Low Line Caller

Low Line Caller


As a constantly evolving band, from instrumental to pop vocal, we've developed a sound unique to ourselves. With a new sound always on the verge, its hard to predict where we'll go next (since we don't even know!)


We're a five piece expirimental pop group from Austin, Texas! We take from a wide range of influences, including indie rock, punk, ambient, electronica, and pop and combine them all into our own unique sound. Our music is both driving and contemplative, rhythmic and static, with equal focus on pop sentimentalilty and ambient introspection. We've recently added vocals to our mix to be featured on our forthcoming 2008 release!


Continuing Cities EP, released Jan. 2006.
Hi Def Soft Core ( Coming 2008 )

National College Radio Airplay
KEXP (Seattle)

Set List

Its Like I Think (We're About To Leave)*
Before This Thing Crashes*
Cellular Phonography
Over The Counter Kids
A Thief In Your Garden
Haunted Hay Ride
Anderson Junction
Stop and Go
Ba Na Na Na

*Asterisk Indicates an Instrumental
Our sets are typically 45 minutes long.