Loyola Drive

Loyola Drive


Loyola Drive houses three friends. You can tell by their songs; they sound firm, kindhearted, intense, strong, and honest. Singer-songwriter, americana, blues, jazz: All in there... somewhere.


There was no story to begin with. It's building with every get-together, be it a gig or a laid-back rehearsal. Loyola Drive is best compared to a newborn child: there's no telling what it's going to be and there's not much of a history... but it's maturing, steadily.


Captured II

Written By: Sven Vrins

Shall I persist to bite my tongue?
I think I will bite yours, baby
Being kept from love rejection
Sustains the beautiful maybe
I am captured by you
But slipping through bars of rime
I am finding some redemption
Like the secrets of a mime

As far as blinded eyes see
This sun leaves an innocent burn
I keep thinking the world of you
You still love me in return
I am captured by you
But slipping through bars of rime
The truth escapes in subtleties
Like a child's secret through the eyes

I want to be close to the bone
Or something along that line
Is there a place inside your heart
That kind of looks like yours in mine?
I am captured by you
Did I capture you somehow?
Well, the silver on your finger
Tells me where I am standing now

You in a wedding dress

Written By: Sven Vrins

We're singing quietly
In tune
Our live is a palace in a
Field of ruins
But we know there's a man
Cashing in on neglect
He's waiting for you
And your heart to retract

I'm standing on the sideline
An innocent retreat
But the devil's in the outcome
And one day they'll meet
It is a blessing to live freely
It’s a gift to feel
Until everything is possible
But nothing is real

And it’s hard to stay lucid
When you smile at me, my friend
I fancy you in a wedding dress
Again and again

Well, I’m not yet crying
But dying for your touch
All the longing I can take
Is only so much
My heart is a crowd
My head tries calling shots
Neither can I listen to
Both drive me nuts

They used to be one
My head and my heart
But you and a wedding dress
Tore them apart

I’m angry, I’m weak
I’m lost and found
Marginally happy
Upto my knees in the ground
I’m stuck and loose
Awake in bed
I’m going, I’m waiting
While you’re not done yet

I’m drunk and wise
Captive and free
Yeah, you in a wedding dress
Is all I see


Loyola Drive - Dutch courage (2005, demo)