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His name is S.H.A.M.E. an acronym for Showing-Haters-All-My-Expertise. Shame was born in the mid to late seventies and came up listening to groups like : Earth,Wind and Fire, The Commodores,The Ojay's,Teddy Pendergrass at the age of five and six that's all Mom played around the house. He was born in Harlem and raised in The Bronx. A product of Butler Houses Projects on 169th and Webster Avenue in the Bronx along with cousins Tyrell Carter, Jerry and Darian Smalls and his little sister Miya Carter. He remember the street jams that were thrown by Kool Herc and Kid Capri. SHAME learned the streets well due to the trials and tribulations he went through as a child. SHAME SAYS " I remember when you used to have to be nice with ya hands to get respect now all you gotta do is be able to use ya trigger finger!" When SHAME went to see "THE GODFATHER RAKIM" at a concert his cousin took him to when he was 12 and he saw the mastery of a professional on the Microphone SHAME knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life! "BE THE EMCEE!" And his cousin Tyrell primed him for his dream. SHAME teamed up with O-Boogie, And Mr Spliff It and formed the group Tre-Styles the group first performed at 1199 in Harlem...................THEY WAS A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(underground) With venues all over the underground scene they began to create a name for themselves. SHAME was the battle rapper O-BOOGIE flipped through the styles and MR SPLIFF IT was just rugged. SHAME left his imprint on street battles held on West 4th street in Manhattan they knew him and knew him well. The Group had additions Mr Spliff it was incarcerated and added O-BOOGIE's brother MITCH and PANAMA RED (a female rapper formerly known as DAMAGE. They had done many songs and performed at many venues abroad and around the city. The group dissolved. SHAME found a new comrade an up and coming Emcee heard around his new area where he now lived THE WILD WEST FORDHAM AREA. The new partner name was CHIEF WALKER. CHIEF was rough around the edges but SHAME liked his flow with alittle fine tuning CHIEF AND SHAME became household names as the group MAJOR LEAGUE! They also had an impressive resume of songs together including an underground hit done whit "BAD BOYS" "MA$E" Called A MILLION AND ONE WAYZ managed by LENNY BLANCO MAJOR LEAGUE wnet on to open for the likes of : THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G in Virginia Beach, VA. They opened for MA$E in North Carolina and Big "L" in Harlem. Their fame had grown and they mutually signed their first record deal to HIGH ROLLER RECORDS a label Owned by Tyrone Gillis and Co-Owned by Teddy Riley and Gene Griffin (Members of the group GUY) based in Virginia Beach,Virginia. They went on to perform with some of the greats in the business. Record with some of best producers MIKE WARNER(Producer of the female group JADE and The Jamaican White Rapper SNOW and the LOXS) . Nothing good lasts forever and CHIEF and SHAME parted ways but still keep in touch and are still the best of friends. SHAME ran into a group called SLEEPY HOLLOW headed up by Louis "Doc Dave Banna" Savage and began to embark on a solo career. With Lou's help SHAME explored his solo-lyricist side came up with songs like " LIFE OF A HUSTLER" a song that explores the deep light and dark side of the PIMPIN GAME.And in January of 2000 with the help of a friend at the time (who shall forever remian nameless!) put out a solo hit that debuted on S.U.R.E Record Pool and Funkmaster Flex's record pool called "NATIVE NEW YORKER!" 1 in every catagory!!!!!!!!!! SHAME SAYS "I must have kept my UNCLE up for like twelve hours asking him about the real ins and outs of the Pimp game!" My Uncle was like "Youngbuck youngbuck what you trying to do write a book or report me to the feds!?" He stood in the studio for 32 hours Lou and SHAME till they got it right and it was a hit. Young and Old loved the laid back way SHAME laid the lyrics out. SHAME did his Uncle proud and brought out the blueprint to pimping. SHAME tired of the New York life moved to Georgia. He thought his music career was over when a mutual friend (Mary White) introduced him some local producers from DATZWASSUP ENTERTAINMENT. DOE-B,COOP DA VILLE,T-WEEZY. "And they music was off the chain !" says SHAME. In 2005 they hooked up with super music composer Stephanie "Funky Fingers" Fletcher at a barbacue and SHAME pitched the idea of doing a song for the plus size women of the world. "It was a hard sell!" said DOE-B. "I really wasn't feeling it till he spit the lyrics!" Mul-ty of Universal record fame was there at the time and set up the studio time at 40oz STUDIO's in Charleston, South Carolina. "40 was doing the engineering Mul-ty added his magic on the chorus and riffed during the verses and the rest was history. The song was first heard nationally on E-93 in Savannah,Georgia on the radio show hosted by LIL GEE called "SLAMM IT OR JAMM IT!" The critically accliamed song was a success the phone was ringing off the hook by plus size women a