Portland, Oregon, USA

Lowenbad is a beautiful concoction of soul, rock, and hip-hop. Combining rock guitars, soul singing, hip hop loops, politically slanted lyrics and esoteric beats, Lowenbad has created a unique new sound in music. You've never been so glad to hear how messed up the world really is.


Though influences can be heard, Lowenbad strives to be commercially accessible yet NOT to sound like anything available in the current market. Husband and Wife founders, Bradley Swanson (bass/production) and Holly Cole (lead vocals/lyrics), expose the interplay between them through songwriting and production. Stepping on each other's toes and crossing lines left and right, their song-writing and production talents are only further embellished with Doug Folen on drums and Cory Guinee-Cooper on guitar. Dark and heavy elements are woven together with catchy hooks, esoteric beats, and politically edged lyrics.

Amazing live and recorded, Lowenbad will succeed in entertaining and enlightening by making music as it should be: thought provoking, inspiring, different, progressive, and new.


Debut album "Bricks for the Naysayers" released October 17, 2008.

Set List

Lowenbad's set list includes all the material on their album, and the occasional cover song. Covers include Erykah Badu's "Penitentiary Philosophy" and "Good Girl" by Chrisette Michelle, among others. Lowenbad is also known to have guest musicians join their line up for a song or two adding horns, keys, or even dj's to their live show. Sets can last anywhere from 30 - 90 mins., depending on the show requirements.