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"We enjoyed "Piece of Mind""

We enjoyed "Piece of Mind".
The driving beat is refreshing and the uptempo toward the end drives this song to its conclusion. Teh rock beat is well performed, although the band may consider a decrease of volume on the drum track to allow the other instrumentation significance within the music.
The vocals are well done without being screamed (a consistent problem within the rock genre).
The instrumentation is tight. This is a well-written, well-performed song enhanced by strong vocals. Our only suggestion would be the decrease of volume on the drum track in the first 1/2 of the song. Overall, Good Job. - D and M Music

"Album Review (We Need To Talk)"

Lowlander- We Need To Talk
Brimstone Records (www.brimstonerecords.com)Released December 2007

Review by Bryce Gregory

At first look, this band seems like your everyday struggling rock group. I can picture them playing the dive bars and being underappreciated by the crowd [that does not really get the depth of talent the band offers]. In truth, they are a seamless bunch of musicians that feed off of one another to create a sound that is very difficult to pinpoint throughout the entire album. In fact, the sound tends to range from track to track, but in all there is a creative musical co-existence that is attributed to the band members’ relationships with each other, as opposed to a strategic songwriting plan.

Lowlander first came on the scene in March of 2007, when online sites recognized their single Devastated with mild [very mild] fanfare. But since that time they have grown immensely in musicianship and fan support. They recently have been signed to Brimstone Records, LLC and inked a few endorsement deals along the way. In addition, the band has toured the east coast consistently since the fall. So, in less than a year, they have achieved what very few bands are able to do in a lifetime.

The band consists of Jim Courtney on drums and [get this] lead vocals, with Sean Boynes on rhythm and bass guitar, while his brother Kris, provides lead guitar. According to the band’s website they have brought on a full time bass player (Tim Mrock) to free Sean up for more vocal arrangements.

The album itself proves an interesting first step into the music machine for a young band. Developing a genuine, original sound that blends their influences (The Ramones, Dinosaur Jr., Tom Petty, Green Day, and Weezer); Lowlander is able to actually do their own thing rather than sound like somebody else [A true rarity].

Unfortunately, the overall production of the album is questionable. It’s not the worst production I ever heard… It’s not like it was recorded in a damp basement somewhere, but one does expect a little bit more from a studio recording and an assigned producer. This is truly unfortunate because I feel this is a quality band that would have seen immediate success with its album. However, critics, music promoters, and radio programmers are going to find it difficult to look past production and actually hear the music.

Nevertheless, if they do listen, they will find quality rock music that is headlined by the unforgettable single Piece of Mind. A true track of musicianship that features the best production on the album, mixed with the best songwriting. The band describes this song as pure acoustic balladry, and I agree. It presents a different vibe than what’s out there today, and the lyrics are written in a way that anyone listening is going to feel a strong relationship to the singer. The blended use of the acoustic guitar, a distinctive bass line, and solid drum tracking allows this song to breathe its own life. Piece of Mind is a true masterpiece that makes this compilation a significant contribution to the music world.

Overall, the album features some great tunes with Dilemma, Devastated, and Twenty Something being true benchmarks to the band’s sound. However, I will admit it is not all peaches and cream. There exist a few tracks that just do not belong, and are seemingly put there to fill the time. The tracks Run and Hide and Mess just do not fit. I would have preferred to hear more congruent songs that fit into the structure of what I imagine this band to be (i.e. Piece of Mind and Dilemma). In truth, I enjoyed the album but feel I got cheated out of two songs. Maybe, I am just being a bit picky though, considering this is the band’s freshman album.

Overall, I would highly recommend this album for the simple truth that this band is going to make it through the music machine. Who doesn’t want to be able to say I was listening to this band before anyone knew who they were? And trust me; this band is going to be successful in this business. They will continue to grow and move up the ladder as time passes by.

Recommendation – Get It

- The Underground Music Celler (undergroundmusiccellar.com)

"Budweiser Album Review Series"

So, punk ISN'T dead
This is the Ramones with lead guitar guitar riffs. Although maybe not as catchy as The Ramones vintage sound, it does it's job bloody well. The vocals, guitar and simple bass really suit the band and easily put it into its own unique genre. It may not be anything complete new, but I get the impression it's not trying to be... it's a truly unique spin on good ole rock n roll.

Reviewed by: SonicSpin from Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom - Budweiser Review Series - by SonicSpin


Relate - LP
Telegraphic - LP
We Need To Talk - Debut LP
Bootleg - EP



A rock n roll band from Pittsburgh, Lowlander emerged onto the scene when their single, “Piece of Mind”, received notice from mainstream radio and music critics. Their songs run the gamut from all out rock to J Mascis style melodica to bruised acoustic balladry. Despite the convergence of styles and flavors, Lowlander exhibit a cohesive brand of 21st century rock indebted as much to the youthful aggression of The Ramones & The Stooges as it is to, one imagines, the four members Scottish heritage. Jim Courtney plays drums and provides vocals for the group, an odd pairing but nonetheless unique. He sounds like Paul Westerberg if he cut down on his smoking and at times provides heartfelt and endearing musings on everyday life struggles and relationships gone awry. He is joined by his brother, Jerry Courtney, on bass and vocals, as well as the additional brother duo of Kris Boynes on lead guitar & Sean Boynes, who provides guitar and vocals to the proceedings. The energy is palpable in each song as this dynamic four-piece celebrate rock music and illustrate a chemistry that is inherent in a band composed of brothers. Lowlander is currently signed to Deka Records and is ecstatic to announce their upcoming August release, Relate. This is the band’s follow-up album to their first international release & second album, Telegraphic.