L.R.D. Band

L.R.D. Band


LRD - Pink Floyd meets, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neil Peart and, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Their shows have such a unique appeal and sound. You will gravitate towards the front row to hang on every word and movment. Showmanship is their middle name. LRD. A musical orgasim, will get you up, and out of your seat.


We currently play over 200 shows per year. Including trade show appearances, and large events in Asia. A notable month of the blues will be had in fall 2008. We may do an album in this vein.

L.R.D. An International group of talents. Influenced by music from the 60's and into the new century. They are taking you beyond. The show itself is drop dead energetic. They start with LRD caressing his guitar and ending up getting into a full blow rocker. With Dave laying down the foundation. Megan enters to give you some of the biggest sounding vocals to ever be discovered.(She sites her influences from early metal bands, and her fav. Bruce Dickenson.) This is where the band gets into their hits and you cannot help but move and groove with them. LRD takes a burn off on the guitar and literaly makes your heart melt. It's Mozart in motion. The Band pulls out the Skynrd styled SHE SAID before they play the last of their tunes, and say goodnight. This is a regular show for the band. Currently they are touring Asian countries and promoting their music. They have just finished European destinations as well as North America. This band wants people all over the world to hear them and see them. They are from Canada, South Korea, and America. L.R.D. Band a truely unforgetable and, International experience.


Internal Construction - November 2005
The Monday Night Blues - July 2005
Freak - August 2004
Chasing My Reflection - 2007
Innocent Bystander - 2003
Unreleased Seoul - 2002
LRD Band - July 1999
Widgets and Wooden Nickels - August 1992

Videos at www.lrdmusic.com/video.htm

Also see LRD at www.usbguitars.

Set List

Driving Heavan
Living Dream
Little Girl
Right Back
Blue Bossa (Latin version)
-LRD on guitar
New Sworn Enemy
Love to Burn
Bit of Rock nRoll
She Said