Low-Country Audio

Low-Country Audio


Low-Country Audio is a five piece psychedelic rock band from South Louisiana, no other way describe it, rock and roll for the mind and body


Low Country Audio is a conglomeration of some longtime friends and musical collaborators. The band officially began at a friends crawfish boil in New Orleans. The six destined heroes joined on that fateful day to simply provide entertainment for the party goers, what actually happened is a different story. What actually happened was an immediate musical connection that bent the sands of time. So much so that one party goer, the owner of the Maple Leaf in New Orleans, booked us at his club not knowing that we weren't even a band. On that day Low Country Audio was born, and no we aren't not from Charleston, even though it is a fabulous place, south Louisiana, in our hearts at least, can be considered the "Low Country" as well.

Low Country Audio above all is a family affair, maybe it is that backyard spirit that created the band or maybe it is the fact that everybody in the band, besides one, is related to someone else in the band. Jake and Will McMains provide the backbone for the ensemble and as brothers have pursued insight into the mysteries of rhythm together since childhood on bass and drums. The Daigle brothers have much the same history only their muse rests more in the realm of melody. On guitar and keyboards their musical connection is obvious, their contributions to the band do not end there however. These two are of the four main songwriters in the band and provide vocals as well. The black sheep of the crew, Thomas Johnson, is the only non-family member of the band, but his influence and swirling guitar talents are irreplaceable all the same. On that fateful day of the crawfish boil another musical warrior presented himself to the previous five for the first time. Scotty Lebell lended us his organ talents and they have remained ever since. His father, Lenny "Pops" Lebell, plays saxophone with us on the nights that we have the pleasure.

Thus you have the story of Low Country Audio, a living example of family togetherness and more importantly psychedelic awesomeness. Give our tracks a listen knowing that our home is in the live setting, not to say we are by any means ashamed of our studio efforts, but our feeling and inspiration is generally found on stage as opposed to in the studio, mainly because we are not all playing together and feeding off the audience as well as the lack of improvisation involved that is why booking Low Country Audio in the future might not be a bad idea.


The EP

Set List

We usually play two hour and a half sets and come out again for an encore. We try to divide our original/cover ratio into a 70/30 type margin. Here is an example of one of our setlists...

Set 1

Placement Blues
Electric Light
That Ain't Right>
Before You Accuse Me

Set 2

Spanish Oaks
Blue Winter
Number 1 With a Bullet
Sweet Virginia>
Out in the Country
Iko Iko
Feel Alright
Crazy Mary>
Take It>
Darrell the Horseman>
Take It

Examples of covers we play

Out in the Country - The Meters
Sweet Virginia - The Rolling Stones
I'll Take You There - The Staples Singers
Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
Cocaine - J.J. Cale
Dirty Laundry - Don Henley
Don't Do Me Like That - Tom Petty
Kokomo, Spanish Moon - Little Feat