Low Z

Low Z


Based in Atlanta, Low Z has a smooth melodic metal sound that is sure to please any crowd. The members of Low Z have diverse influences which they bring together beautifully to create their own unique sound.


Low Z music has been described as a melodic softer metal with a Tool and Pink Floydish sound. The original songs are dynamic and full of mood. Vocals are amazing with NO scream singing!

The Low Z sound has evolved nicely over the years since Chris, the drummer, and the lead singer, Joe Z, got their start at Gwinnett School of Rock in 1993. Before they were Low Z, Chris, Josiah, and Joe Z were in a band called Alchemy with a different bass player and singer. In the early years they played places like the Wreck Room and Somber Reptile. Then they won a guitar in a contest at what is now the Hangar and they moved on to play the Cotton Club. Once Low Z formed, Colsen joined the band and Joe took over singing. They have played The Masquerade, 9 Lives Saloon, Dark Horse Tavern, Last Great Watering Hole, The Library, CJ's Landing in Buckhead, and Smith's Olde Bar.

You can catch Low Z headlining smaller shows and opening up for national acts like Machine Head!


Low Z recorded a 3 song demo at Atlanta Records in February of 2001. The songs recorded were were "Surreal", "Deep Inside", and "Low". All three MP3's are available on our site. All three can be downloaded or streamed. "Surreal" was on the top 40 charts at MP3Songs.org.uk in April of 2001. It made it up to #6 before leaving the charts. "Deep Inside" and "Low" were both featured as the Track of the Day at Garageband.com this January and February. We've received online radio airplay at degeneratepress.com also.

To capture their newer and more reflective sound, the band is currently in the studio again this month to record 4 more of their original tracks.

Set List

Low Z performs one set in an evening and it usually last from 40 to 50 minutes. We play all of our originals and two cover songs. One of the covers is "Crawl Away" by Tool and the other is a hybrid cover with music from The Cure's "I Will Always Love You" and lyrics from Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary Of A Mad Man". Low Z's original tracks are "1.875", "Syndicate", "Low", "Surreal", "Money Shot", "New One", "Finger", "Empty", and "Mecha".