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Its 2007 and Texas rap has turned a new page in the industry,yet one man still waits in the shadows for the perfect time to relase his highly anticipated album"THE STREET BIBLE"the wait is almost over.Dubed"The Southern Gangsta Rap Resurection" LOYALTYS gritty outlook will deliver more than expected


10 years plus in the game has put a large chip on the sholder of Texas' own Loyalty, and he translates it well into his music. With a slow flow and gritty sound its hard not to be captivated by his lyrical content. He has ben set apart from most of his Southern counterparts for one reason...his street influenced flow has no room for pimping women or candy painted cars. His songs are filled with that which made him what he is today...street material , and hearing his music proves he is not in short supply of stories to tell.