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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"LSD, the THUG, not the DRUG"

July 6, 2004

Rednoze Rekordz releases LSD Outkasted, one of the years most anticipated debut albums. Highly controversial are the albums themes of gang life, sex, drugs, and everything gangster. LSD spins surreal tales of hood life, the likes of which have not been heard since NWA and the Ghetto Boys. LSD Outkasted is a must have hood classic that will fit perfectly in your collection of the hottest gangsta rap titles available. - Public Relations Dept., Rednoze Rekordz Inc.

"#1 Independent Artist of the Month"

September 13, 2004

LSD was named the #1 Independent Artist of the Month (August 2004) at Tower Records in Fresno, CA for sales of his debut album entitled OutKasted. Without radio play or advertising promotions, OutKasted is flying of the shelves and LSD is making his mark in the Central Valley. Watch for this Inglewood native to set Cali on fire in the upcoming months with performances and radio releases scheduled to begin at the end of September. - Rednoze Rekordz Incorporated, Public Relations Dept.


1."OUTKASTED" August 31, 2004

>1.I'M READY (00:13.65)
>2.HEATROCK (05:21.12)
>3.ON ONE (03:36.23)
>4.GANGSTA SHIT (05:31.50)
>5.WATCH HOW THEY GO OUT (04:22.71)
>6.RHYMEKLLA (04:49.35)
>7.RETALIATION (03:30.04)
>8.THE CALL (SKIT) (00:28.59)
>9.I'M YO GANGSTA (04:25.60)
>10.WICKEDNEZ (04:59.49)
>11.94 BANGIN (05:32.71)
>12.THA BLOCK (SKIT) (01:05.28)
>13.MR. INFERNO (05:35.64)
>14.NINA FO'JA (04:36.64)
>15.PU**Y (04:32.40)
>16.PICTURE PERFECT (04:16.60)
>17.RAMPAGE (04:30.12)
>18.SOLDIERZ (01:59.53)

Copyright 2002 Rednoze Rekordz Inc.


Feeling a bit camera shy


On October 16th 1980, Jonte Rasheed McCalister was born in Inglewood, California where he learned the reality of the phrase "Do Or Die". By 10 he was rhyming hood stories to the older kids at the local high school making a name for himself. A loner, he quickly picked up the monicker Lil Solo Dog, transforming himself into LSD on stage and leaving listeners feeling like they had just had a massive dose of the hallucinagenic drug after hearing his grimey hood-fabulous lyrical manifestations. With inspiration from groups like NWA and artists like Scarface and MC Ren, LSD soon decided that music was his calling. Taking direction from his older brother, he learned how to put lyrics together and count bars, and to this day he composes whole albums in his head without writing them down, recites compositions to himself every night before going to sleep, and regularly reads the dictionary to add to his lyrical arsenal. Dedication is an understatement when speaking of LSD. Set apart from the crowd of wannabe gangsta rappers, LSD proves to be the real deal with listening appeal reaching all ages, there is a song for everyone in this artists bag of tracks. LSD is a REAL Gangsta, from a REAL Hood, with REAL lyrics, about REAL Street Life today.