Champaign, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop

L.R. is the complete package Hip Hop artist, very versatile, and has great stage presence while performing! L.R. is the future of Hip Hop


He calls himself Living Reality, ( L.R. ) a native of Champaign IL, has been rapping since the age of

eleven , L.R. has performed in various places along the East coast and throughout the Midwest. His

distinctive articulate sound can captivate anyone’s attention to the fullest. Living Reality’s past

accomplishments includes a full length album produced in 2002 entitled “ ALL DA SAME “ and the “

REBIRTH OF GINO GIACANNA “ released in 2004. After a long anticipated return from his hiatus , L.R. is

back with his new mix tape “WE ARE DA WINNERS” out now, and a album set for

an early 2012 release.


Currently have a mix tape WE ARE THE WINNERS out on that Crack.com! working with the Coast 2 Coast DJ'S. Hit Single Can't get her off my mind featuring Devon Carlo