Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

The main goal for me as an artist is to influence and inspire everyone that hears my music. I try to touch on subjects that are relatable to everyone whether they are rich, poor, black, white, young or old etc. I am working on revolutionizing the game and bringing back substance and vision.


James Evans, aka Lo Vision, has been immersed in music for years. Following his father's musical lead as a mobile DJ and as an on-air personality for Air Force radio, Evans grew up among the rhythm and blues songs that his father spun in clubs all over the country and knew that music would also be his life's calling. Growing up legally blind, has been one of his greatest motivators. He wants to prove that no disability can stop you from achieving your dreams. After joining friends in college to form the rap group called Greans, Evans has performed and produced music touring the country to open for artists like Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Biggie Smalls.


Go Go Gadget Lo

Written By: Lo Vision

I told you my talking watch tells me the wrong time. Besides that the channel buttons on the cable remote are hard to find. I use a magnifying glass to clip my toenails, I have a 21 inch screen on my weed scale, that I bought wholesale. Voicemail is all I used on my beeper, cause when the numbers come up on the screen, I don't know how y'all mother fuckers can see them either. Im a square peg in a round hole and I'm outta control. I use that white cane with the red tip to channel your soul.
Go go gadget Lo, are you fo show? Go go gadget lo is he a pro, go go gadget lo ohhh no. Go go gadget lo ohhh no.


The Rap Stevie volume 2 (2012)*
You Need Glasses (2012)*
The Boom Bap (2012)*
Queendom (2007)
Grean Light District (2001)
*in production