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The best kept secret in music


"Seventeen EP Reviews"

Some nice things that have been said about the "Seventeen EP"...

"...a collection of five inventive and agile instrumental tracks spanning 25 minutes, O'Gorman scores a coup with the sinister 'Jake's Lament'. Seventeen showcases an artist who is making music that's an unmitigated pleasure to partake in..."
Lauren Murphy, Entertainment.ie (February 2008)

"...if you're a fan of melodic electronica then you'll love "Seventeen". The five tracks on the EP are prime slices of lush electronica with an edge of dub - atmospheric, at times dark and menacing, at times soaring and energising..."
Aoife Barry, Kildare Nationalist (January 2008)

"...as track seams into track, I realise that this music was made to walk, breathe, live to: filled with purpose and intent, it will take you where you need to go..."
Naomi McArdle, Off Her Rocker (January 2008)

"...the fact that (he) sounds like Four-Tet jamming with a Glockenspiel wielding Patrick Moore should be recommendation enough..."
Music Like Dirt (February 2008)

"...the album [EP] features four [five] short little pieces of lush electronica. Top notch stuff yet again from LPX..."
RoadRecs.com (Road Records - January 2008)

"...it's more than that, it's a feeling. Like the title track of Kid A with fully grown legs, jazz put through tapped out electronica. LPX makes fine music from these things..."
The Torture Garden (September 2007) - Various

"Roadies Review (LPX)"

The Music Factory, Carlow (6th January 2007)
Roadies Review on Saturday Sessions.com:

First up was LPX who is a one man act in the form of Leigh [O'Gorman]. The minute LPX started playing I knew straight away that it was going to be a good night and that my pre-conceived notion [of electronica] was quite wrong (yes I did just admit that I was wrong).
Obviously very passionate about his music LPX did a great set and if you haven't heard LPX before you should check out his myspace page - myspace.com/lpxireland - Sessions.com

"One man, a computer, some uncool-yet-cool moves and quite a lot of noise..."

The Mezz (8th January 2007)
One man, a computer, some uncool-yet-cool moves and quite a lot of noise...
Practically everything about the Mezz is discomforting. It's tatty, chilly, completely unsuitable for musical performances, and its punters seem to sit and glower all night at each newcomer to the bar. In order to avoid lingering, I make sure to find out beforehand when LPX is onstage so that I can plan my swift exit. Midway through the evening, though, I realise these uncomfortable surroundings are perfect.

The man behind LPX is Leigh O'Gorman, a talented showbiz impresario and jovial tech-goon from Newbridge ("an actual lump of shit on the map of Ireland," as he describes it) who makes the sort of brash electro-racket that encourages tinnitus-bound parents to show their kids the door. He is also capable of composing some rather lovely melodies too, as evidenced by his dual-purpose opener, Ledge, a track from his current and rather fine EP "Easy Music for Difficult Ears". What begins as a piece of sublime chill-out soon gives way to a forbidding attack of drummed madness and menace - it's what this artist does best.
LPX is somewhat of a MySpace phenomenon; a new tune seems to be added to his page at least every other day, almost compulsively. Ten individual pieces of electro-insanity are paraded tonight, including another new song, the truly cracking Needs. Leigh's performance is also highly visual - not only does he attack his keyboards with murderous intensity and scream unintelligibly into his mic, he also dances like someone doubly possessed by a hovercraft and a food processor. It's impossible to be indifferent to. For those hordes who thought they were in for a quite drink, intial discomfort turns into something a little rowdier. Some dance and clap along , others get up and leave. This is good news: with so much apathetic electronica around, someone has to turn it into punk. LPX marks the spot.
Johnnie Craig
InDublin Magazine (Issue Jan 25th 2007) - InDublin Magazine

""Easy Music for Difficult Ears" - Road Records"

LPX is an irish based electronic artist Leigh O'Gorman and he has previously released under the name "lube project_X", "15 Minutes" OST (not the De Niro film...), this limited edition 3 track EP features some of the finest irish electronica I have heard in quite a while and along with artists like the Last Sound, Chequerboard and Robert Christian is further proof that the Irish lads can easily keep up with some of the bigger electronic artists out there on labels like Warp, Rephlex etc...

The EP opens up with the truly haunting sounds of 'Wasps in a honey trap' sounding like Boards of Canada meets Third Eye Foundation - the track manages to be both mellow and deeply haunting at the same time, big chunky beats do battle with mellow tinkling synth sounds and lush washes of ambient soundscapes.
The beats become heavier and more frantic on "Paper Lanterns", but are offset with some lovely minimal piano keys.
On the last track, "Ledge", O'Gorman takes us off on a mouse on mars like trip complete with crunchy beats and heavy moog like bass keys, absolutely excellent stuff and one that deserves your attention.
November 2006 - Roadrecs.com

"Easy Music for Difficult Ears"

LPX "Easy Music For Difficult Ears"
LPX (Lube: Project X) is the electronica/dub sounds of Leigh O'Gormon, the man behind The Electric Fix shows in Dublin. Easy Music For Difficult Ears is the limited edition 3-track EP released this month on his own label. Leigh sent me on the EP for a listen, and while not a genre I am overly familiar with, I've found it quite an agreeable EP and one well deserving of a writeup here.
Opening with 'Wasps In A Honey Trap' you get a haunting ambient electronica pervaded by slow crunched beats, which on first listen didn't do much for me, but the haunting aspect grows on repeat listens. The EP then gathers some pace with the sifting rhythms of 'Paper Lanterns' before leading into the highlight of the EP as far as I'm concerned; a momentous closing track in 'Ledge', this one builds in intensification with swirling noise and menacing beats which brisk towards a deathly climax. Dark and coursing, it has a strong DIV (Death in Vegas) influence, and is a perfect climax to an EP that builds in chase and intensity throughout.
The EP was credited with 'single of the week' by Road Records when it was released, where it received a rave review by someone more familiar with the genre. LPX comparisons drawn favorably there with other Irish electronica artists such as The Last Sound and Chequerboard, I'm now tempted to explore the genre a little further. If one or two more electronica artists feature here at some point, it will be partly due to LPX opening these ears a little further than they normally go.
Easy Music For Difficult Ears can be purchased from Road Records, while some other material is available on the LPX myspace, and where details of upcoming LPX shows can be found. The Electric Fix myspace lists details of other upcoming shows run by Leigh, encompassing much of the best alternative indie, punk and electronica music around Ireland today. - Frequencyireland.ie

""Easy Music for Difficult Ears" - Drop-D E-Zine"

"Easy Music for Difficult Ears" is the debut release from Kildare-man Leigh O'Gorman, or LPX, the moniker he plies his wares under.
A 3-track release on his own label, The Electric Fix, LPX provides a mysterious brand of electronica for all to enjoy. The E.P. was self-conceived, self-recorded, and now self-promoted, LPX has fingers in many pies, and all contain some form of delicious filling or other. He kindly sent us here at Drop-D a shiny new copy of his work to throw the mighty power of our ears at, and so we did.
Opening quietly, nicely, the first track, Wasps in a Honey Trap, creeps and crawls its way up into some strange headspace. Blends of resonating, eerie, half-harmonies echo around a central buzz, as the ghosts of last summer's stingers pave the way for sweeter times ahead. A feeling of growth runs through the track, and somewhere beneath the odd and jarring clumps of noise, a strange sense of well being dwells. Feeling carefully crafted while remaining casual in pace, Wasps sets us off on a disjointed, yet pleasant, note.

Paper Laterns, the second piece, streams nicely in with barely a breath. Ticking and clicking its way through plateaus of sunshine and valleys of dim destitution, this track has plenty of substance to go with its well-produced shine. A downbeat Daft Punk is the closest I can get to an accurate comparison, but even that doesn't hit the mark. These are soundscapes, rolling plains of aural beauty to listen to as you fly down the nearest motorway, that is if you could move on the motorways in this country, but the less said about that the better.

Ledge is the final track on this short but accomplished offering from the Kildare man. A note here to other would be suitors of the music aficionado, tis better to provide a short and excellent account of your musical talents than to provide an avalanche of sub par material. Ledge teeters somewhere between the violent and the sublime, ebbing slowly along until it powers to a crashing crescendo. Plenty of depth and style to this piece, which I would suggest is the stand out track on this release. The cleverly built melody works its way into a quietish but immensely telling frenzy and leaves one feeling unsatisfied and gasping for more.

For the interested among you, LPX can be found performing at The Electric Fix nights in Dublin City from time to time. Artists that have featured at this smorgasbord of eclecticism previously include 66e, Queen Kong, Betamax Format, and my own personal favorites, Noise Control (note: some sarcasm may accompany the preceding statement, it is advised that you take it with one pinch of salt, this will constitute your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of salt as recommended by the You're All Too Fucking Fat Council of Ireland.)
Overall Easy Music for Difficult Ears is a breath of reasonably fresh air in a country filled to the brim with mediocre soft rockers, over bearing singer songwriters, and dreary wall of noise merchants. Interesting, smart, and exhibiting bravery in its conception and promotion, LPX may find it hard to find a market, but should have no trouble finding fans. - Drop-D.ie


"Seventeen EP" (Jan 5th 2008) The Electric Fix (TheEF-CD003)
1. Seventeen
2. Jake's Lament
3. [...now, put your feet up and relax...]
4. Dimentia in Space and Time
5. When the Gods Punish Us

"Experiments in Dub and HiFi" (Aug 25th 2007) The Electric Fix (TheEF-CD002)
1. Some Decent Fucking Music for Once, Part One
2. Some Decent Fucking Music for Once, Part Two
3. Canine/Feline [edit]
4. I Hope You Choke
5. Heartbeats and Knife Attacks
6. Seventeen
7. Tension
8. George C Robinson
9. File (away for editing)

"Ballroom of Romance ..61 Free CD" (Feb 23rd 2007)
LPX "Dimensions in Space and Time" [Track 4] (BOR61CD)

"Death via Satellite's Christmas Show Free CD" (Dec 19th 2006)
LPX "Fall Away (Demo)" [Track 9]

"Easy Music for Difficult Ears" (Oct 30th 2006) The Electric Fix (TheEF-CD001)
1. Wasps in a Honey Trap
2. Paper Lanterns
3. Ledge

"WireHorizon: Remote Viewing Workshop Anniversay Compilation" (Sept 16th 2006) WireHorizon
LPX "Surrender" [Track 2]


Feeling a bit camera shy


Leighton P Xavier Proudly Presents...LPX is Kildare man Leigh O’Gorman (LPX for shortness). He specialises in brooding punk infused experimental electronica, as heard on three recent (and highly recommended) releases, Seventeen, Experiments in Dub and HiFi and Easy Music for Difficult Ears.
On LPX releases he provides the (occasional) vocals, the programming, the production AND plays all the instruments and is also the man behind The Electric Fix, a musical collective running gigs around Dublin as well as occassionally releasing CD's and the like. Leigh says his music sounds like “a bunch of nerds in a small room dropping acid”. When performing live (and in studio) Leigh prefers to use Reason 2.5, Cubase SX along with piano's, guitars, percussion and anything else he can get his hands on.