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lower B


Alex's songs take on many different themes – some melancholy - others excited, sarcastic, and laughing… all mixed with a funky flavor that creates a sound appealing to many musical tastes.


Alex Rosenblatt’s influences include Dave Matthews Band, Howie Day, David Grey and John Mayer. The 18 year old, Bangor, Maine native’s lyrics explore a wide variety of themes; some songs melancholy and examining life’s biggest questions, and others excited, sarcastic, and laughing. The range of moods and points of view in and from which the songs are written make the lyrics diverse, always interesting, and easy to relate to. He augments each song with subtle elements of jazz, funk, blues, and rock and classifies them into the alternative, pop, contemporary acoustic genres. Mixing loop sampling, vocal and instrument delays, and a solid, unique flavor in his live performances creates a sound that appeals to a variety of musical tastes.
Rosenblatt’s discography includes two acoustic demos, recorded at home, along with an EP “Roof it,” which he recorded at Q-Division Studios in Massachusetts in April of 2003 with his former band, lower B. “Roof it” was engineered by Matt Beaudoin. Matt, Alex and Lower B spent a miniscule 48 total hours recoding and mixing the 6 track EP. The album was later mastered at M-Works by Colin Decker.
Alex has played all over Maine at bars, clubs, restaurants, and at festivals since he was 15 years old. With lower B, Rosenblatt battled bands in Reindeer Record’s (Portland, ME) 19th Annual Rock-off in March of 2003. Lower B was named one of the 5 Best Bands in Maine; Rosenblatt received the Best Vocals Award, Best Songwriting: Lyrics award and the band received the Best Live Showcase award. This exposure was what aided Rosenblatt in securing more gigs, specifically the college shows for the fall 2003 and his spring tour of 2004 in the east coast region. Rosenblatt also took advantage of the local Maine colleges and universities for venues and radio play. He credits The University of Maine for a lot of his successes so far. Along with being booked to perform in many of the college’s music events, he even shared the stage with Howie Day (Epic Records). In the spring of 2003, Rosenblatt’s band also won a battle of the bands, earning them a time slot at the annual music festival, “Bumstock.” At this festival, they played alongside artists such as 6 Gig, Paranoid Social Club and Seeking Homer.
With the help of his website www.alexrosenblattonline.com, and his quickly growing fan base, his music is spreading sporadically across the US. Along with his website, music is available on www.MP3.com. At one point the single, Two Feet, ranked 39th on the acoustic charts out of hundreds of thousands of other songs. The number of downloads is rapidly growing everyday.
The beginning of the summer found the Rosenblatt relocating to New York in search of new opportunities and he began performing immediately at the city’s bars and clubs. All of this success grabbed the attention of A&R rep, Gregg Nadel, from Lava Records, with which Rosenblatt maintains an ongoing relationship.
Currently Rosenblatt is spending quality time dedicated to writing new material in preparation for the upcoming tour and is actively attending conferences, such as Boston’s NEMO Conference, while playing in the New York area and at New England colleges. With his ever expanding, ever improving repertoire and his continuously developing live performances Alex Rosenblatt is set to hit the road in the spring of 2004.


Closet Space

Written By: lower B

It’s another tidal wave of empty idle days
Slapped me upside the head again
Found a penny on the ground
But of course it was heads down
So I left it there for someone else
It’s raining again
I’m so sick of April showers in May
It wasn't in that rhyme
And I can't remember
The last time things haven't been this way
*But you're gonna have to work real hard to pull me away
'Cause a little rain ain’t gonna stop me today
Call out all you want
I’m plugging my ears
I like to think on closet space
And laugh at wasted years
"I’m not an apple who shines when you rub me"
She said to me
So sarcastically
And "I’ve grown accustomed to you"
Well shit that's great
But one is only half of two
I’m buzzin’ again
I can only think as this one pulls me closer to the edge
And I can't fall asleep
Well it could be this cold hard floor but no
You know I’m pretty sure it's-
When I wake up in the night I'll hear you calling
I think and I’ll see you
Slowly I’ll rise
And you'll break up in the night I’ll see you falling
I think and I’ll be you
And slowly close my eyes

You Know

Written By: lower B

High atop a hill airplanes floating slowly past the sun
Pulls down the light from everyone
always wants to leave
Flashing towers hide behind the sun
The picture sky's a frozen one
Time passes slowly oh yeah
Pulls down the daylight in the end
I’ve been watching you for so long
*"You know that I’d like to fly away from here" she said
"And I’d be happy anywhere" wish as we may and
Wish as we might we all want to run away sometimes
Coming 'round the bend
Everything is white is frozen tired
The white on white I so admire everything here
Which happens to be nothing over there where
A starry sky is such delight
And fate I believe in oh yeah
But I don't believe fate believes in me
Open your eyes to the music and let us take you there
I don't believe all good things must end
By now you should know just how I am

Two Feet

Written By: lower B

She wakes up right on time
As the clock sings her a wake up song
She stands up with a stretch and a scratch
And a blink and a cough and a yawn
She hallucinates the smell of coffee and eggs
Floating up the stairs
And she walks toward the bathroom
Calling for someone who isn't even there
Can’t you see what she's going though
As she soaks up in a puddle of pity
See she believed him too
And now she won’t believe that
He's really gone for good
*And as she walks along the beach one set of footprints for two feet each
She reminds him of the better days
The earlier days of life
And he is quiet and he cannot speak
'cause memories fade and her mind is weak
So she heads for home
With her steps and her steps alone in the sand
So she lays down covered with blue light from the TV
And she sighs 'cause there's nothing on
So she frowns finishes hamburger helper
And wishes at the phone
And it seems to her that somewhere in the past
She took a left instead of a right
But there's nowhere to turn around in driveways
Well that's just not polite
Can’t you see what he's done to her
All cause she was caught in the heat of the moment
See and wonder first about her never-has-been-never-will-be way of life
So take a look at where you're at
And what you're doing where you're going
And as a matter of fact you may just find that there's something wrong
You might be eating in front of the phone
In the blue light of the TV
And the colors of the streetlight
And you may just find yourself
Walking on the beach talking to someone who was never really there


2003: "Roof it" EP
Produced by lower B Recorded at Q Division Studios, Somerville, MA
Engineered by Matt Beaudoin With Matt Tahaney Mastered at M Works by Colin Decker
1. Closet Space (03:20)
2. Alright (04:58)
3. Two Feet (03:32)
4. Answer Me (04:28)
5. You Know (04:06)
6. Six Tracks (04:51)





2002: "Acoustic Demo"
This is a 5 track, acoustic, home studio recorded demo.

Streams of all tracks from both the EP and Demo are available on our website in the media section.

Set List

Alex generally plays sets as long as 60-120 minutes and are made up of mostly original songs. Alex will sometimes cover songs from bands and artists like Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Dispatch, Jack Johnson, David Grey, etc.