LPfunK & the Cheerful Colony

LPfunK & the Cheerful Colony


LPfunK & the Cheerful Colony, a band of actor/musicians, perform their multi-media infused rock opera, "ITHACA: a Perpetual Shredfest!", the sonic interpretation of a journey through New York City in the first decade of the new milennium during the final phases of the analog/digital conversion.


LPfunK & the Cheerful Colony are a rock'n'roll/theatre collective, whose vision is to create conceptual pieces of live theatre through dynamic instrumental movements, catchy rock songs, and monologues, all performed by a live band. the band is rooted in, but not limited to, a five-piece ensemble featuring guitar, bass, drums, cello, and violin. ITHACA is our inaugural project. Influences include the Decemberists, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Who, Hendrix, Passing Strange, Hedwig, and Phish.
LPfunK formed the Cheerful Colony after years of working as an actor/composer/guitarist in the New York theatre scene, in an attempt to push the envelope and further the way rock music is used to tell stories in a theatrical setting.


the ITHACA e.p.
by LPfunK & the Cheerful Colony
featuring selections from ITHACA: a perpetual shredfest!

Set List

ITHACA runs about 75 minutes long, if performed in its entirety. however, for purposes of a showcase slot at a standard rock venue, highlights can be performed in a shortened set, if need be.

the set list of all the songs, in order, is as follows:

Rebirth in Humility
The River
totally off the chain
Convert to Digital
the blender/sicky shredfest
Built To Last
The Flow
Cocaine Baby
the fury
Blueberry (keep on breakin me down)
A Way To Feel A Little Lighter
The Trace
Ithaca (no reason to lie)