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Lowly Knights

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom

Belfast, N Ireland, United Kingdom
Band Alternative Folk


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"Live @ Stiff Kitten Belfast Nov 08"

In killer heels, I was determined not to miss the sensory feast that is The Lowly Knights. Twelve beautiful people: chiseled, disheveled men in tight waistcoats, ethereal women with lace gloves and pearls; killing a set that can be enjoyed on so many levels.

Their music is raw, vulnerable and at times, truly arresting. It’s obvious why ‘Devotion’ was recently ranked 22nd in AU’s most important Northern Irish songs, with its pulsating rhythm, transcendent backing vocals and hedonistic, beer swilling, sing along quality.

There are moments of brilliance when they tap into their enormous potential, the lead vocals sore and the choir unite with the intensity of a heavenly throng. The orchestra storms throughout: vast musical talent, showmanship in abundance. Their experience in playing with other bands is tangible, their confidence and charisma carry a lot of what is happening on stage.

The choir are more reticent in performance, the lead vocalists unassuming. This is endearing and inherent to their Northern Irish charm, but The Lowly Knights need to nurture an alter-ego to lead their merry band of revelers in a cacophony of musical brilliance and seize an audience’s imagination.

The raw materials are there, songs, talent and unnatural good looks. Last night’s gig was a early chapter of what will be undoubtedly be a long tale of musical gallantry. Knights, raise your swords and charge!

- www.amuze.me

"Rifles EP Launch Sept 08"

We're in McHughs basement for the launch of 'The Rifles EP' from the Lowly Knights, a twelve strong ensemble who boast an interesting array of noise makers including a choir, cello, and double bass. There is a feeling in the room that we are about to witness something a bit different, a crop of new song writers are emerging, confidently tackling the less travelled road in Northern Irish popular music, a road where pioneers like Duke Special and the Amazing Pilots successfully beat a trail for them.

Then, as if on cue, Mr Hobo-Chic himself enters the room, and the atmosphere reaches an unquenchable buzz as he approaches the stage to bring to life the familiar plink of the piano. "The Lowly Knights are coming", sings Peter Wilson, "riding stars across the sky/The Lowly Knights are coming in the blinking of an eye". It's a wonderful compliment and the perfect way to start the show.

To have such a highly acclaimed songwriter such as Duke Special launch your set may worry some bands, after all he could, quite unintentionally steal the show. But not the Lowly Knights, they take their positions and reaffirm that tonight is about 'The Rifles EP' and more.

Squeezed into a tiny space, they are literally tripping over each other. Physically they resemble an Amish community, only appearing much cooler, with the boys in finer cut waistcoats, and the girls in tighter skirts. And although they wouldn't be considered a Christian band, there is an underlying reference to their faith in the music. They proceed to let the songs come alive, one by one from the hand clapping, choir-backed 'Devotion' fit to walk hand in hand with Arcade Fire, to the beautiful chug along country bluegrass groove of 'Baby, Don't Leave Me'.

To the delight of many they decide to extend their set by reliving their reinvention of 'Drain You' by Nirvana, an utterly unique take on a song from a completely different style. It is a perfectly enjoyable, screwed up mash and clash of the song, and we love it. Finally they leave us with a couple of older tracks, most notably 'Miracle' a wonderful stomper that should never no matter what else they produce, be confined to the archives of past EPs.

The Knights are young, with hopefully, a long time ahead of them to bring out that something you simply cannot put your finger on. But be in no doubt that they are coming, and judging by the turn out tonight they have already arrived for many of us. - BBC

"Live in Belfast February 09"

With the arrival of fresh white daisies fastened to mics, affixed to the tops of instruments and stuck into peoples hair, it was time for the much anticipated Lowly Knights to come onto the stage - all twelve of them. A newly penned song was first introduced by Neil Mullan, who sang an understated melody accompanied by the cellist, before the full band kicked off with 'Baby, Don't Leave Me'. The radiating choral singers and the excitable fans made for a really uplifting atmosphere; the effect this band seems to have wherever they play. Delivering hook after hook in 'Devotion', 'Hold On, Rebel!' and 'Disappointment', you could see everyone in the crowd singing along, and that even the professional photographers were mouthing the words. Songs were built up in layers with unified clapping rhythms, clarinet sounds from the choir and lead singer Steven Caswell playing the mandolin, not to mention the two percussionists with their maracas and tambourine. 'You Can't Help Who You Love', for me, was the epitome of what this band represents right now; an upbeat collective that beams sunshine in whether you like it or not. Luckily for me I didn't just like it - I loved it.

"NI Band Lowly Knights hit the big time"

Just a year after recording their first song in a cramped living room, a Northern Ireland band is to share the stage with one of the biggest acts in the world.

The meteoric rise of the Lowly Knights has been confirmed with Snow Patrol`s announcement that the 12-strong folk/rock outfit will be supporting them on their forthcoming tour.

Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, who has admitted "falling in love" with their distinctive sound, has asked the Belfast-based group to join them when they play at the Odyssey arena in March and on a number of dates in England.

It is the latest chapter in the unlikely story of 12 friends who only formed a group with the intention of playing a one-off charity concert.

Singer songwriter Stephen Caswell said he was still struggling to take it all in.

"In my wildest dreams I hoped something like this might happen when we knew Gary liked us and had come to a few of our gigs, but I never actually thought it would happen," said the 28-year-old.

It`s a great opportunity for us and is going to open even more doors. I can still hardly believe it.

"The amazing thing for us is just how quickly it`s all happened. At the start we were all about small adventures, we didn`t want to get carried away. So first it was `let`s make a record` then `let`s try and get at gig at the Empire (in Belfast)`.

All of those happened really quickly and now we find ourselves playing at the Odyssey with one of the world`s biggest bands."

Stephen, originally from Enniskillen, went to university in Aberdeen with fellow Lowly Knights frontman Neil Mullan.

However it was only when the pair moved back to Northern Ireland that they started to play together.

"Neil and I were asked to get together to do a charity gig a few years ago and we decided to invite a bunch of friends to make it a big affair.

It was supposed to be a one-off but we had a blast that night and have just been going ever since. Apart from changing a drummer it`s pretty much been the same 12 all the way through.

We had to wing it quite a lot at the start and practised in our house.

That`s where we recorded our EP. We got all the stuff in and just went for it for a weekend and blasted it all out."

The Lowly Knights will be supporting Snow Patrol at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast on Thursday March 19. For more information on the band go to www.myspace.com/lowlyknights


The Rifles EP (released September 2008,
The Hollow EP (released Feb 2010)
available on itunes and via myspace, www.myspace.com/lowlyknights



The Lowly Knights are not your average folk rock outfit. The six-piece, championing a truly unique sound, which manages to combine the grand-voiced exuberance of the Arcade Fire, Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens with a genuine shipyard sensibility, have more than earned their place in Belfast’s strong tradition of literate, folk pop. Insightful lyrics tackling faith, hope, love and the gut-wrenching doubts which bind them all together, are coupled with gorgeous harmonies, soaring strings and the kind of melodies that keep you humming for weeks. Last year’s “Rifles EP.” (available on i-tunes and MySpace,) has already sold out and gone to reprint, proving not only The Lowly Knights’ ongoing popularity, both in Northern Ireland and beyond, but also the band’s almost meteoric rise from part-time performers to darlings of the Belfast music scene.

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Knights started with lowly aspirations. A one-off performance at a charity event back in 2006 led to other hometown gigs, packed out venues, songs on the roof of a Belfast shopping mall, glowing reviews in the local press and a pre-Christmas show in the Stiff Kitten, where the Knights were the first local, unsigned band to sell out the 500 capacity venue. Over the last year, the knights have been privileged to share the stage with Snow Patrol, Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, Divine Comedy, Duke Special, Iain Archer, Foy Vance, and Frightened Rabbit among others.

The Lowly Knights’ energetic performances and unique songwriting style have earned them fans all over the world. Live sessions on BBC Radio Ulster and regular airplay on BBC Radio One, Cool FM and several other stations, alongside glowing reviews in Hot Press, The Irish Times, The Irish News, The Newsletter and Alternative Ulster, who voted “Devotion” one of their top 50 songs of the last 5 years, have thrust The Lowly Knights into the public eye.
Having spent summer 09 at festivals across Ireland and recording their second EP, the Knights are planning a February 22 release on We Collect Records with promotional UK and Ireland tours to coincide.

“Astonishing… A… band from Belfast as big and beautiful as all outdoors who make spiritual and life-affirming music. You Can Tell A Man By How He Lifts His Hands is one of my songs of the year”
Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol)

“I first heard The Lowly Knights singing in a friend's garden and was immediately drawn to their infectious anthems for ordinary people. Imagine 12 European immigrants landing in the Americas in the early 1900s with a satchel full of songs and a bittersweet manifesto full of equal measures hope and doubt. The Lowly Knights are coming!”
Duke Special

“…absolutely breathtaking.”
BBC Live Review