Lowood is aerial and athmospheric pop music surrounding a dark soul. Mazzy Star, Red House Painters & Low-fans will be happy with this new, updated sound to their beloved melancholic hard pop.


Lowood’s soundscapes are sometimes desolate and sparce, sometimes as impalpable and intangible as air, but occasionally burst with the force of conviction that resembles the electric legacy of pop’s eternals. Part Joy Division, part Red House Painters, part Low, part Stina Nordenstam, ‘Close To Violence’ is obviously a work by lovers of music of intense emotional charge. But Lowood’s musical language is in the true sense of the word their own. Therese Johanssons personal songwriting, sense of melody and unparalleled voice appears to have been made for the sort of introspective pop music and expression that has become a necessity in her life. Therese and Kicki effortlessly complete each other, and with Therese’s crisp guitar adorned by Kicki’s lush keyboard melodies, this album is a masterwork of ethereal but jagged beauty.

While having a base in unadulterated, vaporous pop music, Lowood travels effortlessly between genres and sometimes keeps unorthodox company – especially on the live circuit. During the last two years, Therese and Kicki have played a plethora of solo gigs in every different kind of venue you can think of, from café’s to rock clubs to huge festivals. Lowood masters Bruce Springsteen celebratory concerts just as easy as the live company of such different acts as Tiger Lou, Asha Ali, Kristofer Åström and even the post-metal juggernaut of Cult Of Luna, which brought Lowood along for a European tour in 2008. It seems everyone, despite mundane genre limitations, is inspired by Lowood’s nerve.


Crash - digital single ou Jan 2008 (airplay on Swedish National Radio)
Close to violence - album , out March 2008 in Scandinavia

Set List

Set of 40-50 minutes max
Set list:
Flickering Light
It's a mess
Parts of Red
Close to violence
In the end
Walking Dead

covers; Division of Laura Lee, Springsteen, badn of Horses