L.S.D and Roland Dre'

L.S.D and Roland Dre'

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
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We are an Electronic, jazz and hip hop/rap band that uses lyrical rhymes to express our lives...


L.S.D and Roland Dre' has done it again on the album "baby girl" which was released:"Valentines Day 2012" This rap duo will start a buzz and to leave an everlasting mark in the rap game. "Detroit rap has been silent for a while, now it's time to make some lyrical noise" says L.S.D. I'm quite sure that these young fellas will embed their mark in the music industry without a doubt!

Roland Dre' (born Gregory Robert Dunnigan, Jr. on June 20, in Detroit, MI) and L.S.D (born Anthony Ryan Williams on March 03) Began working together in 2005. Neighbors on the lower east side of Detroit, L.S.D and Roland Dre' always had a love for rap music starting with the "Rapper Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang. This style of music was introduced to him by his mother; Kimberly Whitlow, who open his mind up to much more genres of music like R&B,Pop,and Rock music.

In 2005, Dre Joined the electronic, jazz dance band; Soulful Abstraction. Soulful Abstraction leader Greg Sr., the Father of Roland Dre' introduced him to different musical theories and techniques. As a DJ and beat maker of the band, Dre' wrote the unique composition for the 2005 Cd album; "Abstract Dreams". This Cd was very popular on Insomnia Radio-Detroit which made Soulful Abstraction and Roland Dre' internet radio most requested artist. Also,this Cd was the VH1 Song of the Year contest award-winner. In 2009 Soulful Abstraction started doing work in the UK.

Roland Dre' decided to make his personal mark in music with his childhood friend; L.S.D, whom I call "rapper extraordinaire". L.S.D says that "Eminem and Busta Rhymes has got to be in the top 10 of the best rap artists."


Baby Girl, I Love you!

Written By: LSD

You see, I’m posted in the morning, A.M. soldier on the corner.
Trying to get off – what I can get off.

Use some of this money for some gin & juice.
Not under the radar and I advise you to stay off.

In this game, so many seasons I’ve already been through the playoff.
So, we stayed up on my job, ’til they started handing out layoffs.

Now I’m wondering will all of this $hit will ever payoff a bit.
Playing for a minute, it’s difficult, sinful, chaos!

I got so much spirit, you probably can channel me through a seance.
So much power behind me, I came through the Komea Komeas.

I’ve been throughout the Himalayas & back to the block.
Somebody told me players die but they game don’t stop.
When they handed me the key and told me keep it on lock.

Is it fate or is it courage or plain ole rivalry?
I do what I do cause it’s just so plain to see.

I take all your pain and I’ll gladly take the pain,
as long as you promise you will be remaining the same, baby girl!

Somebody loves you baby and you know this baby girl!
Somebody loves you baby and if they stop, then you will find somebody else.


Detroit Never Die -2009
Renaissance -2010

**Baby Girl, I Love you! -2012

**This recording embodies portions
of the composition "Somebody Loves You Baby"
Performed by Patti LaBelle
(Walter Sigler and Eugene Curry)
Recorded Under license from © 2012 Sony BMG Music Entertainment