Lower 48

Lower 48


Lower 48 is dirty DIY rock on Acid. This is music that bikers and truckers take road trips on. No pop. Just rock. Loud and Raw.


Lower 48 was formed in New York City.

In the beginning, Lower 48 spent much of its time in a basement getting drunk and banging on/playing anything in sight: pots, pans, old car horns, instruments, etc.

Their first year was pure anarchy, getting banned from venues, fighting with each other and constantly wrecking their rehearsal space. The band was always on the verge of imploding.

By the time they released their first EP, AAA, the band had scared off their first drummer. After she left, Lower 48 were hard pressed to find anyone capable of backing up their psychotic episodes and their chaotic sound. The band went through three or four drummers in a matter of months.

Then they met ex-Some Action drummer, Ray Sullivan. Lower 48 immeditately hit the eye of the storm. They began working relentlessly, building up their catalog and playing anywhere and everywhere they could get a show.

They recorded their second album, 6PK, in January of 2006, released it the same year and played some of the best venues in New York City: CBGB, the Knitting Factory, Piano's, Union Pool, the Delancey, LIT, Fontana's, and more.

Lower 48 has been gaining attention steadily with every show. They have a North American tour lined up for early 2007 and have been invited to play Paris the following summer.

Lower 48 has a third album on the way...



Written By: LOWER 48

here they come to tell you. how much they have to sell you. they.re out to get you anyway that they possibly can. by the balls. and the shopping malls. gotta get the pucci. you gotta buy that gucci. they.ve got you by the purse because they know where it hurts. but dont you know its all for show. your heart is close to the vest. you gotta impress. nothing less than the best. shopping malls. they got you by balls. you gotta buy the pucci. you gotta get that gucci. they.ve got you by the purse because they know where it hurts. but dont you know its all for show. your heart is close to the vest. you gotta impress. nothing less than the best. they.ve got you by the bones.


Written By: LOWER 48

time. is on my mind and i feel it slip on by. every time that i try to take my time. to take my time.

i can.t wake you up but can i make you realize this waste of time.

time. what a waste. what a waste of time.

smash the watch and break all the clocks. its time to take the harness off.
so take it off. BREAK IT OFF. take the time. try and take the break. take. BREAK. TAKE THE TIME. while you have time.

time. once its gone you.ll never get it back. thats a fact.
we.re just watching actions and reactions and thats a fact. jack. to make it back. is quite a task that no rewind will ever have.

no rewind will ever have the time. do you have the time?


Written By: LOWER 48

tired of living up to what you expect. of feeling obligated. watching you regret. the day we ever met. resentment and disrespect.
its the end of the world you made sure of it. trade the future for a profit. youre oblivious. the modern age is a plague and youre the virus.
because as soon as things start to disintegrate. its every one for themselves but man theres no escape. you just couldnt wait. but now its too late.
people playing your game. no one even knows your name. you back me up against the wall till it aint no choice at all.
not much longer before it all ends. youll get whats coming. youve been asking for it. heads up man. its just around the bend.
i was looking for a reason why i should not resist. i had to find a motive and i had to find it quick. im always holding back until im fighting back.
but i dont wanna give up. whats left but hope. keeping motivated. playing. going for broke. if theres a price to pay. i wont hesitate.
say. whats that in the air? it came from over there.
hey man. whats that sound?


6PK (LP) - available through iTunes AND cdBaby.

Set List

10 to 13 songs = 35 - 45 minutes of fist-pumping fury.

the perfect one.
a noid.
killing time.
arrest assured.