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"The way Lowry manages to wrestle a melody out of all the seemingly disconnected layers of sound is a beautiful mystery that, whether it be serendipity or sheer diligence, makes the songs not merely intriguing but flat out catchy. . . .It's not often, as in "4th of July" that you hear cello and banjo working together but it is that sort of collage of sound and Lowry's dreamy fits of language that make this record not just a solid work of art but such an unadulterated and immediate joy." ROBIN CRACKNELL, AMERICANA UK - Americana UK


Awful Joy is the new album from singer-songwriter Alex Lowry, and its adventuresome sounds tear apart the guy-with-guitar stereotypes as they weave through atmospheric soundscapes, alt-country ballads and psychedelic pop numbers. Hints of Bowie, Zappa and more. Worth a listen. FLAGPOLE MAGAZINE, ATHENS - Flagpole Magazine, Athens


"Alex Lowry's psychedelic neo/anti-folk pop is an offbeat offshoot where the hurdy gurdy man takes us on a twisted magical mystery tour. Hot wired and intense, even in its quieter moments, this is challenging, innovative music that pushes established boundaries with alarming ease." CREATIVE LOAFING, ATLANTA - Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA

"New Jersey"

"Listening to Alexander Lowry’s sedated croon on 'Fourth Of July,' it’s a certain kind of soul that makes itself known. Not fragile, but vulnerable, his voice wavers just a bit in that post-Violent Femmes show of sensitivity. . ." JJ KOCZAN, THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY - Aquarian Weekly

"New York City"

". . .he is creating music that is timeless and groundbreaking. . . .More than just the production. . . the songs themselves come through as a force to be reckoned with", BLOCK MAGAZINE, NYC - Block Magazine, Williamsburg


"One of the true musical gems to come out of the past year. . .Rather than the typical verse/chorus/verse structure many of the tracks from their debut LP "Awful Joy" build slowly and subtly before reaching their cathartic peaks, GHOST MEDIA, CHICAGO - Ghost Media, Chicago


"If you're a fan of melodic, intelligent pop music in any form you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. Awful Joy is a spectacular album, and Alex Lowry's immense talent makes for an amazing show. . . Full of melodious hooks and emotional movement, the record is a testament to how overtly enjoyable pop music can be when it is stripped of self-consciousness and pretension. " DON BARTLETT, CHICAGO INNERVIEW MAGAZINE - Chicago Innerview


"Lowry's ostensibly part of the neo-folk revival over-running the East Village, but this disc is all over the rock time line, from Ziggy-era Bowie to Yoshimi-Lips, with twangy intervals, chamber pop stops and even a prog-rock touch or two along the journey. He is not to be missed." JOHN SCHACT, CREATIVE LOAFING--CHARLOTTE - Creative Loafing

"New York City"

[Awful Joy] outdid my expectations by leaps and bounds... The obvious choice for a single would be 'Juke Box Heart,' with its offbeat lyrics and grand lilting chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. There are too many other standouts to name them all, but suffice it to say that at least half of the album would be capable of winning legions of fans. ...[E]ach song flows seamlessly into the next, creating an album that twists and turns beautifully and takes the listener on a trip to be remembered. So far this gets local release of the year in my book, setting the bar pretty high for what is capable by independent New York musicians. August 2005 - Urban Folk Magazine, NYC


Voted one of the top 5 albums of 2005, Voted one of the top 5 live shows in Chicago in 2005---CHICAGO INNERVIEW MAGAZINE
- Chicago Innerview


The Magazine EPs Volumes 1 & 2, released May 2007
Live in Atlanta (unplugged) released August 2007
Awful Joy, full album released May, 2005
Love is Dead, released August 2008



The band, holding many shapes and forms, evolved originally from experimental Americana music to a certain cinematic form of rock music. The authentic journey down the lyrical pathways that the band explores is guided patiently and with utmost care by the musicians involved. At times introverted and often tense, the music is the direct result of a reflection of the band's experience.