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Low Volts

San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"And The Winner Is......"

Tim Lowman, aka Low Volts, a one-man-band surprised even himself this year at the San Diego Music Awards when he took home Best Blues Album, Best New Artist, and Best Americana for another band he’s in called Blackout Party.

Dave Good: Now that you've won three SDMAs, and all in the same year, what's next?

Tim Lowman: “I'm so honored to have won those. I didn't plan on starting a one-man-act, nor did I plan on winning any awards, so it's tough to say what's next. I like to create a rough vision for what I want to see happen then let things naturally occur. I can tell you that a lot of touring is on the horizon. I wanna be playing different U.S. and European towns every night, getting tight and finishing new songs on the road. Sounding like a full band but only being one guy makes it easy to support a bigger act on tour. I can fit in their trunk.”

“I’d like to thank all my peers for pressuring me into drugs and alcohol.” This, from your acceptance speech at SDMA. Have any friends pressured you into recovery yet?

Lowman: “I think I'm more addicted to 'shock-value' than anything else! I didn't think I was gonna win anything that night so I didn't have any speeches written or planned. All I remember is Low Volts winning, me leaping off a balcony to accept the award and just thanking anyone I could think of. I'm glad I randomly said the peer pressure line but denial tells me none of it is true."

How long until we hear some new Volts?

Lowman: “I have a ton of new songs for the next record that I'd like to marinate on the road before they're cooked in the studio. It's gonna be a while but I can't wait to make the next record. Really excited to work with Mike Butler again, who co-produced and engineered Twist Shake Grind Break. So, in a nutshell, tour my ass off, make a new record. Repeat. In the meantime, I'm just trying to stay out of trouble.”

You favor old guitars and an ancient kick drum, but how about that amp? Great, meaty sound!

Lowman: “Ahh thanks man. That meaty sound recently became a value meal with the addition of a bass amp on stage. I like to feel the rumble of the music over hearing it and not having a bass player I've just been cranking the bass on my amp. At the last Casbah show I a/b'd a bass combo with a 15" speaker and now I can never go back. I've gone through a bunch of vintage Sears and Fender amps that have their place for certain applications but kept coming back to my trusty 1995 4/10 Blues DeVille. It's had a few mods and tube swaps and I've found it to be the most versatile, reliable, heavy sounding amp that I can carry without wheels. I think most of the 'meat' you are hearing is a blend of that amp and my '61 Silvertone archtop tuned lower than low. If I had the budget and the means to transport it, you'd be hearing a meat-locker's worth of TONE.”

That said, part of your sound is gear, but the other half comes from musicianship, yes?

Lowman: “I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel a good part of the world. I once saw a street musician in Marrakesh playing an Oud he had rigged to a car battery and an old record player speaker. It was the most Hessian, stripped down, dark and nasty tone I've ever heard. I've been to Gypsy pilgrimages in the south of France where people were singing with so much passion I thought I was going to witness a heart attack. I'd have to say my experiences and cultures abroad kind of shape the sound I've created. When I create music, or create anything for that matter, I want it to be timeless. Modern and classic at the same time. Something familiar but something you've never heard before. I don't use any drum machines or looping pedals, so it's real raw and dirty. As a one-man-band, if you crash and burn on stage, you crash and burn hard. That's kind of the beauty of doing what I do. You never know what's gonna happen, and I love every minute of it.”

Where is your biggest fan base located?

Lowman: “Low Volts has only been around about a year, so San Diego is the only place that's had a real dose. That's why touring is really important to me right now. I'm flying back to play some more shows in East Nashville in October during the AMA's. There's a really great scene out there and I can't wait to go back! I eventually want to stash kick drums in every major city, fly in, spend a week with good friends, play some shows, meet new people and slap stickers in the local dive bar bathrooms. Sounds ridiculous and far-fetched but how awesome would that be?”

Sounds like a sustainable business plan. But in the meanwhile, there’s art. Loved your series of bobber posters. How much of your creative life is spent as a graphic artist/designer?

Lowman: “Those posters were commissioned by the owners that built the motorcycles. I've been riding Harleys my entire life so it's a lot of fun to paint portraits of people's bikes for them. I guess I'm equal parts musician and artist. I've always teeter-tottered between the two. I have a - San Diego Reader

"If I Were You"

"Low Volts mastermind Tim Lowman pounds out straightahead beats on a kick drum while plucking colossal blues licks and vintage rock riffs on slide-guitar. In terms of badassery, his new record, Twist Shake Grind Break, easily licks any other local release that came out this year." - Peter Holslin - CityBeat San Diego

"High Powered Low Volts"

“LOW VOLTS is one of MY FAVORITE ADDITIONS TO THE MUSIC SCENE.... he plays FUZZED-OUT GUITAR while STOMPING his kick drum and SHAKING various tambourines he is adorned with. The music is SEXY and sometimes lyrically DARK, with a little bit of country and a little bit of blues to give it a RETRO ROCK & ROLL VIBE.”~ROSEMARY BYSTRAK | NBC San Diego
- NBC News


Debut Record: 'Twist Shake Grind Break' 2011



Framed for murder in the 1930's and sentenced to death by electric chair, Tim Lowman a.k.a "Low Volts", would not exist today if his traveling gospel singer great grandfather had not escaped his electrified fate. A little old lady served as a key witness which resulted in the pardoning of 'Doc Lowman', thus ensuring the musical family tree would grow even stronger. Three musical generations later, three time San Diego Music Award winner, LOW VOLTS is giving the music world a much needed shock to the heart. Often referring to himself as ‘us’ and ‘we’ at live shows, this one-man, dirty-blues-rock n’ roller provides a wild performance like none other. With a gritty old slide-guitar, thunderous kick drum laden with tambourines, and dark, howling vocals, LOW VOLTS creates a thick and heavy sound equivalant to a five piece band. Stripped down, stand up original music. Combining a timeless mixture of blues, rock and soul, LOW VOLTS has managed to encompass the American sound in a raw and extremely unique way.
Think ‘1955 meets 2055.’ ‘Early Elvis meets Evel Knievel.’ 
The 2011 debut record, ‘TWIST SHAKE GRIND BREAK’ has seen music used by Showtimes's 'WEEDS', Stone Brewing Co., Sector 9 Skateboards and also won 'Best Blues Album' at SDMA's. 
The 2012 release of 'Oh My Stars' has brought another wild and dirty ride through uncharted sonic landscapes winning 'Best Blues Album' staying true to the sound & experience of an authentic LOW VOLTS live performance. 

LOW VOLTS has performed live with:
Heavy touring is in the stars for this one-man-act and LOW VOLTS is ready to support a larger, national act anywhere in the world.


"While LOW VOLTS’ music echoes the happy go lucky tunes of swinging early rock, the band has an EDGINESS that could put Elvis’ once controversial hips to shame. The musician tackles the role of frontman while singing, playing slide guitar and pounding up a storm on his tambourine laden kick drum, and he looks pretty badass while doing so. Alas Elvis, it’s time to relinquish your throne; there’s a new king in town." ERIN GOSS ~ Uptown News

“LOW VOLTS is one of MY FAVORITE ADDITIONS TO THE MUSIC SCENE.... he plays FUZZED-OUT GUITAR while STOMPING his kick drum and SHAKING various tambourines he is adorned with. The music is SEXY and sometimes lyrically DARK, with a little bit of country and a little bit of blues to give it a RETRO ROCK & ROLL VIBE.”~ROSEMARY BYSTRAK | NBC San Diego

“LOW VOLTS - those guys are COMPLETELY INSANE! When they get that kick drum/tambourine thing POUNDING and that slide guitar WAILING, it's like to wake up the HOUNDS OF HELL. Really, really, downhome bluesy and STOMPIN', EXTRA DELUXE for sure!” ~TIM MAYS | Owner of the world famous CASBAH rock n’ roll club.

"LOW VOLTS—well, he’s just a total badass." PETER HOLSLIN ~ CityBeat Magazine


For booking & licensing contact: lowvoltsinfo@gmail.com or visitwww.lowvoltsmusic.com