a crush on someone and feel tingles through our whole bodies every time we see them. We get ready every morning knowing there is a chance you could see that person. It’s exciting and fun when sexual chemistry starts flying. We wanted men everywhere to know it’s great to fall in love and there is no feeling like it so treat us right or we are gone.

Daniel/HRM: You had great success with

your dance music. Now, you’re into a

variety of rock flavors. What prompted the


FX: In electronic dance music as a vocalist

I am the element that makes the songs

come alive and turns them into a live f

usion. I choose the style to bring the

songs together, to give it a feel of jazz,

soul, or punk, whatever feels right. As

much as I enjoy singing improv with DJs

and recording with all different genres of

dance music there is nothing like playing

with a live band. Part of being a musician

for me is collaborating with as many

musicians as I can who are talented and

who can make the music come alive. We

can each put out hearts into every song

so as the listener you can feel our rage.

Daniel/HRM: And now you have a talented

group of musicians to join your trek. Did

you handpick them through auditions?

Were they friends?

FX: Yes, Joshua and I held auditions in

Hollywood and met many talented female

musicians. We picked our pack not only by who could shred their instruments but who has the heart and soul. I wanted players who are not only in it to win it but have the passion to prevail. Being a musician is so much more than just playing your instrument. It’s about manifesting God. When we lay down our souls on that stage for you it is not only that moment of fire coming through, it reflects our life’s work and everything we struggled through to get there.

Daniel/HRM: How important is hairstyle, in your opinion? Just to be random.

FX: It’s so much more than just having fierce hair. (laughs) I do believe that one’s appearance reflects so much more than just looking good. Being healthy and taking care of yourself creates positivity and confidence. Eat right, work out, and you will live a long healthy life.

Daniel/HRM: Your album spent 4 years in the making. Patience usually leads to the best things. What were some reasons for it taking 4 years?

FX: I am actually the opposite of patient. However, this album was a journey in my life. Joshua and I took our time and didn’t want to rush anything to compromise the final product. In those 4 years there were several hiatuses where life took us elsewhere. I did have many breakdowns along the way because I have been so excited to finally get this music out there in the world.

?Daniel/HRM: What major food source was a staple during these 4 years?

FX: Sushi lunches at a secret location in little Tokyo Downtown LA will def be getting credits on the album. But since Joshua and I both became vegetarians/vegans thru our journey we found our source of power in yummy organic fruits and vegetables. You can get all the protein and nutrition you need from a plant based diet.

Daniel/HRM: So, did Yoo Hoo find its way into your loving arms during this?

FX: I can guarantee you that Joshua loves Yoo Hoo, but no Yoo Hoo for me. I love crackin open a fresh coconut everyday. mmmm

Daniel/HRM: (laughs) There will be people wanting to know your style from your own words. Tell them about Lovetease’s style.

FX: We rock the house down. Our songs range from love ballads to hardcore bangers. With Lovetease, expect nothing less than the rollercoaster ride of your life!

Daniel/HRM: Are you a fan of using sarcasm?

FX: Duh… Who doesn’t love sarcasm?

Daniel/HRM: What types of sense of humor are you drawn to?

FX: In movies I love intelligent dark comedies and stay away from silly slapstick. But in life there is nothing better than a good prank. Antiqueing someone which is the act of taking balls of flour and throwing them at a sleeping defenseless victim always makes for a fun time.

Daniel/HRM: (laughs) Why Melissa, I never know. (laughs) I’ll name a list of characters and you tell me which hat you think would look best on them.
Wolverine: A slick fedora
Bigfoot: Trucker hat
Oscar the Grouch: A bowler
Joshua Rumer: A boater or his lucky freemason cap with tassels depending on the day.


Daniel/HRM: With a variety of styles on your album this must make it easier to fit in with big tours. To date, who are some big names you’ve shared the stage with?

FX: Lovetease is fresh out of the bag so we are looking forward to getting a few tours under our belts. We were fortunate to perform at the Invengo Christmas showcase with Saints of Insanity, Scoti Slate, Meekos & Me, A Cool 90 and The Ventriloquists.

Daniel/HRM: Did any big names share advice with you that was new and profound? If so, what was that advice?

FX: Yes, Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October taught me that it is all in the artist’s writing style. He says to give the people what they want. I have also talked with many other A+ performers who all agree it’s not about sounding pretty, it’s about shedding your raw soul on the floor for everyone to feel.

Daniel/HRM: What advice do you have for artists hoping to make a paid career out of doing music?

FX: My advice is that making it in the music industry is an upward battle and you can’t just be good to be noticed, you have to be phenomenal! You have to make people’s jaws drop or make them cry. You have to be not only unique but able shed your soul on the stage and have the perfect balance between talent and will. Then maybe you have a glimpse of a shot at making it.

Daniel/HRM: If every glass you drank out of happened to have a vomit stain in it and the only way to stop this was to say the names of three artists you’d love to tour with whom would they be?

FX: As a germaphobe I’d have to think fast! Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, U2.

Daniel/HRM: (laughs) Tell me what’s in the near future for Lovetease.

FX: Lovetease plans to take our amazing show on the road and spread our love city to city and shred club by club with our killer music!

Daniel/HRM: Do you have any plans on alternating between your dance music and Lovetease?

FX: Music has been my life and I will always be involved in dance music as well as playing with bands. I need both as I couldn’t live without dancing all night to beats or raging out to some rock n roll!

Daniel/HRM: Since you probably get a lot of corny jokes about teasing and probably some lewd ones I’ll skip that and ask something more memorable. Let’s say they added an extra day to the year called You Day. How would you celebrate it?

FX: I actually have me days everyday. I strive to make everyday the perfect day, not that I accomplish this but it is what I strive for. To feel good and healthy and spend my time with the people I care most about. Also spending time with my dogs makes me the happiest.

Daniel/HRM: Where can people go for more on Lovetease?

FX: We will be touring and releasing our 5 track EP soon so stay tuned!

Daniel/HRM: Last question. Let’s say you picked up a business card because it had a very profound statement on it. When you read it aloud you were transported to an afterlife party with a few of your favorite artists. What was the quote, who were the artists and what song of yours would best represent this situation?

FX: "If we wish to understand the nature of the Universe we have an inner hidden advantage: we are ourselves little portions of the universe and so carry the answer within us." - Jacques Boivin, The Single Heart Field Theory

‘Ego Evolution’ would be the song because it is sexy and is talking about how the future is now and we are the aliens so get back to what’s important to you. Yes I believe the answer is within us. The artists at the afterlife party would all be artists who were ahead of our time. It’s frustrating being from the future so we can all be sensitive to the balance of life together in order to coexist. Most important would be the guests at this party which would include Morrissey, Moby, Alanis Morissette, OzzyOsbourne, Fiona Apple, Prince and Saul Williams just to name a few. All these musicians are not only incredibly talented artists who I’m a fan of but all are vegans.


Daniel/HRM: What did you think of this interview?

FX: I always love new and interesting questions and I can’t complain about a sense of humor. Not just the same old interview is refreshing and I always love adding spice to my life!


Daniel/HRM: Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to get to know you and your music. Now get out there and top those charts!


Story and interview by

Daniel C. Morrison – Hip Rock Magazine - Hip Rock Magazine


Ego Evolution EP
LoveTease - Full Album



Lovetease is a conceptual femme rock project that has successfully combined a vast array of genres and flavors to create an undeniable masterpiece. The whimsical and estrogen driven rock numbers have a fresh originality that is what the world of music has been waiting to return to. However this music is blended with sounds from the future and the strong lyrics will let your mind soar. Backed by select and distinctive line-ups of pro musicians from the Los Angeles area ensure the perfect blend of the vivid universe that she had in mind when starting out on this journey. Meliss FX summoned the wizardry and highly visionary skills and techniques of producer/co-writer Joshua Rumer of Hollywood’s ‘beacon in the darkness’ production company Invengo Productions. We proudly introduce to you the long awaited full length album “Ego Evolution”. Spanning a creation period of 4 years, front woman Meliss FX decided to expand her horizons from the dance music world. Stay tuned for teaser videos before the album drops and tour schedule to be announced soon!

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