LP Stiles

LP Stiles

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

LP Stiles is a quartet whose music bears the marks not only of funk, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and rock, but most importantly of originality. Boasting a solid repertoire of well-constructed instrumental compositions and covers, LP Stiles delivers a live show that will floor critics and fans alike.


LP Stiles is a genre-bending group of musicians who have come together to create what its members hope is, and will continue to be, an original sound. Beginning as a trio in the summer of 2006, the band played various small cafes and bars in the Philadelphia and New York City areas, utilizing their individual abilities and talents in a collective effort to develop a definitive style. Eventually, the decision was made to add a new dimension to what was already becoming an exciting sound. After a performance with Max Swan, a gifted, up-and-coming player from Philadelphia, in the winter of 2008, the band decided to make Swan and his instrument permanent fixtures in the group’s lineup. Like the musicians who have come before them, each member of LP Stiles draws upon a stockpile of various and diverse musical influences that serves to give a unique character to the group’s sound. The creative spirit of legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Michael Brecker, and John McLaughlin can be heard in a final product, which, for label’s sake, can be categorized as jazz/funk fusion. So, with a dedication to the virtues of musical integrity and originality, the members of LP Stiles look forward to a rewarding, ongoing collaboration, and to infusing their works with a collective passion- an incomparable, never-ending love for music, the greatest wealth of them all.

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A Modest Proposal EP 2009

Set List

Our typical set list usually runs from 45mins. to an hour long. We can play up to 5 hours when presented with the opportunity. We also do instrumental versions of popular covers in the jazz, pop, and r&b/hip-hop genres.