PhrumLsWhere aka LsDUB
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PhrumLsWhere aka LsDUB

Huntington Beach, California, United States | SELF

Huntington Beach, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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PhrumLsWhere - Creative Writing
PhrumLsWhere - The Forgotten Files
PhrumLsWhere - "200? - ????"
EllessDub - Iz He Dope (single)
PhrumLsWhere aka LsDUB - Free For All
LsDUB - How I Do (Single)



PhrumL'sWhere AKA LsDUB - When it seemed as if traditional Hip Hop as we knew it was loosing all influence, LsDUB of United Sound joins Headlock Muzak to help hold it down and bring it back to the basics for those in need. Formally known as PhrumL’sWhere, this well rounded Northwest artist brings much more to the playing field than just being one of the dopest undiscovered emcees of his time. Self taught pre and post production, engineering, composing and songwriting are just the tip of the iceberg for this “Jack of all trades”. It only gets deeper beyond the music, and if you’re down to dig he's down to share.

LsDUB or L’sWhere is one of the first few members and was one of the first official engineers of Northwest super crew Oldominion. A once organized now scattered collective of emcees, producers, DJ’s, artists and what have you through out Seattle and Portland’s Hip Hop scene. OlDominion has given birth to many known Hip Hop acts such as Greyskul, The Chicharones, Dimmak, Smoke, Pale Soul and the list goes on. PhrumL’sWhere has been featured on earlier OD tracks such as “Serenade to Silence” and “Men of Mics”, just to name a couple. In the begining of the crew L had focused more on working to buy recording equipment, so he missed out on alot of songs while he was working to pay off the gear everyone used. Most his contributions were made through studio time and engineering while dropping a random verse here and there. But possessing an impressive collection of unreleased creations of his own, along with a fully functional home studio, L’sWhere has been and will continue to move forward.

Being an early B Boy himself, LsDUB was already deep into the Hip Hop scene through his older brother’s influence in ‘82. Developing fundamentals from listening to artist such as The Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Run-DMC, LL, The Fat Boys and so on; has helped largely in the mental growth and the lyrical formatting of a young emcee. By the age of 10 freestyling was an everyday thing and by 14 writers block was a problem of the past. Now in this new millennium it’s accurate to say that L’sWhere can hold down any style or genre of Hip Hop/Rap that the track calls for. “Doing it not for the fame but for fun”, is the main reason most of us have never had the pleasure to appreciate such a talented individual. Now satisfied and confident with his craft, he’s ready to share with the world and teach the meaning of Hip Hop to the unknown.

From Oldominion to United Sound through NdrwoN Recordings brought to you by S.O.R and Headlock Muzak, LsDUB continues on with the purpose to be one of the reasons Hip Hop is still breathin’. Crafty cadences, well written and structured songs, impeccable timing and wordplay along with unmatched stage presence put this one of a kind individual above many at the art of emcee’n.

L’s gears never stop spinning with future plans to start a small label (SingledOut Records), dreams of a digital video/animation workshop and providing services along with studio time to the public via Rated Random © Entertainment. Who knows; maybe one day writing and directing blockbusters along with the provision of an original soundtrack shrinkwrapped and ready to go.

With talent and perseverance anything’s possible. “I’m not tryin’ to leave just an impression on northwest Hip Hop, i’m in it for the world of entertainment, so watch out.”

Will PhrumL’sWhere aka LsDUB (EllessDub) be the savior to Hip Hop’s forgotten flavor, or just another flash in the pan with promises of change. Well, if anyone deserves a shot to prove his worth to rank high with the captains, colonels and generals it’s most definitely him. So show some respect and salute a future officer in this lyrical lip service we call the game. Keep the volume up and look out for your next favorite track by the one and only PhrumL’sWhere aka LsDUB of Headlock Muzak.