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"Lance Reegan-Diehl 2005 release"

Lance Reegan-Diehl Releases Career Defining CD Internal Construction

Seoul, Korea-June 12, 2006--Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD) is a musician, producer, and teacher all rolled into one powerful package. A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Lance calls Seoul his home today. Korea may seem worlds away to some music fans, however the music LRD records touches the hearts of anyone that will listen.

On the new LRD release Internal Construction, the artist explores the spiritual path in life and uses the backdrop of rousing guitars and lyrics to make his point loud and clear. The opening track “Glory,” is shot of instrumental guitar work that will remind you of guitar heroes like Vai and Satriani, while vocal workouts such as “New Sworn Enemy” and “She Said” feature a guitar and vocal combination that will impress even the most discerning rock fan.

Lance surrounds himself with positive people and influences that serve as inspiration for his life’s work.
He is continually in the creative process- writing, engineering, and producing other artists and working on his new productions. His many gifts are at work in more than the recording studio…he provides enlightenment to eager students that attend lectures and music lessons given on a regular basis in Universities, High School’s, and Middle Schools.

The emotional hunger of the blues and the power of rock combine to begin a new found Internal Construction for those open to it. You may find everything covered on this CD was right inside you all along; sometimes it lies dormant until you hear an artist like LRD and then it reawakens the spirit. This will serve those that have a love and respect for the diversity of life and music that is touched upon in every track.

Contact: Lance Reegan-Diehl
Company: LRD Music
Address: Contact via email first
Tel: 82 11 730 4716
Fax: Contact via email first
Email: lrd@lrdmusic.com
Website: http://www.lrdmusic.com
CD Baby Link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/reegandiehl3
- Muzik Reviews

"Lance Reegan-Diehl Official Guitar Player For JamMate JM400 USB Guitar"


Lance Reegan-Diehl Official Guitar Player For JamMate JM400 USB Guitar

Seoul, Korea--October 30, 2006--Lance Reegan Diehl released Internal Construction in June of 2006 to critical acclaim and widespread popularity, including placement of the single, New Sworn Enemy, at #58 on Neil Young’s Top 400 list. This album has also generated many other engagements including a new exclusive endorsement of the JamMate http://www.usbguitars.com/ JM400 USB Guitar and Amplitube software. Lance is presently working on an instructional DVD for the innovative guitar which plugs into any laptop or desktop computer. Within minutes of taking the guitar out of it’s box, you are up and playing on a virtual guitar amp with the lowest latency available, through the included Amplitube Live and LE versions from IK Multimedia.

In addition to the JamMate project, Lance is finishing his new album: Chasing My Reflection. This exciting project is an original album of instrumental pieces on Guitar Nine Records. Chasing is a showcase of guitar virtuosity in a variety of styles which will delight fans of Lance and intrigue new listeners. It is interesting and fresh with hooks in every nook and cranny. Rare is the performer that can hold the listener’s attention for more than one or two songs but Chasing will hold you spellbound for hours.

Lance is also working on the next Innocent Bystanders recording and fans can expect news and new music in 2007. The JamMate will feature prominently in Lance’s new work and the six-string wizard will surely carve more inroads for the new technology to advance quickly. JamMate made a wise endorsement choice and were obviously well aware of the compelling talent that Lance brings to the guitar as a recording artist and teacher.

Lance Reegan Diehl will be an artist on the go in the coming months. Recording projects aside, Lance will be promoting the JamMate and taking the show on the road including an appearance in Toronto on February 25th, 2007 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Toronto Blues Society Master Guitar Clinic as an instructor. You can visit the LRD site for downloads, updates, and scheduled appearances.

Contact: Lance Reegan Diehl
Company: LRD Music
Address: Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-11-730-4716
Email: LRD@LRDmusic.com
Website : http://www.LRDmusic.com
- Keith Hannaleck

"L.R.D. Band, possibly the biggest and best well-known rock act in South Korea"

L.R.D. Band – Internal Construction

L.R.D. Band, possibly the biggest and best well-known rock act in South Korea, are back with a new regular live show and a new album, Internal Construction. This will be the group’s third album that the band has released together since the amalgamation of the popular quartet almost two years ago.

The multi-national foursome is made up of the exceptional Lance Reegan-Diehl (Canada) on guitar and vocals, the stunningly soulful Megan Kim (Korea) on vocals, David Dauberman (U.S.) outstandingly faultless on bass, with Tony LeRhodes (Australia) making up the four at the back with his stylish and solid drumming. While perhaps the band is most famous for the front man Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD), with his mesmerizing guitar work, all the group members are each as important as any one else, each delivering their own vital and unique component which make LRD and the Innocent Bystanders such a must see on any music tour of Seoul!

While comparisons and debates over similarities of style and influences are best left to the drinking halls where the band play (I suggest after the gig because you don’t want to miss a note of their performance), Lance himself informed me over a few Guinness that the band have been described as ‘Yngwie Malmsteen meets Pink Flyod and Stevie Ray-Vaughan’! If you hear them play live, be it their own storming fresh material or a cover version you’ll find that the influences stretch from the hardest rock right up to deep blues. You will find it hard to disagree that these guys are awesome!

The band themselves have been playing together all over Korea for two years. While a majority of their show and efforts have been within the confines of Seoul, including their massive concert last year in Gangnam. They have also held gigs in Daejon, Daegu, Osan, Uijeongbu, Kunsan and as far south as Gwangju and Busan! They are also quite familiar among the members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Korea for their numerous and frequent performances to the troops on base.

Of course the band cannot be forgotten for the regular club spots, which they have held for the past couple of years in Itaewon, where they now play in Timeout (across from King Club and whatthebook, on the third floor), which has recently extended and opened its doors to the rock n’ roll fraternity. The band can be found here every Saturday night for their various theme nights, while on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month (the 1st and 3rd Sunday been dedicated to the Seoul Artists Network www.seoulartnet.com) where the band play their eclectic ‘Sunday Night Blues’, play their own material and solid versions of old classics. Time out is the perfect venue with ample seating, a broad inexpensive menu (including draught beer) and plenty of room in front of the band to rock out! Check out www.timeoutlive.com for more information.

LRD and the Innocent Bystanders newest album, Internal Construction is made of 12 tracks, mostly all original material, is a mix of hard rock, blues, soulful lyrics and LRD and Innocent Bystanders own distinctive sound which has echoed around Korea the past few years. The highlights of the Album, of which there are many, must include Moment in motion, Living Dream and New Sworn Enemy all blending the four members together perfectly. Two older songs Lonely and Little Girl also stand out sufficiently for mention! You can pick the album from the band themselves or from the groups website, www.LRDmusic.com , and if that’s too complicated it is also available on i-tunes, Napster and mp3tunes.com.

This band is always busy playing all over Korea, Seoul especially. The next big gig they have on will be in Timeout this Saturday, June 10, their very own ‘Aussie Night’! Continuing their Saturday theme nights, they will also play June 17 at the time out ‘Jager Party’. On June 24 they will host a ZZ Top night. The band also plans an acoustic performance at the upcoming Haebangchon Music Festival to be held July 8th(more details to follow). In between all this LRD and the Innocent Bystanders are looking to expand from Korea into Japan and China and have started promotional work there with the hope of a tour within the next year. So perhaps this might be chance to catch them before they get too big!!!

Conor O’Reilly
- KScene Magazine


Internal Construction - November 2005
The Monday Night Blues - July 2005
Freak - August 2004
Chasing My Reflection - 2007
Innocent Bystander - 2003
Unreleased Seoul - 2002
LRD Band - July 1999
Widgets and Wooden Nickels - August 1992

Videos at www.lrdmusic.com/video.htm

Also see LRD at www.usbguitars.



We currently play over 200 shows per year. Including trade show appearances, and large events in Asia. A notable month of the blues will be had in fall 2008. We may do an album in this vein.

L.R.D. An International group of talents. Influenced by music from the 60's and into the new century. They are taking you beyond. The show itself is drop dead energetic. They start with LRD caressing his guitar and ending up getting into a full blow rocker. With Dave laying down the foundation. Megan enters to give you some of the biggest sounding vocals to ever be discovered.(She sites her influences from early metal bands, and her fav. Bruce Dickenson.) This is where the band gets into their hits and you cannot help but move and groove with them. LRD takes a burn off on the guitar and literaly makes your heart melt. It's Mozart in motion. The Band pulls out the Skynrd styled SHE SAID before they play the last of their tunes, and say goodnight. This is a regular show for the band. Currently they are touring Asian countries and promoting their music. They have just finished European destinations as well as North America. This band wants people all over the world to hear them and see them. They are from Canada, South Korea, and America. L.R.D. Band a truely unforgetable and, International experience.