L Shape Lot

L Shape Lot


"Their music is a laid-back mix of Americana, a loose blend of folk and bluegrass with rich harmonies. They've got a solid body of originals that moves from country sing-alongs and barroom stompers to narrative stories with great hooks. " High Country News


Audiences can’t quite decide if it’s roots music, Americana, folk, rock, country, or newgrass. Whatever you call it, the truth is that L Shape Lot has discovered territory somewhere in the middle of these genres and set about the task of making it their musical playground. The sound they produce is foot-stomping, two-stepping, whoopin’ and hollerin’ music that is built on the familiarity of classic bluegrass and rockabilly rhythms and fueled by unique acoustic melodies and powerful vocal harmonies. The result is music that is familiar enough to dance to, yet interesting enough to fill venues to the point that dancing space is hard to find. L Shape Lot uses primarily acoustic instruments to produce an honest, earthy sound that allows the music to tell stories and paint pictures for their audience.

Those stories are really what made L Shape Lot come to exist in the first place. Eric Miller started out his musical career as a singer-songwriter touring North Carolina and eventually needed a full band to showcase some of his songs. After that, it was out of Eric’s hands, as his local following insisted that he do more shows with that full band sound. That sound now includes the blazing mandolin of Steve Todd, paired with the rhythm section of Rick Williams on acoustic and electric bass and John Kovalski on drums and anything else that sounds good when you smack it. The band is fortunate enough to have special guest Alex Lanier on electric guitar at many of their shows, who many music fans know as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Fried Okra Band.

For the past two years, the Lot has kept the highways and back roads of the Carolinas hot taking their live show to as many willing audiences as they could find while developing the depth of their sound and personality of their live show. The offspring of all those live shows is their new studio CD release “Go ‘til I’m Gone”. The idea behind the project was to capture the energy and reality of a live show within the studio environment. This meant capturing four instruments and four vocals simultaneously rather than layering tracks and “punching in” fills, as is the standard with today’s recording projects. The idea was that taking a lot of the technical wizardry out of the recording would leave more of the band in it.

The idea seems to have proven itself viable, as Currents Magazine had the following to say about Go ‘til I’m Gone… “L Shape Lot finds a comfortable but polished sound on its highly anticipated new disc of finely crafted originals, and it suits them like a pair of worn overalls. Stories and sing-alongs from celebrated live performances jump from the stage to the studio with remarkable ease, confirming that what makes this band so popular is based on more than crowd participation and lack of pretentiousness.”

2006 will find L Shape Lot hitting the road again playing shows up and down the east coast in support of the new release.

Set List

L Shape Lot is first and foremost an original band, but they have and extensive list of covers that range from blugrass to country, rock, folk, soul, and jam band favorites. This enables the band to play longer shows and multiple sets without stretching their material thin. Original songs include...
Take You with Me
All I Could Do
The Pass
Oak Grove Road
Certain Ground
Railroad Song
Brothers Part
Mom’s Song
Peace and Freedom
Another Sunny Day
Go Gently
Fun and Rhyme
Pass It Back
Another Night
Small Testimony
It’s Been a Long Time
Winds of Change
All This Love
Mexican Song
Run Johnny Run
Little Lady
Without You
Gotta Change
Walkin’ in the Hollar
Left Me Singin’
Love is a Train
Broke Down Chords
Next Time
Lucky Stars
Smoke ‘em
That Train
Not-so Country
Guarded Heart
Frog Song
Cabbage Run

COVERS include...
Shady Grove
Another Lonely Day
Rain and Snow