L. Poushinsky

L. Poushinsky

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Dramatic, intimate, catchy, and complex songwriting delivered with a stiletto punch! Like a contemporary Keely Smith, L. Poushinsky’s rootsy lounge rock will have you grooving while mixing pink ladies, with lyrics that linger in the air long after the notes have faded. See youtube.com/user/lpoush


“..Tear-stained bone machine melodrama for the forlorn and frisky alike.” Steve Baylin, Ottawa XPress.

“..the tendencies of Tom Waits, while trying to put Johnny Cash through a Kate Bush filter.” Fateema Sayani, Ottawa Citizen.

“Poushinsky...stray[s] into the imagistic realm of writers like Michael Ondaatje...with lines that linger deliciously in the air long after the notes have faded.” Stephen Flood, The Ottawa Sun.

“…She’s a throwback to the time of the singer as entertainer… Like a contemporary Keely Smith, she puts a sweet twist on the ’60s lounge sound that will have you grooving while mixing pink ladies. Poushinsky…knows the value of a good hook and she’s not afraid to use it.” Cindy Filipenko, Herizons Magazine…

L.Poushinsky is an Ottawa based singer / songwriter rockin' jazz lover! Catch her solo or with friends as L.Poushinsky spans the musical spectrum, embracing folk, rootsy rock, cabaret, and jazz with her vocal theatrics. Wearing a vintage dress and a sunburst stratocaster, Poushinsky combines guitar and vocal chops with a stage presence reminiscent of the great jazz vocalists. Add some of the best players in Ottawa to the mix and you get a smokin' live show every time! Choosing her sets from 4 albums of original material, L.Poushinsky wows audiences with her shivering voice, snakey guitar, and songs stretching from graveyard rock to jazz to pure pop poetry.

Since 2004, L. Poushinsky has recorded three full-length albums, fronted two bands, and performed over 130 shows across Canada from Northern B.C. to Newfoundland. L. Poushinsky is part of a number of musical projects in the Ottawa area, including organ and vocals for Dave Norris & Local Ivan, 40 Watt Monkey, and Soprano in Ottawa’s Southminster Church Choir. In Summer 2010, L.Poushinsky played the Ottawa Bluesfest and toured B.C., beginning with the Arts Wells Festival, and is currently nominated for the Ottawa Xpress’ Best Folk Artist and Best Folk Album 2010. She is looking forward to releasing a music video and touring the Maritimes with video artist Pixie Cram, Spring 2011, followed by a cross Canada tour Summer 2011.

Look out for L. Poushinsky in a town near you as she crosses the country with her release "Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter," an album chronicling the life and romantic adventures of a woman who learns lessons about love (and sweet teeth!) the hard way.


UPCOMING TOURS: Currently booking Southern Ontario March 2011, the Maritimes April 2011, and Northern Ontario, the Prairies, and British Columbia Summer 2011

FESTIVAL FYI: Possible workshops include: Songwriting, Poetry / Lyric Workshop, Introduction to Playing By Ear Guitar / Piano, Introduction to Viola de Gamba, the Sketchbook Diary Workshop, Introduction to Tarot. Please see the stage plot PDF for performance details.

Contact Lisa Poushinsky for details at lpoush@gmail.com

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Experimental chanteuse L. Poushinsky releases her 3rd CD, “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter:” intimate and dramatic songwriting fuses jazz and rock with cabaret inflection.

(Ottawa, October 28, 2009, “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter” CD Release Press Release) – Ottawa’s singer/songwriter L. Poushinsky is already well known for her hallmark dramatic vibrato and rich, lyric-driven songwriting. Self-styled “feverish cabaret folk rock for lovers and wolves,” she combines intimacy and naivety – in the French chanteuse tradition – with a stiletto punch.

Her 3rd CD, “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter,” to be released with a live performance in Ottawa on November 13th and in Toronto on November 15th, is a mature production that captures her idiosyncratic vocal style with a sophisticated instrumental backing that moves effortlessly between jazz, alt-folk and rock riffs.

Like her previous releases and more than 100 live performances (with bands Red Fey, Hollow Water, and as a solo performer,) Poushinsky delivers deliciously interesting compositions about love and life that are musically textured and emotionally exposed. But there’s no self-indulgence here. Poushinky does not wallow.

With a subtle touch, Poushinsky navigates her audience through a raw emotional landscape with a quirky, flirty, and even frolicky bounce. The complex jazz flavored instrumentation throughout “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter” provides a sweetness to the vulnerable femme fatale vocals that are nevertheless powerful.

Reviewers of past Poushinsky performances and releases have remarked on her “flair for the dramatic marked by a dark, sardonic edge” (Steve Bayin, Ottawa Xpress), and liken her work to a “great piece of theatre” (Stephen Flood, Ottawa Sun) – with a “hint of noir” (Fateema Sayani, Ottawa Citizen). “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter” treads this similarly flamboyant terrain with more mass appeal. The 11 original songs are catchy – yet still remarkably complex musically and lyrically.

It’s a trick


Nov. 2009 ~ L.Poushinsky: “Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter” full length album, Independent

June 2006 ~ L.Poushinsky: “Thistle,” 7 song album, Independent

June 2005 ~ Red Fey “Til Death Do Us Part,” full length album, Independent

May 2005 ~ Hollow Water “If I Should Sleep,” 5 song demo, Independent

(unreleased) ~ Hollow Water “Hollow Water,” full length album, Independent

Set List

L.Poushinsky can easily fill two hours with original material. Sets are decided according to venue and back-up band, ranging from mainstage rootsy rock to intimate acoustic lounge performances. See below for a list of songs L. Poushinsky is currently performing. Covers are listed after the albums.


1. Montgomery Legion
2. He Brings Me Wine
3. In My Room
4. Ponderosa Pine
5. Bad Idea
6. Sleep
7. Strychnine
8. Bite the Knife
9. Can't Get You Out of My Mind


1. Flowers
2. Air
3. Passing Through
4. Heavy Shoes
5. Hand Biter
6. Pity the Hammer
7. Unlucky Day
8. Sweet Talk Me
9. There's a Sweetness
10. Vacation
11. Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter


1. Summer Heart
2. The Way I Do
3. If The Time Has Come
4. Hand Biter
5. Easy Love
6. Born To Lose
7. Thistle


1. Fast Food And Love
2. This House Will Stand
3. Blue Stretch
4. Band Boyfriend
5. Crash Car
6. 'Til De