Rome, Latium, ITA

Lo ZOO di Berlino is an atypical rock trio: no voice, no guitar, yet there is a pop flavor in their music.
An eclectic way of make the post-rock, often accompanied by visual art.
Andrea Pettinelli aka Shelving (hammond, rhodes piano and synth), Diego Pettinelli aka Echo (bass), Mauro Mastracci aka Fox (drums).


The project started at the beginning of the new millennium.
By necessity and pleasure, the band has left numerous traces along its paths. They have collaborated with important italians artists like Vittorio Nocenzi and Rodolfo Maltese (BANCO del MUTUO SOCCORSO), Jacopo Fo and the Free University of Alcatraz, Giorgio Canali (CSI-PGR), Gianni Maroccolo (Litfiba, CSI, Marlene Kuntz), and Patrizio Fariselli-AREA.
With their eclectic approach, have developed a laboratory, it soon became the center of production. A place made up of people, ideas and technologies. Musicians, artists and creative professionals from all over Italy come to work at ZdB Studio, which over time has developed a relationship between people and the environment, including the reserves of common space and intimate, in a small village on the outskirts of the city .
Far from the media, friends, in a cozy and popular "isolation", they have built a network of contacts with a dense texture, unique.
We move with ease from the instrument to the mixer.
After a first CD "live bootleg", published in Japan by Poseidon production during the tour of the Balletto di Bronzo and two compilation national Italian underground, Lo ZOO di BerlinO debuted in 2012 with a collective project, and they produced called "Articolo Uno" (13 songs for the job), which was sent to various artists. Distributed by the newspaper l’Unità. Lo ZOO di BerlinO participated with bizarre version of "L’Internationale", which was attended by AREA-Patrizio Fariselli the piano and the flute ELIO e Le Storie Tese, getting about 32,000 downloads in 3 weeks. The Nobel Dario Fo gave his drawing as cover future single “The International”.


EP – RIZOMA (prerelease) – C.ZdB [2013]
EP – L’INTERNAZIONALE feat. Fariselli (AREA) e ELIO - C.ZdB [out summer 2013]
Compilation – ARTICOLO UNO – C.ZdB/OPR/l’Unità [2012]
Compilation – zonAlive - C.ZdB/Arci-LT [2008]
Album – LIVE BOOTLEG – Poseidon Production [Japan 2004]
Compilation – BANDE RUMOROSE – Comune Copparo [2003]
Compilation – ROCK AROUND the SCHOOL – UDU Rec.[2003]