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"LSD&D, Wednesday & Saturday, July 16 & 19"

[PSYCH-METAL] Getting the five members of LSD&D around the same table can be a dangerous thing. Especially when it leads to a freewheeling, PBR-fueled conversation that veers from the risks of dating bisexual women (“For every one minute of pleasure, there’s an hour of conversation”) to naming their demo (the frontrunners are The Dragon’s Anvil and Designing Women) to dueling Burgess Meredith impressions.

The intense chemistry the band members have with one another is an extension of what they exude during LSD&D’s furious live shows. Although the band’s only been together a scant few months, its singular brand of psych metal is already a force to be reckoned with—primarily due to Seantos McDonald’s intense vocals and the heated interplay between guitarists Mark Foeller and Billy Glenn.

That rapport stems from the fact that LSD&D’s members (including drummer Mike Albano and bassist Alex Fast) are longtime veterans of the Portland rock scene, crossing paths on many an occasion. This includes a time McDonald played a rare solo set opening for Glenn’s old band, Stoned Juicer, at a thrift store/coffee shop/porn outlet in Lincoln City.

Foeller says they wanted McDonald, a longtime friend, in the band because of his fearless performances fronting long-running experimental psych group Starantula. According to McDonald—a storied local bartender and handlebar-mustachioed “legend” of Portland Organic Wrestling (see “Grudge Match,” WW, March 1, 2006)—that made him more wary than flattered: “I figured I’d sit down with them and see what happens. If it turned out to be the same thing as all the other bands I’ve been in, I’d forget about it.”

SEE IT: LSD&D plays Wednesday, July 16, with Burning Brides, Golden Calf, the Night and Middle Class Rut at Dante’s. 8:30 pm. $8. 21+. Also Saturday, July 19, at Plan B. 10 pm. Cover. 21+.

- Willamette Week


Anvil- Dragoon EP (2009)



In the spring of our Lord 2008, 5 young scribes came together to form the unholiest of alliances....... aghast..... A ROCK BAND. Who dare create such a base musical coalition, an obvious affront to civilized society? What heathens would thrust such a powerful, pulsing metallic force on the virtuous indie guzzling community of Portland, Oregon. Did they not know that rock is dead? With Wilco wanna bees on one side, flat out Fall Out Boy, Disney Chanel watching losers on the other, and naive emo and screamo posers all in between, how dare they attempt to simply rock. Didn't critics kill their music way back... like in.... 1995? Well these young juggernauts have arisen from the dark ages to create a new hybrid of classics to restore the Kingdom of Rock. They fly from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven in an effort to revive the past. Calling back to the days before rock was a joke on an overpriced T-shirt hanging in a thrift shop. They have a call to glory to restore the days when rock was not only a birthright but the lifeblood of the disenfranchised, of the rebellious.

Let us introduce these experienced warlords of sonic splendor, those who have chosen to battle the ancient colonies of royal douche with their various tribes. Beating skins with the force of 1000 men is Private Mike, whose former glories have come with bands the likes of Diamond Tuck. Next in the metal militia is Mark Foehler on battle axe, formerly wreaking havoc with Kosher Hog. On thine other stringed weapon of terror is Billy Glenn, who laid the foundation of rhythm for Stone Juicer. Alex Fast has thumped the low end stronger than a herd of Clydesdale's on his bass with groups such as Deadeye. Lastly, Seantos McDonald's unorthodox singing style has been ransacking rock clubs in the NW for eons with such acts as Starantula.

Since coming together as LSD&D they have revived the once forgotten, left for dead idiom of rock. By combining the forces of punk and metal they have brought music back to the future. Yet you are the true court of decision. They ask you to judge this small portion of their music, then to welcome them to your shire to help them spread the word of sonic righteousness and to help restore the fucking to the phrase "FUCKING AWESOME ROCK AND ROLL. Please heed their request, or be lame and fall like Rome to their Visigoth Ian furies, lusts and desires.