LSB is an alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Five friends that have worked with leading Finnish artists wanted to play rock together and LSB was formed. With their debut album Bewitched LSB explored interesting and sometimes unusual lyrical themes, set to an impressive wall rock sounds.


"Schreck is an exceptionally talented guitarist.” - Helsingin Sanomat

Lauri Schreck became a permanent member of the Helsinki music scene after he organized and performed the first ever stage interpretation of the rock opera ‘Joe's Garage’ by Frank Zappa in cooperation with Gail Zappa. Full performance rights are rarely given to any Zappa opera, with Gail commenting:

"Lauri was very persistent and his idea was pretty cool!"

The event was sold out and widely publicized in the Finnish media, with Lauri receiving particular praise for his lead vocal performance. The rebellious story at the heart of ‘Joe's Garage’, and its massively complex musical landscape had always inspired Lauri, and getting the chance to play it live with the support of a full-scale production, was a musical dream come true.

"… A performance of Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage is a cultural achievement, for which the brilliant singer Lauri Schreck deserves significant praise. " - Helsingin Sanomat??

This was only to be the start of Lauri's career as a talented multi-instrumentalist as he had always wanted to record and perform original music. So in 2008 LSB was built around a group of exceptionally talented and well-known musicians from the Helsinki scene, and the band found its own sound quickly. LSB released its debut album ‘Bewitched’ in October 2011. Along with the video spectacle for the song ‘So Right’, Bewitched garnered praise among fellow musicians in particular, as well as racking in some strong sales. Their music has been described as groovy and intense, with Placebo manager Angus Blue complimenting the strong visual theme of their debut video in particular. Above all, with the completion of ‘Bewitched’, Lauri’s dream of recording an original rock album together with Finland’s leading rock musicians, was realized.

With their debut album ‘Bewitched’ the band explored interesting and sometimes unusual lyrical themes, set to an impressive wall of groovy rock sounds. “There's a world of things waiting to be captured, out there as well as within us”, lead singer Lauri Schreck says, “And we think we've got the words for it.” In the video to the song ‘So Right’, original guitar rock is fused with a freak circus, an enigmatic cabaret and a lindy-hop frenzy. And in the newest single of the album "Bewitched" – the theme, as well as the groove is challenging and thought-provoking. "Blue Bus", on the other hand, might just be the only song ever written about the fine drivers of Helsinki’s public transportation system!


LSB - Bewitched (2011, Y7-productions)