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The best kept secret in music


"Oshawa band says meaning is in the music"

Nov 24, 2005
By Jason MacNeil

Oshawa band Lower Back Tatti is just getting its feet wet in the music industry, but it appears to be on the right track if appearing at Toronto's Molson Indy is any indication. "It was our fourth show and we played a battle of the bands and we won," lead singer Andrew Creelman says. "They actually announced that we had won before the show was even over. There were still a couple of bands that went on after us." Creelman, along with drummer Shawn Glover, bassist John Gregson and guitarist Eoin McGuirk, formed Lower Back Tatti earlier this year. Creelman says he knew it was something special immediately. "Right off the bat," he says. "As soon as we started jamming together everything just seemed to fall into place. It feels good to be in a room with a bunch of guys on the same level and wanting the same goals."

He also says the band's name, which pays homage to women with lower back tattoos, has no deep significance. "There's no real big meaning behind it, we just put a lot of the meaning into the music," Creelman says. "I think a lot of people get a little crazy when it comes to a band name, so we just found something and went with it." The group, which describes its sound as a cross between melodic and alternative rock, is currently working on a three-song demo as well as a DVD to help spread its music. "It's to get the word out there and let people understand who we are, where we're coming from and what we're all about," Creelman says. "It's going to be a rockumentary, although some people might call it a mockumentary." On top of that, the band is also planning to release a full-length album of 10 to 15 songs sometime next spring.

And when not in the studio, Lower Back Tatti is often in an Oshawa basement honing those new songs. "We picked up a bunch of equipment," Creelman says. "We still get in here about four or five times a week and jam for a few hours."
The band says that the Durham music scene is blossoming with groups like Cuff The Duke and Farenheit, but Creelman would like to see a few more venues around the region. For the meantime though, Lower Back Tatti is happy doing what it does. "There are certain things that happen in your life and we're all pretty lucky to have found each other," Creelman says.

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Jason MacNeil is a freelance writer in Durham Region. Contact him at kingjinpusan@hotmail.com.

- By Jason MacNeil

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"Lower Back Tatti Leaves a Permanent Mark on Bandwarz Judges"

Lower Back Tatti (LBT) became the second group to secure a place in the final Bandwarz 2006 showcase at Le Skratch Billiard, Bar and Grill. The Oshawa-based alternative rock act impressed the judges with their stage presence and well-rehearsed performance. LBT is the second of eight bands to perform at this year's final showcase, to be held March 25 at Le Skratch.

"We were ecstatic to win [this week's showcase]," comments lead vocalist Andrew Creelman. "We're looking forward to coming back on the 25th to duke it out with the other winners. There is lots of strong competition out there. The local scene is developing with the help of organizations like Eclipse [Concerts], and it's a great opportunity to be seen, heard and
hopefully win some new gear!"

Bandwarz is the original rock music contest for bands looking to make their mark on the music industry. Now in its thirteenth year, Durham's original battle-of-the-bands contest has seen over 1,000 musicians perform on its stage, including the likes of Sum 41 and Not By Choice. Bandwarz offers
independent and unsigned bands the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of music industry representatives and booking agents.

The winner of the competition will benefit from the publicity and also
receive $1,000 in cash, new gear from Steve's Music in Toronto, recording time at Warden Studios to complete a three-song demo package, a prize package from Alcatraz Skates, new shoes from Vans and be part of the
Bandwarz 2006 show broadcast on Rogers Television.

For more information on Bandwarz, visit www.eclipseconcerts.com
- Eclipse Concerts


founding members-The one you couldnt handle - 4 track demo 2003
Live EP 2005
self titiled 4 track demo 2005/2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


It took some soul searching for Eoin and Andrew to make the decision of forming L.B.T, but they figured the people want the best, not the rest and any none believers can put them to the test. This band does not go around buildings, they go through them, with unbelievably catchy rock melodies and killer hooks Lower Back Tatti is ready to take on the world. Who they sound like, no one before them, but forced to compare you would have to take Brit acts like Oasis and Coldplay and throw them into the Seattle scene of the early nineties with a slice of U2 and you are getting warmer. When Eoin and Andrew the founding members hooked up with bass player Johnny G-funk and drummer Shawn Glover there was that rare click that some of the most important bands in the world must have experienced when getting started. Once L.B.T was finalized the band had no choice but to get real tight real fast, all the while the quality and undeniable potential of the music they were writing catapulted them into high profile gigs such as the stage at the Molson Indy and the landmark Horseshoe tavern, and entering only two battle of the bands and winning both made the hype official. This band's gimmick is a genuine likability but with a dangerous edge that keeps them unpredictable, almost like a ridiculously beautiful girl with that evil untrustworthy smirk that you just can't resist. The boys are fun loving free spirits, they never lack confidence but are genuine and down to earth and should never be underestimated. Underneath the rock band mysteria is level headed business men who know the impact of their music on todays scene could be tremendous.