Lower Life Form

Lower Life Form

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Live Hip Hop with all the fixins.


PhD and Ish started this band with some beats and soundforge. An EP turned into an LP "The Low Life" and that was that. Brew and COS joined the group and "Time Cards" was born. The foursome came to the conclusion that they had more to offer. Insert Eggy on the drums, Drew on the keys, Jon on trumpet, Cory on the sax and bass happened. They got into the studio with Andre Moran at the Congress House studios in Austin, Tx and after session after session "The Low Live" was given to the public. Here they are for your enjoyment after multiple SXSW performances and annual Houston Press Awards Nominations. Take it easy. Don't enjoy it all in one place.


The Low Life LP - Digital Distribution through Catapult.

Time Cards LP - Digital Distribution through Catapult Distribution.

The Low Live LP - Digital Distribution through Catapult Distribution

Set List

45 minutes
Instrumental Intro
Pump Yo Brakes
Get Live
Story of My Life
Hot Shit
Run Go Get It
Let's Go
Instrumental Outro