Lowly, The Tree Ghost
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Lowly, The Tree Ghost

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Folk Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Phosphorescent/Lowly, The Tree Ghost/Herzog (Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland OH 8/7/10)"

Ever since they sent me their double-EP booklet a few weeks ago, their songs have been running around my head. Lowly definitely proved their talent through their lively and warm tracks, above all in their quick country tune “Jeremy Fisher.” The trump factor for them is definitely their violinist Laura Simna, she stood out like a shining star within the pretty folk tunes. - The Noise Is

"Lowly, The Tree Ghost // Cabin"

I bring to you today Cleveland natives, Lowly, the Tree Ghost. A group of friends who refer to themselves as an orchestra instead of a band. You can tell by the first single from their new record, ‘Listen to the Yea-sayer’s, Vol. I: Cabin’, that they take great thought in how each instrument will work with each other. - Head Nodz!

"Lowly, The Tree Ghost – Apparitions/Whatever Goes, Let It Go!"

Lowly, The Tree Ghost are an indie-folk/country band from right here in Cleveland, OH. They got in contact with me and sent me out a copy of their two EPs, Apparations and Whatever Goes, Let It Go! I was expected just a unmarked blank CD, but in the case of Lowly, they sent me out a 20-page booklet with the lyrics of each song and pictures accompany each EP. Pretty unique experience listening to the tracks and reading through the booklet. Their sound is very complimentary of some folk bands from the Dead Oceans family, like Bowerbirds, Akron/Family, and Phosphorescent. Both EPs praise a delicate and warm tone, like drinking some hot cocoa in your mildly cold house in winter wearing your favorite sweatshirt. The first EP, Apparitions, plays a retro-country tone within songs like “Jeremy Fisher” and the pretty EP-ender “Freedom Mountain”. Whatever Goes, Let It Go! has Lowly sporting a much fuller and inviting sound, and check out the revamp Neil Young-like “Laughing Apple”. Speaking of Phosphorescent, Lowly, The Tree Ghost will be opening for them at the Grog Shop in August. All of that looked perfect until Phosphorescent’s van got stolen in New York, along with most of their equipment. The current news is that the Matthew Houck and his band will be trekking on through the rest of their dates, so you best be at the Grog on August 7th! - The Noise Is


Still working on that hot first release.



Lowly, The Tree Ghost is a band of hopefuls, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An element of something much bigger than itself, like a branch distinct among branches in every which way it could be. Stretching forth its limbs for the chance to reach a hopeful ear, they are the leaf that falls on the dew covered ground striking the unstruck sounds.

An orchestra where everyone is valued as a conductor, and everyone is valued as a troubadour

Influences consist of (but not limited to): The Beatles, Bob Dylan, CSN&Y, Beach Boys, Fleet Foxes, ELO, Bon Iver, Carly Simon, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, the beauty that dwells in everything and You (our friends/fans)