Powder Springs, Georgia, USA
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This is a TRUE Southern B-Boy, that has a unique style that captures your ear, while making you wonder what's next!


Every once in a while, there comes along an artist who has so much substance and knowledge that they effectively change the norm. The words they speak and the stories they tell do something to our minds and hearts that allow us to recognize their realness and credibility, so much that impostors take cover. Besides aiming to inspire, motivate, and reach all those who come into contact with their craft, there is also a genuine bond born.

With a commanding presence that immediately attracts your attention and a distinctive sound that differentiates him from being comparable to today’s competition, there’s no questioning why “Low” is here to lead. Inspired by Hip-Hop Pioneers of the B-Boy Era: Rakim, KRS-1, Goodie Mob, Pharcyde, and Wu-Tang, Low uses his craft to express his otherwise quiet and observant nature. Prepared to introduce the world to what he deems grown folks music, Low’s creative process and focus is compiled of real issues that revolve around society, feel good situations, and his love for women. His original sound relates to more than just the ear. In fact, it stands alone in an industry that has become as predictable as it is black and white.

“My music is my ode to all the Vets back on the Dirt Road,” starts Low, reclaiming his seat at the island table. “As a kid, I was allowed to sit with the elders, the hustlers, the womanizers, crooks, etc. and I learned from them all. On the Dirt Road, everyone is transparent. You see them for who they are. They all wanted me to leave and tell my story. How we lived taking from life’s lessons. My music is my way of letting them all know that I’ve reached my new place in this world, and these are the experiences I’ve had through out my travels.”

Raised in South Carolina, but moved to Georgia as a teen, Low has come from what he refers to as the best of both worlds. Having come from an era where jute joint music met the raw openness of the dirt road, his life and music reflects the same occurrences that proved motivating for this life proclaimed visionary. Not as impressed by the money or fame, Low is more dedicated to getting his music to the people.

“I’m starting another chapter in this dirty south saga,” claims Low as he takes a swig from his bottled water. “I’m not piggy backing off anybody with the styles or the features. It’s just me and my music. Good times, sex, intimacy, protection of my section, and appreciation of women who deserve it. Describes the society of the dirt road and my music, both good and bad”

Determined to leave a legacy that will be respected and appreciated for years to come, Low operates on the dedication to stay independent and focused on creating a Dirt Road Records movement. As the first artist to be released off of the Dirt Road imprint, Low has secured his place as the leader and captain of his ship. Surrounded by an artillery that includes a fresh new sound, in house production, and a team of loyal and skilled workers, Low is positioning himself to find his seat at the table of music.

“I’m obtainable,” starts Low. “ The people can reach me. I can be the guy in the corner of the club or bar, by myself, just a guy enjoying a drink (crown preferably). I’m the guy that you want to support or push, and not regret it later”

Currently focused on bringing his new single “Baby Girl” to the forefront, Low and Dirt Road Records look to be the names on everybody’s lips this year and for years to come.


Baby Girl (featuring Big Mill & Leviticus)

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Baby Girl