Lay Low

Lay Low

 South, ISL

Lay Low is the alter ego of the icelandic/sri lankan singer-songwriter Lovisa. Some people say that she sounds like a female Johnny Cash, others that she sounds like an icelandic Patsy Cline. A rumour has it that her voice can make a rainy day turn into sunshine and melt icebergs hidden in hearts.


“It’s time to attend to the pieces of my heart, I routinely tucked away for the most part...”

LAY LOW is the alter-ego of Icelandic singer/songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir.

Born in Croydon, London, UK to a Sri Lankan father and Icelandic mother, LAY LOW’s musical abilities stretch as far as her geographical heritage. Starting out as a pianist and bass guitar player; she has jammed on keyboards and synthesizers with alternative rock band, Benny Crespo’s Band and found her voice in blues folk and a little honky tonky bop collaborating with producers such as Liam Watson. Although her new material is taking on a new trip hop twist, LAY LOW’s distinct musical journey can still be felt at its roots, producing a honed yet experimental sound that is all her own.

After several projects in Icelandic, LAY LOW - returns with a brand new English lyric album, Talking About The Weather. Released initially in Iceland late 2103 and set for international release autumn 2014.

Recorded and produced by Lay Low herself during a period of creative isolation, the new material has been mixed by UK producer and Communion co-founder Ian Grimble famed for his work with Mumford & Sons, Travis, Beth Orton and, most recently, 4AD’s Daughter.

Following Lay Low’s Live At Home show in May 2013 - which, on the back of international tours with Of Monsters And Men and Daughter, saw Lay Low simultaneously perform to a handful of house guests and an online audience of thousands - the decision was made to draw a line in the sand.

After three-well received solo albums (one in Icelandic), it was time to start again.

Since Bobby D crashed his Triumph Tiger, it is a course that countless artists have set upon. In Lay Low’s case, she retreated to Hveragerði, and the relative isolation of her home studio, coupled with her parent’s Reykjavik basement. Inspired by a room full of instruments, she pressed record - the only outside contribution coming
from Bassi (Benny Crespo’s Gang) who plays drums.

The results are thrilling.

“Giving up isn’t an option anymore, I’m floating to where I belong... “

Talking About the Weather marks a new beginning for the multi instrumentalist and talented singer-songwriter.


Please Don't Hate Me (2006)
Ökutímar - Soundtrack (2007)
Farewell Good Night's Sleep (2008)
Flatey - Live Dvd (2009)
Kóngavegur 7 - Soundtrack (2010)
Brostinn strengur (2011)
Backbone (2013) single
Live at Home (2013)
Talking About The Weather (2014)

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