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2009-Talk Of The Block



Born on Dec,23 1989 in Toronto Ontario, Shaun Mohammed also known as Vibes began his career in music as a fan. Throughout his child hood years Vibes was always in love with hip-hop listening to such artist as Tupac and groups like The Wu-Tang Clan, it wasn’t until his elementary years where in grade 5 he began playing and would excel at the Alto Saxaphone. At this point Vibes would often watch his older sister who was an M.C in her time freestyle with other artist in their neighbourhood and even in there own basement at home. It was at that moment he realized he wanted to express himself through music and began writing rhymes. In grade nine 2003 Vibes joined the Runnymede band and it was there he met group member Jae-Fresh. They quickly became friends through their passion for music and began creating music of their own. Without the access of a million dollar studio they would have to settle for a regular computer, a ten dollar mic from Wal-Mart and Reason 1.0. In grade ten they officially started the group and L.P was born. Since the formation of the group the Low Pros have performed at numerous events and location not only in Toronto but also have begun expanding to Ottawa. The equipment has been upgraded and studio’s have turned into second homes. Vibes is still a fan of hip-hop and along with Jae-Fresh have begun to broaden there talents by mixing there style of hip-hop with other genres of music such as House, Rock, Electro and Jazz. Vibes has always and forever will be in love with hip-hop and as long as co-member Jae-Fresh continues to inspire him with world class production the group will always be able to rock the crowds and touch the souls of their listeners.