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"Houston Press Music Awards"

The votes have been counted and the shows have been played. The deal's gone down, and the winners have their wonderful trophies.

Houston's finest musical extravaganza -- one day in which Houston's downtown is transformed into Sixth Street during South By Southwest -- has come and gone, and a few days after that we held an awards bash at the Meridian and doled out the hardware and the plaudits. Chango Jackson, Michael Haaga, LoneStar PornStar, Faceplant and Drop Trio treated the packed room to a song apiece.

What we're talking about here is this: When bands as diverse as LoneStar PornStar and Bring Back the Guns are both in your corner, you've done the Houston music equivalent of walking on water, and I half-expected to find fierce lions spooning little bitty lambs on the Meridian's curtained divans. (Hell, Haaga even looks a little like a beardless, bespectacled Jesus.) And since the working music community votes heavily in these awards, you're damn likely to win a few of 'em if you can unite those warring tribes the way he did.
-John Nova lomax

- Houston Press


Allow me to bring ya up to speed here. I have a couple of party buds down in the Houston Texas area. This dynamic duo are incessantly hitting the bars and clubs listening to bands play …and of course checkin out the boyz. Gotta love my buds. Anyhow, I get an email from one of them telling me there is a band I need to hear (heard that before right?) but being the versatile and open to anything kinda gal I am I always welcome suggestions. I email these cats and we are now off and running with a coolness that is few and far between these days.

Sounding like the bastard child of Kid Rock and running over Limp Bizkit comes blasting straight from the bowels of Texas…LoneStar PornStar. A 5-piece band that rocks harder than granite. Now as usual, I get in the car and put the CD in …thinking same ole sound….blah blah blah…oops, I was INCORRECT. These guys can shake the shocks on the ol’ 280Z.

The 5 song self-titled CD is just damn good the first song ‘Failure is Not an Option” is my favorite on this CD. I usually hate it when that happens because the rest of the CD is a let down to me. Not so much with this group. Gregg Stegman (lead Vox) can pull off the Kid Rock type rap/rock that is a rarity these days. Coming in hard and fast the Bass, Guitars and Drums are well leveled out. Nothing overwhelms anything else. Fuckin GREAT tune. This song would be great driving through an old folks apartment complex or a Walmart parking lot just to make people nervous.

Second song “Mood Swing” starts off a bit slower with a guitar lead in. This tune has a lil more bluesy tone to it. Hard, deep and grooving. I just gotta say I love the guitars. You can hear the combination of different influences and styles coming together in this song. Hard to accomplish for most…done successfully here.

Next your ass is gonna get kicked into gear with “Behavior”. Once again you have Gregg and the rap/rock style he excels in but there are a couple of things that make this song stand out. There is a SLAPPIN bass line that dominates this track. I highly recommend turning the bass up on the stereo to 10 cuz it’ll send shivers up your wimp ass spine. The other thing is the background vocals…BAD FUCKIN ASS. Plus I love any song that has ‘mother fucker ‘ in it.

Right as you start getting ready to throw things at people you get the slow tune. Yea I know...and as you do…every band hasta do it. “Trapt Within” shows versatility not only with Gregg’s vocals but with the entire band as well. Not a cheesy slow ballad time crap you might be used to. This is an ardent song that takes control. The thing is, as soon as you are hooked, the band takes out a shovel and hits you upside the head. The beat picks up, the vocals get a bit angrier and then they take you back down to the dark recesses of rock you were at before your musical lobotomy.

“Chemistry” has another dead ass shakin bass line in it and some fucked up funky guitar riffs this gal digs. THIS song is pure, straight up no joking rock. Slower that the rap/rock stuff that starts the CD off but shit screaming, wailing, hard core up your ass metal. The gals in Houston told me the band did this. I didn’t believe it till I heard it. I heard it …I love it.

That’s about all for the tunes on here…the band wraps up the CD with a couple of fun tracks of phone calls and talking that is good for a giggle. It lets you know what kinda guys they really are…wanna know what I’m talking about? Hit the show or website and get the CD cuz I promise the last couple of tracks ain’t something you are gonna hear live…I hope.

On a side note these boyz will be at South by Southwest. So stop wrestling the sofa and come on out if you are in the Lone Star State. I’m going and I’m in the Armpit…So you got NO excuse!
- Sugarbuzz Magazine

"Best Band Stage Show - Best of Houston 2006"

It's not only Houston fans who are getting to see LoneStar PornStar's stage antics: The group is now making regular appearances in Austin, Corpus Christi and San Antonio, as well. And antics -- loud antics -- is the correct term for these hard rockers. Singer Greg David Stegman commands the stage, stomping from one side to the other, jumping and screaming (on key, of course) during the entire show. If the group sometimes starts a little late, it's because they've had to tie up the sound engineer backstage. That's the only way they can set the speakers to make-everyone-deaf levels. But it's not just manic, and it's not just loud, it's fun. LoneStar PornStar takes their audience along for the ride every time they hit the stage. - O.A.
- Houston Press

"LSPS inks deal with RIA Records"

For Immediate Release: 02/29/2008
Risk It All Records is proud to anounce that as of February 29th, 2008 we have signed an artist development deal and partnership agreement with the Texas based award winning hard rock band LSPS.

RIA Records is a new artist development company, managment and/or independent record label. We are the industry's leader in innovative artist management. RIA Entertainment has a home office in Houston, TX and is partnered with west coast affiliates for national promotion and touring. RIA artists' releases are distributed worlwide in the US, UK, Japan, Europe, and Canada with help from their partners in BCD Music Group, Starz Music, Proper Distribution and a handful of other silent partners.

RIA Records and the RIA Production staff will now handle all of the booking, promotion, touring, publicity, and media needs for LSPS.

"The band is very excited about this new alliance and record deal with RIA. We are very confident in their ability to represent the band, handle our promotional and touring needs for the forthcoming album plus take us to levels of success we have yet to reach on our own!" - Gregg Stegman of LSPS

RIA artists' releases are available for purchase at any of the following retail stores including but not limited to; Best Buy, FYE, Sam Goody, Strawberry's, CD Warehouse, Specs Music, Borders, Target, Circuit City, ITunes and any of the other thousands of online retailers and hundreds of other independent retail record stores worlwide.

The debut album from LSPS, titled "Protection" released independently by the band in December 2006 will be re-released to the public October 31st, 2008 on the Risk It All Records label. The follow up album from LSPS and RIA Records will be released September 30th, 2008 and will available for purchase in retail stores all over the U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan, and Europe. No one can deny the level of success and the bar that LSPS continues to set for independent hard rock bands everywhere. We know without a doubt that with the right promotional campaign and media blitz, the new album untitled at this time, will sell thousands of copies and demand the attention of radio listeners everywhere!

U.S. tour dates for LSPS will be announced before the nationwide release date. Stay tuned for more details and some big news regarding new endoursements and a major motion picture featuring music from the band's debut album Protection plus studio updates on the forthcoming album!

Thank you!
RIA President/CEO

- Risk It All Entertainment

"Protection - CD Review"

Not many bands would mock John Lennon getting kicked out of a studio when their band shows up… as their first track. Houston’s Lonestar Pornstar (LSPS) has no problem with that as is heard on Protection’s intro “Lennon on Lonestar.” Sure, it’s funny… but when the lead track “Cocky” kicks in all smiles turn to business as LSPS teach folks why they are the band who can mock John Lennon and get away with it… or more to the point…not care they did it.

Long story short, this ain’t your mother’s rock band. LSPS is part rap, part rock, and all hardcore. The call to get arms up in the air comes right at the second song “Mood Swing.” Vocalist Gregg Stegman continues his verbal onslaught throughout the disc. “Enie meeny, miny, moe / All my friends they call me Psycho / until one day I let them know / I’m not playing games no more.” Stegman barks through the noise in “Back in the Hood.” The title track preaches of keeping the peace with an “AK 47 and a microphone.”

DJ J.Rod provides some sweet rhythm on the Sublime-esque tracks “Mad About You” and “Viagra Song.” Phil Lock’s bass lays down the low end on screamers like “Behavior” The funky metal guitar sounds of Matt Brading and Adam Bomb shine throughout the disc. And let’s not forget Manny Perez, who has his own theme song in “Manny Punani.”

Protection will be released nationally on December 5. Sure, they’re from Houston… and they were actually voted Houston’s “Best Alternative Rock Band” for the past two years, but they play Austin enough to be considered for “Local Trax” I think. I consulted the editor and he was cool with it. Besides they are playing an INsite sponsored showcase on December 8 at the Parish with Bayta Darell, Hundred Year Storm, Nooner, and Shrapnel.
Check them out at (A+) SC
- INsite Magazine


What do you get when you strip off your clothes, shed all your inhibitions, and take it to the extreme? You got it…a LoneStar PornStar show. Fans of the band call themselves Pornstars … as in get naked. …Buck wild….leave your inhibitions at home. They go out to have a good time and rock out with the band. At times the Pornstar signature, “Thanks for getting naked”, becomes a reality as the audience responds by flailing random clothing articles around the venue during the live set.

With out sounding like a cliché, LoneStar PornStar is a band with the greatest, most loyal fan base Houston has seen in a long time, consistently being one of the highest drawing bands in town. LSPS has played for as many as 3000 people at one time and are conquering their way through the Texas Rock scene. Not to mention performing at prestigious clubs, The Gig and The Cat Club, on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California.

If California can claim the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Texas has LoneStar PornStar. The band has been compared to the likes of Snot, Suicidal Tendencies and Rage Against the Machine with a sound described as “groove oriented, funk based alternative rock.

In 2005 LSPS was voted the "Best Alternative Rock Band" in the Houston Press Music Awards - joining Mike Jones, Blue October and Michael Haaga (Dead Horse and Superjoint Ritual) in the winner’s circle. They were described by the Press as “funk driven, ass-shakin’, gangsta’style, hard rock and then some”. The band has recently been notified that they have been nominated for the same award this year. In addition to the Houston Press, LSPS has also received favorable reviews from The Houston Chronicle, Sugar Buzz Magazine, and now Music News.

The band’s self-titled E.P, released in 2004, sold more than two thousand copies in Texas and California. Michelle Johnson, manager of Sound Revolution states, "LoneStar PornStar has sold more single CD's in this store than any other independent label band since the Fondue Monks back in the early 90's. The word is out … and people are definitely buying into their sound."

As a follow-up to the success of the demo, LoneStar PornStar is releasing their first full-length album “Protection.” The LP features 16 songs mixed and mastered locally by James Hook at Skullsessions Studios in Katy, Texas. The CD captures the grooves and diverse rhythm changes that make the live shows explode with energy. LSPS offers a double punch of both live and recorded music. While the stage performance should not be missed, the music on the CD holds up on its own even without the high energy and volume of the live presentation. The CD contains 16 songs but is made up of 23 tracks that play with a continuous flow from start-to-finish.

Since the recording of their first EP, LSPS has added yet another eclectic musician to the band, DJ J. Rod. With the addition of the new element, there is now a new dimension to the LSPS sound. D.J. J. Rod explains, “The first demo no longer represents the sound of the band. The sound got harder and thicker when they added my turntables. I make sure I don’t walk on the vocals and other instruments. My focus is to ‘get in where I fit in’ and thicken the sound without overdoing it.”

The CD Release Show is scheduled for Saturday, July 8th (upstairs) at Fitzgeralds where six hundred people are scheduled to attend. Other musical acts for the night include: Full Service (from Austin), Sevrin and Feeding James. To support the release of the CD, LoneStar PornStar plans to tour regionally and embark on another trip to California next summer.

On the airwaves, LoneStar PornStar logs time and promotion from local radio stations such as FM 103.7 KIOL, FM 90.1 KPFT, and FM 89.7 KACC, as well as regular rotation on Channel 52 and several other XM satellite stations. They are also a favorite on Clear Channel Entertainments weekly show, “The Texas Buzz” on FM 94.5 KTBZ. In November of 2005 the band was voted one of the top ten unsigned bands in the world on (the world's largest independent internet radio station).

During the summer of 2004, the band worked with Odyssee Pictures and DBW Entertainment, performing live in the upcoming independent horror film titled “Necrophobia.” The movie is scheduled for release in the fall of 2006 and has been receiving incredible hype. Along with the movie appearance, the track “Mood Swing” is featured in the professional surf video “Tex Mex Chix” due for release early next year.

The band solidified its present lineup with Gregg Stegman on lead vocals, Phil “Fenderphil” Lock on bass, Adam Bomb and Matt “Dallas” Brading on guitars, Manny “Punani” Perez on drums and DJ J. ROD on turn tables.

Gregg's vocal influences are Mike Patton (Faith No More), Chili Pepper’s Anthony Kiedis and Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies). Gregg’s original delivery of the vocals is key to the sound of the band. His business savvy and articulate enthusiasm sharply contrasts the rec - Music News

"Pre Press Awards Supplement"

Yes, panties and assorted other items of clothing with a decidedly female smell to them get thrown up on stage during every show. And yes, front man Gregg Stegman likes to close each show with "Thank you for getting naked!" But, no, they're not porn stars. They're just some regular-looking guys. Well, some regular-looking guys who happen to play some of the best Texas rock around. The group is as popular in Austin as they are here, in part because they're as smart as they are talented. They're in all the right musicians' organizations, like the Austin Indie Alliance and the Houston Band Coalition. They have a sense of humor ("Our dream gig is to have Paris Hilton open for us") and the common sense not to start any band rivalries ("That's how Biggie and Tupac got shot!"), but they lack the PR savvy to know better than to tell reporters, "This is a stupid question." Oh, well, the music is still really good.
- Houston Press

"BCD Distribution"

LSPS has recently signed a major label retail distribution deal with BCD Music Group.

As of December 5th, the debut album entitled "Protection" is now available for purchase at any Best Buy, Sam Goody, FYE, Target, and Circuit City stores nationwide.

The CD is also available for purchase on

BCD is known mostly for rap artist such as Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Chamillionaire, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, 50 Cent, Bizzy Bone, Slim Thug, Bun B, Dj Screw, Lloyd Banks and Lil Jon.

A few months ago the company decided to open a rock/metal division and have released artists such as:

Marzi, from Superjoint Ritual
Quiet Riot
JParis (Good Charlotte, Hawthorne Heights),
PokoLoko (#1 in Brazil)
Hydrogyn (#46 Billboard Internet Sales Worldwide)

"Lonestar Pornstar is one of the most exciting bands to hit Houston in years. We are very excited to have them as part of the BCD Music Group roster, and can't wait for America to hear this release. I can easily see these guys as a big hit for MTV Spring Break in 2007. As head of the Rock/Metal division, LSPS, are one of the acts I am comfortable hanging my hat on. They have put the fun, excitement, sex and debauchery back in Rock and Roll, and not a moment too soon."
- BCD Music Group

- BCD Music Group

"More Than Just A Party Band"

LoneStar PornStar revels in its reputation as "the best party band in Texas." That credo infuses every aspect of the band's existence.

Live shows are a searing mix of music and mayhem. Pounding drums collide with breakneck turntable scratches. Swaggering vocals crash against fiery guitar riffs.

"We're six people, six different influences, six different musical varieties," says charismatic vocalist Gregg Stegman. "We just come together and create something that's fun and that we enjoy as musicians. Everybody kind of complements one another."

The group was formed in late 2003. Along with Stegman, the current lineup includes bassist Phil Lock, guitarists Adam Bomb and Matt "Dallas" Brading, drummer Manny Perez and stoic turntablist DJ J. Rod.

Protection, the group's debut full-length album, was released earlier this month. It's a heady mix of LoneStar PornStar's raucous rap 'n' roll flavor, padded with comic skits and improvised musical interludes.

"We tried to capture as much of the energy and the musical ability that we feel we have when we're on stage," Stegman says. "We thought the CD really represented the personality of the band more than anything else. That's what we wanted to really share."

Mad About You is a jangly reggae moment that could be the band's radio breakthrough; and Trapt Within is an atmospheric, ominous rock ballad featuring emotive vocals from Stegman.

This diversity makes Protection worth repeat spins and showcases the band's free-form approach to music

"I think we do whatever comes natural at the time. We can go from extreme to the next," Stegman says.

Incorporating turntables and an overall hip-hop sensibility was something the group envisioned from the beginning. DJ J. Rod flips and tweaks the vinyl with an impressive mix of precision and ferocity, a byproduct of his dual musical upbringing.

"Hip-hop has always been a big deal, just growing up," J. Rod says. "That and old-school rock. I was drawn to the turntables but still had that rock in me."

Others are beginning to take notice. The song Mood Swing, included on Protection, was used for Tex 2 Mex Chix, an all-girl surf documentary.

The Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill was so impressed upon hearing Protection that he recently set up an impromptu meeting — and a late-night jam session. He hopes to soon do more with the group.

"It's timeless," Bill says of the LSPS sound. "When I heard it, I could compare it to what I'm listening to on TV for legendary rock.

"The future is them. It's up to them to put their best foot forward."
- Houston Chronicle

"Lonestar Pornstar Signs Large Scale Distribution Deal"

Earlier this month, party-rock group LoneStar PornStar (and its local label, Broken Record Productions) signed a large-scale distribution deal with BCD Music Group.

BCD is based in Kingwood, but their catalog includes more than 500 independent titles. Current hot sellers on the roster include Young Jeezy, Chamillionaire and Lil Flip.

LoneStar PornStar's recently issued full-length Protection disc will be re-released nationally near Halloween. It will be available at Best Buy and FYE stores.

The group is still deciding on a first single to send to radio. My vote: the reggae-lite pop gem Mad About You. (Listen on the band page.)

Sure, it's not exactly representative of the full LSPS sound. But it's accessible and hooky. Reel folks in, then show them what you've really got.
- Houston Chronicle Handstamp


2004 Self Titled EP
2006 "Protection"



Labeled by the media as the “Hardest working band in Texas”, Lonestar Pornstar has sold out concerts, sold out retail stores, and now with national distribution in their corner, nothing seems impossible for this party-boy rock outfit!

This five-member music juggernaut hails from; you got it, the Lonestar State and continue to win over fans thru regional tours in musical hotspots all over Texas, Louisiana and California. This ability to win over fans is certainly not surprising considering the fact that Houston’s foremost music editor, John Nova Lomax of the Houston Press described their live show as “funk-driven, ass-shakin, gangsta-style, hard rock and then some”. Talk about broad musical appeal!!

LSPS independently released their full-length debut album entitled “Protection” on July 8th, 2006 featuring 23 tracks. In September of 2006, the band signed a large scale nationwide distribution contract with Starz Music/BCD Music Group based out of Kingwood, Texas. BCD also has a second office in London, England and are known mostly for platinum rap artist such as Lil’ Flip, Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Slim Thug, Bun B, and Lil’ Jon, their roster also includes Papa Roach and Marzi (formerly of Superjoint Ritual). As of December 5th, 2006 the album is distributed in all major retail stores across the U.S. including but not limited to, Best Buy, FYE, Circuit City, CD Warehouse, Target, Sam Goody and is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Their debut album SOLD OUT at several FYE and Best Buy stores in and around the Houston area within the first week it was released and was nominated as “Best album of the year” in the 2006 Texas Buzz Music Awards on Clear Channel station FM 94.5 KTBZ. Regardless of the fact the CD was only released less than 30 days earlier, the album was also ranked one of the top ten albums of 2006 in the December 28th issue of the Houston Chronicle. The album has received a generous amount of airtime and promotion from both commercial and college radio stations all over Texas and parts of the midwest. The band even went on to write and record a theme song for Clear Channel’s FM 94.5 The Buzz in honor of the program’s official "Steak & BJ Day" on the Rod Ryan Morning Show in Houston, TX.

LSPS won the award in 2005, 2006 and 2007 for “Best Alternative Rock Band” at the Houston Press Music Awards and joined such artist as Paul Wall, Mike Jones (Swisha House), Blue October (Universal), Michael Hagga (Dead Horse/Superjoint Ritual), and Hayes Carll (Lost Highway) in the winner’s circle. They have opened for acts such as Saliva, LIT, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Vanilla Ice, Twiztid, Boon Dox, 2 Live Crew, Vallejo and many other national artist. They were also picked by the Houston Press staff as “Best live stage act of 2006” in the annual Best of Houston Awards.

The band has been compared to the likes of Snot, Rage Against The Machine, (HED) p.e., the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, and Suicidal Tendencies. Their musical talents and energetic live shows have won them the endorsements of Rock Star Energy Drink and Halo Custom Guitars.

LSPS is currently in the studio recording the follow up album to Protection with producer and engineer James Hook of Skull Sessions Studios. The new album, untitled at this time is slated for U.S. release Tuesday, September 30th 2008. The album will be available online and for purchase at select stores across the U.S., U.K., Japan, Europe and Canada via thier new record deal with RIA Records and distribution via BCD Music Group and Starz Music. LSPS will continue to seek out major label attention with the new highly anticipated release! The new album is gauranteed to demand attention and the support of radio listeners worldwide. The band plans on doing this thru means of advertising in major music publications, grass roots marketing, commercial and college radio play, nationwide in store appearances, heavy touring, video and radio commercials on mtv, vh1 and fuse. LSPS will be announcing their U.S. tour dates and schedule shortly before the CD’s national release.

“The new music exposes the darker side of Lonestar Pornstar” - James Hook/Skull Sessions Studios

“We believe the music composed in this next album will not only open more doors for LSPS but blow them wide open with our redefined, straight forward, in your face, and harder than ever before no-nonsense rock while still holding true to our trademark style and sound. The new music is more hard rock and less rap rock. We think the new songs show more of our true colors and definitely exploit our diverse musical influences focusing more on everyday life, struggles with addiction, dysfunctional relationships, even politics and our government’s current thought process or lack thereof” - Gregg Stegman/LSPS.

“LSPS has put the fun, excitement, sex and debauchery back in rock n roll again and not a moment too soon.” – BCD M