Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Savvy Way Endeavors is a group of Savvy individuals on and off the record. They represent the Low Country and want to introduce a new sound for Carolina itself, outside of the rap-trap or raw-raw music. In the sense of Feel Good Music some would call it, or something different to listen to other than what you already hear on the radio... taking nothing away from you in any way.

It's just like, every other state has some kind of recognition about themselves in their own way. Seeming as if Sout


Tyler Brown, 25, returned to his hometown of Hilton Head after earning a degree in business management from Benedict College in Columbia. Along with partner and longtime friend Patrick Jenkins, he started Savvy Way Endeavors. Brown called himself LoudPack Kuntry or LPK. They've recorded dozens of songs with the help of Digital Dreams Recording Studio run by islander DJ Luciano Bove. They've recorded videos showcasing Hilton Head, filming in local places including the south-end Kurama Japanese steakhouse. Savvy Way has even spread out into a clothing line, T-shirt printing and CD duplication business.

In the studio, recording sessions almost seem as if they're being run by a family. Luciano makes the music while "Ms. Claire," his wife, makes coffee. Jenkins films the proceedings for posterity while LPK drops lyrics in the booth. Even when the music stops, he keeps going, a freestyle word association that moves at a mile a minute. When the music kicks back on, LPK doesn't miss a beat.

"Savvy Sessions Part 1: The Audition" is currently being handed out on a grassroots level, passed around from fan to fan and downloaded from the Internet. Giving the whole thing away for free might not seem like the best business model, but LPK is taking the long view on this endeavor.



-Savvy Session pt. 1 "The Audition"
-Hosted by Dj 31 degreez

-E93 Jamz w/ Dj Mike Fresh(Radio Airplay)
LPK-Rose' ft. Kiycko Vision
LPK- Dumb