Love Vendetta

Love Vendetta

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Love Vendetta is Music. it's a Movement. It's a Monument. A Love for danceable Post-Punk and Alternative sounds, and our only vengeance against a world that's breeding hate, and giving power to ignorance. A new frontier for music that will make you mosh, dance, and fall in love in-between the sets.


Love Vendetta is the musical culmination of brothers Charles and Ahmad Earland, with Guitarist Michael Sparks and Bassist Alex Mars. Together they're combining Post-Punk with modern day Indie Rock and Alternative to form a sound that is nostalgic, yet trendy as ever. Delayed guitar riffs and fuzz-drenched bass lines create a horizon of unique sounds as hungry, yet humble vocals take over the music like nightfall. That's when the party really begins. With so much dance potential behind every song, you'll kill just to keep the beat going. Love Vendetta is a never ending Disco. Love Vendetta is a ballad for broken hearts. Love Vendetta is a world-wide call to arms. Love Vendetta is whatever you want it to be.

Set List

The World is Gold
Get Off My Cloud
Tell It To Me Straight
Prepare for The Fight (The Lovemakers Cover)
Love Never Dies
My Surprise
Just a Face

Sticks & Stones