Low Man's Joe

Low Man's Joe

 Houston, Texas, USA

Low Man's Joe has a sturdy rock sound that’s a throwback to the days before adjectives like “alt” and “indie.” - The Houston Chronicle


“This is the place where I stand as just a face in the crowd, the whispers that are buried inside are wanting to scream out loud. Feeling a different kind of fire burning in these eyes, taking a stand against the waves and the rise of the tides.” – Where I Stand

Education and experience. Passion and commitment. Discipline and charisma. Method and music.

Low Man’s Joe is a band of seemingly opposing dynamics, a study in rock & roll contrasts.

Singer Bret Gyrich found inspiration in the mountains of Olongapo City in the Philippines. Drummer John Feldmann – affectionately dubbed “the Godfather” – brings a wealth of knowledge amassed at Berklee College of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, where he earned a Master of Music in jazz performance. Bassist Jason Beard brings the chops and driving bass lines that come from years of experience playing in Houston metal bands, and guitarist Jason Joachim effortlessly constructs his guitar leads with the sensitivity of a veteran stage performer.

Low Man’s Joe is a diverse mix, but together, they put a new spin on the evolution of rock & roll. It’s a journey that hits familiar grooves – dig the echoes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bon Jovi – yet still mines exciting new sounds.

A strong sense of unity is on display throughout Where I Stand, LMJ’s debut release. It’s a relentlessly catchy listen, from the searing guitar intro of “My World” to the guttural wail of “Temptation” and the hushed brilliance of hidden track “Now or Never.” The lyrics reveal restless, relatable souls – flawed humans searching for acceptance, for redemption, for connection in a harsh world.

Where I Stand has been released to critical acclaim and has generated excitement among fans. The full-length album is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, Amazon, Napster and at record shops throughout the Houston area.

“Bret has the style and confidence of a rock star and the pipes to go with it,” says Jeffery Armstreet, owner/producer at Red Tree Recording Studio, where the band recorded the bulk of the disc. “And John is a rock and a one-take wonder behind the drums.”

But rest assured LMJ is not just a studio band. The band’s roof-raising live shows have earned them a solid following, from riot grrrls and frat boys to soccer moms and old-school rockers. It’s an equal-opportunity sound.

LMJ has left its mark on the Houston music scene with first-place wins in both the House of Blues Battle of the Bands and the VH1 Battle of the Bands, and Where I Stand being named on the Houston Chronicle’s “Top Houston Discs of 2009” list. This was followed by opening slots for such bands as L.A. Guns and King’s X, four sets at the Rock the Bayou festival, performing at the Monster Jam event at Reliant Stadium and being a featured band for the Discovery Green Concert Series.

As for the blue-collar moniker, Gyrich came up with it in high school, inspired by Metallica’s mournful 1997 tune “Low Man’s Lyric.” It was several years before he met his LMJ band mates – but it spotlights the essential LMJ qualities: determination, ambition, perseverance and a true rock spirit.

“Metallica wrote (that song) when I felt that a lot of their members had basically hit rock bottom. It was their turning point. The whole ‘Joe’ thing, I think, is we’re all just average guys who are united in doing something that we feel collectively is better for all of us. We’re all trying to go to the same place.”


I'm Alive

Written By: Low Man's Joe

I was standing alone at the station, praying for the train to arrive.
Stepping out of this world of illusion, and take another roll on the dice.
Down the road heaven’s calling, from somewhere beyond the city lines.
Got a one-way ticket back to salvation, leave my troubles and my demons behind.

Oh, oh, I see my silver clouds are turning grey.
Oh, oh, there’s got to be a better way.
Oh, oh, ain’t nothing like it was before.
Still there’s something worth fighting for.

Hey, hey, hey, I’ve seen the light of day, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.
Hey, hey, hey, ain’t gonna fade away, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.
(I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.)

I was walking alone on the roadside, feeling the sun on my face.
How many times did I think it was over? I’m amazed to find myself in this place.
I’ve cried at night thinking I was a goner, feeling the sandy grit in my teeth.
Standing alone with my brothers, staring into the eyes of the beast.

Hey, hey, hey, I feel the change is coming.
Hey, hey, hey, I see the train is coming.

No Heroes

Written By: Low Man's Joe

You’re shaking looking over your shoulder, baby it’s a jungle out there.
Ain’t no luck in a four-leaf clover, you make it or you break it down here.
Daddy’s working down at the factory, round the corner of New Orleans drive.
Says, “Hey Son, now playtime’s over, time to be alive and try to survive.”

There ain’t no heroes, ain’t no heroes here.

Momma’s working down at the diner, says, “I’ve worn a hole in the soles of these shoes.”
After romancing the devil on the avenue, I hear my momma singing the blues.

There ain’t no heroes, ain’t no heroes here.

Where I Stand

Written By: Low Man's Joe

This is the place where I stand beneath the sun and the moon, feeling like these days have arrived a hundred years too soon.
Walking on this one-way street from cradle to grave, surviving in a world that was made for the strong and the brave.

This is the place where I stand as just a face in the crowd, the whispers that are buried inside are wanting to scream out loud.
Feeling a different kind of fire burning in these eyes, taking a stand against the waves and the rise of the tides.

We’re living and dying with our face in the sand.
Hey Mother, Father, won’t you lend out a hand?
Still holding on though there’s nothing left to hold on to.

Been shattered and bruised, I’ve been broken-hearted.
Ain’t running away from the fires I’ve started.
I was afraid, I won’t be afraid no more.

My World

Written By: Low Man's Joe

I’m living in this city, burning underneath the stars.
There are tears in the eyes of the men and women, beneath their skin’s a broken heart.
They send a prayer to God and all His angels, and wonder if they even hear all the crying and bleeding of their hearts.
Hey what happened to the promise, didn’t you say you’ll be coming back again?

In my world, there ain’t anything left,
In my world, does anybody still dream,
In my world, it’s getting hard to believe,
In my world, when you step inside, you ain’t getting out alive,
In my world.

Underneath a streetlight, in a dead-end broken part of town.
Where love is sold in every corner, and the rain keeps falling down.
A mother screams as she reaches for the heavens, with a baby wrapped up in her arms.
She says the rain’s been pouring kinda hard tonight, and it feels like it’s been going on forever. Will we see the light again?

I’m sinking fast, can barely breathe, can’t find a reason to believe.
Screaming, crying without a sound, my walls are crumbling all around.
Reaching for a helping hand, to raise me up and help me stand.
Let me choose, let me try, let me live, let me fly.

Trouble Child

Written By: Low Man's Joe

Trouble child on a lonely street, where’s the wind taking you now?
Through the fields of fire, of leaves and stone, gotta make it home somehow.
Sixteen years living in this world, and you say you’ve seen it all.
But the truth will come, with the rising sun, it’ll shake and rattle your walls.

Trouble child in the cold dark night, amongst kings and vagabonds.
Though the smiles don’t fade, in this masquerade, out here you stand alone.
And you hear the devil calling out your name, temptations running strong.
Seventeen and caught in between two worlds of right and wrong.

Oh trouble child, I see you cower, under orphan stars in a desperate hour.
You say a prayer when you need it most, to the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.
We rise and fall, we laugh and cry, we live and learn, we live and die.
Still the world outside awaits us all, so trouble child, just heed the call.

You don’t need to stand alone, you can mend a heart of stone, you’ve got to find your own way home.


Debut CD "Where I Stand" available now on iTunes, cdbaby and more!

Set List

We tailor our set to the allotted time slot with a selection of songs from the following list:


1. My World
2. I'm Alive
3. Where I Stand
4. No Heroes
5. Temptation
6. Trouble Child
7. Third Stone
8. Crazy Carnival
9. Mr. Primetime
10. Hollywood
11. Broken Down
12. Janie She Sings
13. Maria's Bed
14. Cabaret
15. Neon Avenue
16. Twilight Zone
17. Like Thunder
18. Dance With Danger


1. Radio Saved My Life Tonight (Bon Jovi)
2. She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)
3. Open Your Eyes (Alter Bridge)
4. Long Way Down (Goo Goo Dolls)
5. Dammit (Blink 182)