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Low Lustre

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"woxy.com unsigned"

Chosen for WOXY.com Unsigned Vol. 12 - woxy.com

"High on Low Lustre"

"Its opening cut, "Too Far to Go," sounds like a dramatic opener by some life-wearied veteran indie-rock band recording in a hi-fi studio. By the third track, "Dancing Blind," with its frazzled guitar part and frontman Nate Borgen's high-flying vocals, I wondered why I'm traveling 1,200 miles next week to try to find hot new bands to rave about.[at SXSW]" - Star Tribune

"EP review"

“From the guitar-as-metronome intro to the sweeping falsetto chorus, "Too Far to Go" works in the most accessible shades of Spoon. Dancing Blind…sneaks in on a quiet church organ chord before unveiling its sure-fire stuck-in-your-head melody on parallel guitar and vocals. Low Lustre are a young band with plenty of potential” - City Pages

"EP review"

“They sound like early, "I Will Follow"-era U2, that grandstanding semi-punk band that came out of nowhere. They've got the melodrama, but they've also got the melody and passion to pull it off fantastically.” - music.for-robots.com

"Low Lustre"

"'Dancing Blind' opens with a guitar riff that reels you in as sweet raspy vocals take you away to the land of aural goodness. Listen to it. Love it." - earfarm.blogspot.com

"EP review"

“’Too Far to Go’ is a mezmerizing leadoff track that creeps in, eventually soars - and it’s only skyward from there” - Rift Magazine

"Calender Event - CD release show"

“The Minneapolis trio’s new self-titled six-song EP…combines a rootsy approach reminiscent of Wilco or, more locally, Ol’ Yeller, with the occasional shimmery guitar riff that you’d expect from an album by The Church or My Bloody Valentine.” - The Onion

"Too Far to Go description"

“It’s good, it makes me happy” - Ted Leibowitz, Bagel Radio, San Fransisco

"Low Lustre"

"Crazy, mesmerizing, rough-and-tumble indie rock. Might sound to you like a strange combination, but Low Lustre has perfected it. The guitars are loud, the vocals are rough - but the music is good. Really good." - cpmu.blogspot.com


EP (2006)
-Dancing Blind, Vampire, Miss Me featured on various radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Conventions in the music scene of today often attempt to categorize and label bands and their music, at times seeking either the trend-friendly or hopelessly unique, inspiring the bands that follow to focus less on music and sound, and more on the fluff, the sheen and gloss, of image and labels. Minneapolis-based Low Lustre, set to release their EP in early March, grind against these tendencies to produce a music only true to itself, blending the rich cigarette-stained vocals of frontman Nate Borgen with modern guitar, bass and drums inspired from late 90’s British and American rock. They have played shows together for almost 7 years, at times under different names, in various Midwest venues. Nate Borgen, with bassist Matt Lein and drummer Mark Rode, present a straightforward, unpretentious sound that is refreshing in a bogged-down scene.