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Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Low Roar - "Vampire On My Fridge" (Premiere)"

Low Roar’s crowdfunded sophomore album 0 is set to be released in the coming weeks. The principal member behind the Low Roar name is one Ryan Karazija, who a few years ago moved to the ethereal environs of Reykjavik, Iceland, a place that clearly influences his music. “Vampire on My Fridge” has string arrangements that would make Sigur Rós proud. Add in a hypnotic, clanging percussion, and Karazija’s lilting tenor and you’ve got an enticing teaser to Low Roar’s latest creation.

Though it’s easy to tell a lot of complex layering went into the track, one source of the song’s inspiration is simple—and adorable. Karazija says of “Vampire on My Fridge”, “This song was named after a beautiful picture on my fridge by a six-year-old boy”. - Pop Matters

"Low Roar – I’ll Keep Coming (FRENCH)"

Des crépitations douces qui retournent les sens d’entrée de jeux, provoquant un sentiment spatial sous-tendu par une tension entêtante, voici Low Roar avec I’ll Keep Coming.
Un souffle magnétique caché dans le chant, diffusé sur des mélodies touchées par une grâce fragile, empreintes d’une saveur irréelle aux beats minimalistes, Low Roar emporte délicieusement.

Low Roar, originaire de San Francisco gravite dans des sphères islandaises, amenant cette profondeur et une essence existentialiste réduite aux émotions fortes, bordée d’harmonies subtilement envoûtantes.
Logi Guðmundsson, Leifur Björnsson, Andrew Scheps et Ryan Karazija multiplient les passerelles mélancoliques, mixant les sentiments à des notes sombres, éclairées d’une lumière tenue. - Pause Musicale

"LOW ROAR: I’ll Keep Coming [New Music]"

How many of you have heard of an Icelandic artist called LOW ROAR?

Until today I never knew he existed, but after playing his latest track a few times over, I’m so glad I have – he’s like an Icelandic version of Grizzly Bear.

Ryan Karazija is the man behind the project and ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ is the first track to fall from the second full-length album Karazija has set for release in July, titled 0. - Acid Stag

"Our TOP 5 Picks of the Week (Weekly mailer inclusion)"

Hear Icelandic artist, LOW ROAR's mellow electronica - it's icy cool. - Something You Said


What happens when you send a musician from San Francisco to Iceland? Well, in this case, you get LOW ROAR, an upcoming band that serves essentially as the brainchild of leading vocalist, Ryan Karazija. With no lack of experience (musical or not), Karazija is ready to demonstrate his full potential, which he give us a taste of in LOW ROAR new single, “I’ll Keep Coming”.

The band’s name, we should point out, perfectly suits their sound; waves of low bass roar with vigor beneath Karazija’s chilling croon and a loop of unique percussion. And as the song progresses, a set of deep synths and some massive percussion roll in, each contributing to the growing roar. However, the song spontaneously transforms into a more complex piece with touches of violin, plenty of guitar, and far more percussion to boot. LOW ROAR’s second album is to be released on July 8th, and we definitely hope that it contains more songs of this particular single’s caliber. - hillydilly

"What's so good?"

By Brontë Martin | Apr 08, 2014

Today, Icelandic outfit Low Roar is premiering their latest single on Indie Shuffle. Fronted by vocalist Ryan Karazija, the foursome consisting of Logi Guðmundsson, Leifur Björnsson, and Andrew Scheps unveil "I'll Keep Coming," a track that is sonically as spacious as the terrain in which it was birthed.

Slow-building, "I'll Keep Coming" takes it time to build, climax, and fall. Its enveloping darkness is emphasized through humming synth, experimental percussion, and echoed vocals. Distortion seems to fill the air throughout the entire piece, adding to the contrast between the track's electronic bedrock and its traces of folk.

"I'll Keep Coming" hails off of Low Roar's forthcoming album titled 0, which is set to drop sometime in July via Tonequake Records. - Indie Shuffle

"Hot Chip at their most somber and lonely + Thom Yorke + Sigur Rós = Low Roar's "I'll Keep Coming""

This cold, gutting track is featured on Low Roar's upcoming album O, which drops on July 8, 2014. Find out more about the album and get involved in its funding through PledgeMusic. - Zimbio

"LOW ROAR: I’m Leaving [New Single]"

‘I’m Leaving’ is the second single to come from Iceland’s LOW ROAR, another inspiring arrangement of echoing synths, tender percussions and the stunning, softly sung vocals that won my attention on last month’s predecessor, ‘I’ll Keep Coming.’

As I said then, LOW ROAR could be Iceland’s very own version of Grizzly Bear - big call I know, but I’m willing to back it up. - Acid Stag


Previously performing in the pop-rock AUDRYE SESSIONS, 2010 saw Karazija parting ways with both the band and his hometown of California, for the pictureque Reykjavík where his current project, LOW ROAR, was born.

Of course like many other acts that have come to represent the Icelandic music scene (SIGUR ROS, BJORK and more recently ASGEIR just to name a few), LOW ROAR thrived off its whimsical, acoustic-folk vibes much like its other Icelandic musical predecessors has.

It was in his new-found hometown that he recorded the 2011 Low Roar album, which was followed with praise from music blogs globally. Now, Karazija follows his last month’s release ‘I’ll Keep Coming’, with the new single ‘I’m Leaving’.

With each twinkling key and guitar string struck, ‘I’m Leaving’ is equal parts heartbreaking as it is reassuring. Karazija ’s voice drifts and caresses over the whole arrangement with the tune’s ebb and flow of military-esque percussion. With his second album, 0, underway for release on July 8, it can only be anticipated and assumed to be as melancholically beautiful as his current body of work.

Words by Alean Penaflor - Purple Sneakers

"Stream: Low Roar – “I’m Leaving”"

Dreaminess takes new form in Low Roar’s idyllic “I’m Leaving.” In a an orchestra of loosely played strings and sparkling nuances, “I’m Leaving” plays out like a movie dream featuring Kate Hudson reclaiming her role as Penny Lane on a bus going cross country gazing out the window and looking perfect as Will looks on at her and claims “It’s all happening.” Because it is all happening in this track of enamored electronics that rolls in quietly before building to it’s incandescent roar as the icelandic icing on the ambient cake. We are inundated in dreamy electro-pop these days but I promise this one is special.

Listen to “I’m Leaving” below and look for it on Low Roar’s forthcoming album out July 8th (pre-order it here). - Mostly Junk Food

"La bonanza creativa de Low Roar llegará con “0″ (SPANISH)"

Las segundas oportunidades son doradas. Seguro que eso es lo que piensa Ryan Karazija, un joven californiano que en 2002 fundó una banda llamada Audrye Sessions junto a algunos amigos de Oakland. Juntos publicaron un álbum debut, un EP e incluso tocaron en el SXSW de Austin y en el Noise Pop de San Francisco. Desafortunadamente poca fue la gente que siguió la banda, propiciando que la formación se separase de forma definitiva en agosto de 2010. A partir de entonces Ryan decidió dar un giro de 180 grados a su vida. Billete de avión en mano, el músico viajó a Islandia, cuna de nórdicas sensibilidades musicales, para así trazar el bello folk descrito en el álbum debut de su nuevo alter ego en solitario: Low Roar. Por entonces no fueron precisamente pocos los medios que compararon a Ryan Karazija con Conor Oberst, y no les faltaba razón. Hay un fino halo de melancolía que adorna la melodía de las canciones, abrazando su compungido corazón.

Descubrimos hace poco ese álbum y no podemos más que recomendar su escucha. El álbum de 2011 describe paisajes repletos de una densa pero atractiva neblina. El carácter rústico del álbum ha sido aparentemente transformado en 2014 con “0″, un esperanzador segundo álbum que saldrá a la venta el 8 de julio y que cuenta con un abrumador primer adelanto titulado ‘I’m Leaving’. En esta ocasión desciframos el mismo carácter ensoñar de antaño pero con una chispeante electrónica que nos remite un pelo a la disfrutada en el último álbum de Ásgeir.

Si os gusta el tema os animamos a que os hagáis con alguno de los items que se ofrecen en el Pledgemusic oficial de Low Roar. Discos, vinilos firmados, camisetas, posters, test pressings… Hay productos de todo tipo. - Binaural

"Single Serving: Low Roar – I’m Leaving"

Low Roar's "I'm Leaving" is lush and dynamic with glistening strings, humming synths, and swirling melodies. It's an absolute beauty of a song.
Iceland’s been on our mind a lot lately. Primarily because we’ve been spending a lot of time daydreaming of an Iceland getaway. We’re drawn to the country’s beautiful scenery and food, but I’m starting to think the music scene alone might be worth the visit. For example, this latest single from Reykjavík-based Low Roar is stunning. It’s lush and dynamic with glistening strings, humming synths, and swirling melodies. It’s an absolute beauty of a song. If you enjoyed Mutual Benefit’s latest, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this. If you like what you hear, you can show support for the band by preordering the album here. - Turntable Kitchen

"Listen: Low Roar - “I’m Leaving”"

Icelandic act Low Roar release a new single from their forthcoming album, 0, that follows in the beautiful and epic indie rock footsteps of its predecessors.

The band was forged out of bandleader Ryan Karazija’s long-held ambition to live in Iceland. The dissolution of his former band, Audrye Sessions, facilitated a move from California to Reykjavik where, upon recruiting Logi Guðmundsson, Leifur Björnsson and Andrew Scheps, Low Roar was born.

In keeping with both the expansive and dreamy nature of Iceland, latest track, “I’m Leaving”, is full of big emotive qualities. It begins with the chiming of bells shimmering in the air, before giving way to a slow moving pace that gradually builds in intensity with layers of rolling synths and high-pitched, delicate strings. The song is full of the grandiose statements and colourful orchestration of countrymates Sigur Rós. It’s possibly no surprise, then, that the album features musicians from múm and amiina.

0 is available for pre-order via the band’s PledgeMusic page. Catch them live at All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland in Keflavík (10 - 12 July). - The Line of Best Fit


Maybe it’s Iceland’s idyllic and picturesque landscape, but there’s something about the music coming from that country. Just take Sigur Rós’ sound as an example—ethereal, ghostly, and majestic, there’s not much like it out there.

From Reykjavík comes Low Roar, a three-piece band that’s creating music wonderfully evocative music and keeping up that trend. Today, we’re happy to premiere their latest single “I’m Leaving,” an offering that features sparkling production and mesmerizing vocals about changing for the better.

“I’m Leaving” will appear on Low Roar’s forthcoming album, 0, due July 1. Listen to the single below. - Pigeons and Planes


Low Roar (2011)



Bay Area native, Ryan Karazija, has found inspiration in Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s this inspiration that epitomizes the sound of Low Roar, which Pigeons & Planes describes as "wonderfully evocative music" and Acid Stag hails as the "Icelandic version of Grizzly Bear".

After moving to the small Nordic community in 2010, Karazija wrote and recorded Low Roar's debut self-titled album with the help of Grammy winning producer/mixer Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele). After releasing the album in November 2011, Karazija recruited drummer Logi Guðmundsson and the two toured Germany, Poland, Lithuania and a myriad of other European countries, eventually joining the Iceland Airwaves and ATP festival lineups, as well as supporting indie favorite Soko.

Now with Leifur Björnsson on keys, Low Roar is releasing their second album, 0, on July 8, 2014 which features Icelandic darlings Amiina on strings and is co-produced by Andrew Scheps and Mike Lindsay (Tuung).

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