Love Toys

Love Toys


We are punk and rock'n'roll lovers and try to bring this sounds togheter to our songs! We are a punk'n'roll band, with the power of punk and the feeling of the rock'n'roll! It's like a jam with Ramones and Rolling Stones.


The band were formed in the beginning of 2008. Luiz and Fred estudied togheter, and like the same kind of music. Punk Rock and Rock'n'roll are the main influences in the band. Ramones, Black Flag, Hellacopters, Rolling Stones, Stooges, and many others.


Love Toys - EP [2008]
Heavy Duty - EP [2009]

Set List

Our set lists are formed by all of our musics that are finished. We play the two recordeds EPs, and other musics which were not recorded yet. We play some covers too. Until now we covered: Dead Boys, Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers and MC5.