Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

L-Phon style brings a soulful poetic sound of Christ Centered Hip Hop music. Music is produced by grammy nominated producers T Stone and Marv fo mo Beats. Style range from colorful souls sound tracks to Downsouth boom bap bangers. Dont miss out on this classic.


Alphonso L-Phon Holloway Christian Rapper and Producer from Detroit was born and I grew up in the city. When I was a child I would listen to secular rap, and lived that type of life-style, but then I gave my life to the Lord and begin not feeling that music anymore, because I became a man. Holy Hip-Hop is my passion and I would do it if it doesn’t put a dollar in my pocket because I love it. Glory is to the Most High Jesus Christ! Producing music for the Kingdom is what I do and I won't ever produce sin music, because I'm so in love with Jesus Christ, and Holy Hip Hop. For the Bible explains that the wages of sin is death, and that there is a time and a place, so some may think that sin is not punishable, but it is, and I don't want people to fall, and it be to late. I preach the message of God’s love and grace by His Son Jesus Christ and that if we repent of our sins He's just and true to forgive us. It's a label that's all about holy music and an urban culture. God love for us goes beyond our understanding, and our righteousness do not profit Him, but it do profit us feel me? Please get into Gods Word and get to know Him personally, let His Word minister to you, for He loves you. Jesus Christ Came to die for sinners, take our punishment, and offering us the Gift of Life Eternal. So give Him your life, and I know you will get it back more abundantly I speak of what I know He's awesome.


The singles Serving My King feat. on Industry Radio Station, Mr Hip Hop made a compilation mix-tape album, and radio play.