We are a unique rock and roll band that blend classical violin with eletric guitar.


LOXSTEP: A standardized procedure that is closely, often mindlessly, followed. A band that has evolved under a Foundational plate that has been formed from Different Backgrounds, Beliefs, and Ideas; and has come together as a Unit of ONE to create the Ideal Music that will reach every person of all different Cultures and Beliefs in sending out the Perfect Music!! LOXSTEP (out of Surf City, NC) is a category creator for the entire music scene! With a very diversified compilation of members and influences LOXSTEP’s music is a mix between hard rock, alternative, rock, classical, and Celtic. A type of music that is not niche based but reaches over 80% of all music listeners. Backed by numerous professionals in the music industry they are developing a following that will spread continents in a short span of time.

Recently LOXSTEP has just finished their first CD titled “After the Fall” produced and recorded by Greg Scott at Matrix Recording Studios. With radio stations, A & R reps, and fans asking heatedly for it, the CD will be received very well. Currently LOXSTEP is expanding their fan base by playing farther and farther into the surrounding area and making plans to begin playing outside NC.

The five solid and experienced musicians that compose LOXSTEP are: Brian Beers (guitar), Sean Guerrero (vocals, guitar), Edwin Farr (violin, vocals), David Ledbetter (bass), and Holly Fucili (drums). The forming of LOXSTEP was not an overnight task. Founded in 2005 by Brian Beers, Holly Fucili, and Edwin Farr, EBH as it was tentatively called, was destined to become much more. After EBH added David Ledbetter and Sean Guerrero into the mix (and the purchase of a tour bus) the music was complete and a solid base for success was formed. The current career path that LOXSTEP is on will set the pace for every other garage band to follow. Currently LOXSTEP is looking for labels to help them distribute their music across the country and farther.

The bands that influenced LOXSTEP the most were Bush, Tool, Creed , A Perfect Circle and disturbed. They have been influenced in many different directions with the music, which is obvious in their sound. Musically LOXSTEP is set apart due to the dynamic use of the classical violin and the fierce rifts of the electric guitar.

In summary, “What does this mean for the music industry and popular culture in general?” It means GET READY! LOXSTEP has already gained immediate attention/fans at large venues in the area by impressing, wooing, and rocking crowds that had never before heard their music! Driven by a determined work ethic and steadfast focus they will make it; it is only a matter of time. And this is only the beginning!


Fall, Far Away and Grace have all had radio time. Grace was performed live on the air in an acustic setting.

Set List

Far Away
Lyrically Challenged
The World is gone
Craven( instrumental)

We can perform for as little as 30- minutes to as long as 1 hour and 15 minutes. We do not perform any covers. All music is original.