Low Thin Square’s untraditional creativity, and harmonious yet combative sound has founded them a reputation in Seattle as the band that goes against the grain. The band creates a sound which crosses musical boundaries by naturally blending the familiar with the experimental which captivates music fans of all genres while earning the respect of fellow musicians. Known for their intense live shows, there is a unique organic connection between band members on stage that propagates throughout any room and evolves into an extremely powerful connection between the band and the crowd. LowThinSquare’s intensity combined with the depth of their music transfers into an unpredictable live show which grasps the attention of the audience; at times rendering them motionless, and at others, commanding a physical release of energy.
Shortly after the band arrived on the club scene in the Seattle area Low Thin Square quickly moved through the ranks to become one of Seattle’s stand-out progressive heavy bands and are continuing their ascent. The band finished production of their debut album earlier this year which was recorded at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA and thus joined Bear Creek Alumni such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pretty Girls Make Graves and too many others to mention.
Earlier this year with the support of local radio station 99.9 KISW the band independently released its debut album “Seven Two” to rabid fans and rave reviews and copies of the album have been selling rapidly. The album is available at local record stores throughout the Seattle area as well as CDBaby.com. The album has already earned the attention of independent record labels as well as industry professionals. The first release from Low Thin Square accompanied by the band touring in support is destined to be a catalyst that will propel the band to next level.


Seven Two, released in June 2007. Track "3" 99.9 KISW Seattle Wa

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